Atoka Co. Atoka Co. Schools AHS.jpg (109886 bytes) 
Atoka High School 1937-1959
HarmonySchl.jpg (38192 bytes) 
Harmony School c1910
Bryan Co. see Choctaw Nation for pre-statehood schools Schools - archives  
Caddo Co.    Schools - archives  
Carter Co. Hargrove College    
Cherokee Co. Cherokee co. Schools    
Cherokee Nation
Indian Territory
Cherokee Baptist Academy (Cherokee Co.) 1903 Dwight Mission  
Choctaw Co. Schools of Choctaw Co. (list) School Records  
Choctaw Nation Schools of Choctaw Nation armstrongacademy.jpg (27100 bytes) 
Armstrong Academy est 1843 situated in the vicinity north of the present town of Bokchito, Bryan County, Oklahoma. Name changed twice -school eventually became known as Oklahoma Presbyterian College. This was accomplished shortly after Oklahoma was admitted to the Union as a State. School closed in 1960's. Source: Choctaw Nation History
Calvin Institute est 1894, another school for Indian youths, was established in Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma  Source: Choctaw Nation History
Tribal Headquarters.jpg (22235 bytes) 
Old Presbyterian College Building Source: Choctaw Nation History
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Wheelock Academy 
est 1832
Comanche Co. Lawton High School Yearbook 1920    
Craig Co. Craig Co. Schools Pheasant Hill School 1908---1912 (list)  
Creek Co. Creek Co. School Photo & Yearbooks    
Creek Nation Kowetah Mission Tullahassa Mission  
Custer Co. Clinton High School Yearbook 1930 (list)    
Garfield Co. Douglas High School Alumni 1919-1961 (list)    
Greer Co. Old Greer County Schools Eastview School 1923 Edgeworth School 1906
Greer County Schools 1910 Greer County Schools 1920 Mangum High School Alumni
1911 - 2000
Mangum Class of 1948    
Hughes Co. Hughes Co. Schools    
Jefferson Co. Waurika High School Grads - 1943 (list)    
LeFlore Co. LeFlore Co. Schools    
Logan Co. Logan Co. Schools
Guthrie High School 1965  
Mayes Co. Mayes co. Schools School Info in Archives  
Murray Co. Murray Co. Schools    
Oklahoma Co.


Oklahoma Co. Schools Luther School Group Photos wash-hs-ed.jpg (75964 bytes)  
Luther School Buildings
Osage Co. Osage co. Schools    
Payne Co. Schools - archives (scroll down) A&M College Class 1896 Eureka School Grads 1928
Fairview School 1920-1921 Forest Valley School  1916 Independence School 1904-1905; 1906-1907; 1911

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Markham School (Yale, OK) c1940

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Perkins School 
(photo only)

Yale School 1906
Rogers Co. Schools    
Roger Mills Co. 101 Schools in 1908    
Seminole Co.


Old Butner, Cromwell, Excelsior School Photos maudgrads.jpg (11891 bytes)  
Maud 1916-1917 
(scroll down to see list)

1933 New Lima High School Senior Class

Seminole Nation
Indian Territory


Elementary & Day Schools Emahaka_school.jpg (87641 bytes) 
Emahaka Female Academy
est. 1893
MekasukeyAcademy1910.jpg (115455 bytes) 
Mekasukey Male Academy
est. 1891
Oak Ridge Mission  
est. 1848
Sasakwa Female Academy  
est. 1884
Wewoka Mission  
est. 1868
Tulsa Co. Schools    
Wagoner Co. Schools