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Pittsburg County Oklahoma

cleaned-up for the first time in over 33 years, by the John Austin Anderson family. Submitted to OKGenWeb by Lin Anderson [lvanderson@eosc.cc.ok.us]] July 2001.

The cemetery is the site of the first home built by I. H. Eahokatubbie. This was allotment land belonging to Walter Ralph "Hobby" Anderson. This cemetery is located south of McAlester near the "Old Peaceable Road" on two acres in the NW 1/4 in the NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 in S-5. T-4-N, R-15-E on land bought 1987 by Edward "Cotton" Faith. [Pittsburg Co. OK]

Beginning in the NE corner: (walking south)

1. John Anderson (Johnnie Clayborne Anderson) fourth child, fourth son of Hagan and Minnie Frances Witcher Anderson. Born 3 Nov 1899 in the old home place near the cemetery. Died of Lung cancer on 21 August 1967 in the Talihina Indian Hospital located in Talihina, (Latimer County is hospital), Oklahoma. Married Mary Elizabeth Lewis 16 August 1930.

2. George Charles Anderson, firstborn of John and Mary Elizabeth Lewis Anderson. 
Born and died April 28, 1931 stillborn death. John and Mary had three other children: Martin Henry, John Austin, and Mary Jane.

3. Iona Moss Cook Lewis, daughter of Henry Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Yoakum Lewis. 
She was born 7 Dec 1893 in Kansas, died 6 Jan 1954 at home on Hardy-Springs Road in McAlester, after a long-term illness of Dopsy Edema (diabetes). She had just turned sixty years old and there was a large snowstorm the day she was buried. Her grave was without a tombstone until John Austin and Linda Vee Anderson brought her a stone in 1996. Up to that time the grave was identified with just a funeral marker from Chaney's funeral home.

4. George W. Winningham is the oldest person buried in the Cemetery. 
Born 14 April 1861, died 3 May 1962. Address at time of death, 59 West Seneca, McAlester. According to his death record, he was not a veteran and his place of death was at his address. He was born in Benton, Arkansas. At time was death, he turned 101 years old and then died nineteen days later. His wife, Sarah preceded him in death on 15 November 1918. He had one daughter, Mary Alice and two sons, Charley and Bill. They lived in McAlester. He had at time of death, 19 grandchildren, 45 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great grandchildren.

5. John W. Robertson, Infant death 
Born 10 Jan 1931, died 10 Feb 1931. His tombstone reads the date of death on the 10, his death record reads, the 28th. His father was 'Dave' born in Arkansas and his mother, Lindsey Cann born in Oklahoma.

6. David (Dave) R. Robertson - A Laborer for the Anderson Family. He was a white man. 
Born 19 July 1890 -died 30 Jan 1948. His tombstone reads that he died in 1948. His death record reads that he died in 1947. Place of death was at home, B and Walker, General Delivery at 4:00 in McAlester, Oklahoma. His date of birth on tombstone is different than death record which reads date of birth, 25 July 1872. Thus he was 74 years, 6 months, and 5 days old. He is listed as a Farmer, born in Greenwood, Arkansas. His father was born in Tennessee. Dave lived in Pittsburg County for about 55 years. He belonged to the Masons, and was Baptist faith. His length of illness was two week. Funeral Services were in chapel at Cemetery at 2:00 the Sunday the 3rd of February, 1947. His wife Lindsy survived plus six sons, George, David R. (Jr.), Richard, James, Walter, and Charles. Three daughters, Bertie, Joan Ann, and Betty Jo. A brother, W. A. Robertson living in Calif.

7. Lindsey/Lindy Robertson nee Cann 
Born 9 Oct 1902 - died 9 Oct 1956. She was living at 310 East Krisler at time of death. She died on Monday at 5:30 A.M. in Talihina, Oklahoma. Her length of illness was three months. Notice, that she died on her 54th birthday. She was born in Pittsburg County to George Cann and Manalie Anderson. Services were at Peaceable Church on Friday at 2:00 October 12, 1956. She is buried beside her husband, David R. Robertson, in the Anderson Cemetery. She leaves nine children, George, David R. (Jr.), Jo Ann, Richard, Betty, James, Walter, William, and Charles. A stepdaughter, Birdie/Bertie. At time of death, there were 21 grandchildren. 

8. Funeral home-marker patented 1926 (need data) 

9. Tiney Herbert born 1869 died 1949 shares a tombstone with Gus -
At time of death, was at home at 222 West Delaware, McAlester, Oklahoma. Death records that she was born 20 October 1870 in Tennessee to Calvin Hadden/Haddon and Deanie McGraw/McCraw. She was 78 years 3 months and 28 days old at death on 18 February 1949.Services were at 2:00 pm the next day 19 February, at the Chapel at Cemetery. Several nieces and two nephews survived her. Cora, Gertrude, and Ruth. Tex M. Haddon and ?Alby Haddon.

10. Gus Herbert born 1963 died 1942. Shares a tombstone with Tiney.
At time of his death, was at home, living on RR #3 in McAlester, Oklahoma. He was born 17 May 17, 1862 in Illinois. He was 79 years 10 months and 14 days, when he died after a long illness on 31 March 1942. He was a Farmer, living at present address for 70 years. Services were held on 1-2 April 1942 at 2:00 pm. Survivors: Wife, Tiney, two nieces: Mrs. John Taylor, and Carrie Taylor. Two nephews: Willie and Barney Taylor, all from Tulsa, Okla.

Going back to the first line of graves: 2nd line consists of: 

11. Atta "Sug" Anderson (Atta Pearl Osborne, wife of Walter Ralph) born 12 May 1898, died 23 Sept 1978. Buried on Saturday, 27 of Sept. 

12. Walter R. Anderson (Walter Ralph "Hobby") born 6 Feb 1897 died 5 April 1954 Hobby and Sug were the parents of six children: Gennett, Millard (Irish), Doralene, Christine, Ellis (called Cherokee), and Moses Hagen (called 'Black').

13. Gennett M. Anderson (child death) born 11 Nov 1918 died 31 Oct 1922. Firstborn child of Walter Ralph and Atta Pearl Anderson. (Death records spelled Jennette)

14. Eahokatubbie/Eohokiatubby/Ieachautubby (Old Grandpa) Father of John Anderson (b 1802) Grandfather of Hagan Anderson, born in Mississippi, died 5 March 1897. Full-Blood Chickasaw Indian. (Several confusions linked with this generation at this time, date April 2001).

15. Acie /Asa (Perry?) Ih's wife died about 1861 or 67. Full-Blood Chickasaw. She came from Mississippi. She was the mother of:
Joseph (Joe)- died 10 June, 1920--md Onah/Leona B. Witcher; Hagan born 16 Aug 1867 died 17 Feb 1937 md Minnie Frances Witcher; Wesley; Charley-born 1871, Annie, died 8 Jan 1932 age 80 years old, md Ellis Anoletubby; Jennie, and Vinnie who died as a young child. 
(Data on Ellis): Ellis James Anoletubby living at Rt #2 in Stuart, Oklahoma at time of death. Time was 10:50 ? Am or pm. He was born 15 May 1871 in White Chimmey, Oklahoma to James Anoletubby. His father's place of birth was Indian Territory. At time of death (of long illness) 13 June 1945, Ellis was 74 year, o month 28 days. Services were at Double Springs Church at 2:00 on 15 June 1945. His wife survives and a brother, James of Oklahoma City, Okla.

16. Willis Carney died young after 1892, He was an orphan, taken in by Hagan Anderson. Hagan became his "Little Willie's" guardian.

Going back by to the beginning of the graves.

16. Stella Miller (mother of Wanda Jean, who is the wife of Millard (Irish) Anderson. Born 1900 died 1973..(Humphrey's funeral home) (No tombstone at this time. June 22, 2001) 
Death Record information: Stella Mae James Miller. Born 25 May 1900 in Canadian, Oklahoma to Benjamin James and Stella Ogle James. She married 25 November 1918, Crowder, Oklahoma to Sherman Miller. She lived all her life in Oklahoma. Sherman died 9 February 1937. She died Friday, 2 March 73, at McAlester General West Hospital in McAlester, Oklahoma. At age 72 years 9 months 7 days. Funeral Services were Tuesday, 6 March 1923 at 2:00 High Hill Baptist Church. Pallbearers were: C.R. Poole, Marvin Farris, Ellis Anderson, Moses Anderson, R. W. Higgins, and Edward Smith. Honorary Pallbearers were Red Raleigh, Bill Brewater, Tallie Timmons, Elbert Maxwell, Louis McFadden, and Frank Anderson. 

17. Leona (Onah) called Onie/Oah, B. Anderson: Married 4 Oct 1888 to Joseph (Joe) Anderson who was a brother to Hagen/Hagan Anderson. She was 60 years old. She did not have any children. Born 10 March 1868 died 2 Nov 1929.

18. Elizabeth Ann (Sage) Witcher: born in 16 Nov 1848 in Kansas City, Kansas. Father, John Wesley Sage. She died 14 January 1941, the exact date of birth of her great-grandson, John Austin Anderson. Wife of J.A. (John Austin) Witcher. They were the parents of Leona B., Charles, Minnie.

19. J. A. Witcher (John Austin) born 23 Dec 1842 in Kentucky. Died 7 Oct 1915. He was in the Civil War. His parents: Claborne/Clayborn D. and Mary Belle Austin Witcher. The genealogy line of this Witcher has been traced to Charlemagne, King Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, and into the Bible onto Adam!

20. Edith Elizabeth Anderson: only daughter and last child of Hagan and Minnie Frances Witcher Anderson. Never married�died at age 49 after a long illness�busted gall bladder. Born 24 Aug 1901 - died 31 Dec 1962. Her death record is in error: showing her 59 years of age at death.

21. There is possibly that the little man Willie Carney is buried at this place.

22. Minnie Frances Witcher Anderson: born 19 July 1874, died 2 June 1964. She was born in Texas just before crossing into the Indian Territory as her parents: Elizabeth Ann and John Austin Witcher had been visiting relatives or attending a funeral. She married 22 May 1889 to Hagen when she was 15 and he was 20. They had four sons and then a daughter. Frank Hagen - md 15 Dec 1919 in Muskogee, Okla. to Madge Pound. Born 29 Sept 1890 died 29 August 1975 buried beside Madge in Calvary Cemetery, McAlester; Edward (Ed) , born 28 Feb 1893 died 8 Nov 1958 md Georgia Williams; Walter Ralph "Hobby" born 6 Feb 1896 died 5 April 1954 md 1 Dec 1916 to Atta Pearl Osborne, John (Johnnie Clayborne) born 4 Nov 1899 died 21 Aug 1967 md 16 August 1930 to Mary Elizabeth Lewis;, and Edith Elizabeth who never married. Minnie was a tiny petite lady, blue eyes and blond hair. All her children were born at the old home place near the Anderson Cemetery. Hagen and Minnie's children were the only grandchildren that Minnie's parents had. This genealogy line is back to Adam.

23. Hagen/Hagan Anderson (One-Half Chickasaw) born 16 Aug 1867, died 17 Feb 1937 md Minnie Frances Witcher.

There are few graves with tombstones. Many graves do not have markers.
Most of these are located in the Southeast Corner of the cemetery.

24. Walter Wood (tombstone) baby boy born and died 27 Jan 1932

25. Billy Willis (No marker) baby boy died between Christmas and the first of the year, 1966-1967 (Chaney's Funeral home). Parents: Leroy and Wilma Perry Willis. Death Records: William Joseph Willis, born 24 July 1967 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to William Leroy Willis and Wilma May Perry Willis. Died at home, Route 2 (Maysville) Sulphur, Oklahoma, 28 December 1967, 5 months 4 days. (Suffocation). Funeral services were Sunday 31 December 1967 2:00 pm at Brushy Indian Church.

26. Robert Wayne Cartlidge/Cartledge (No marker) Baby Boy, one day old, warm weather, 1947. Parents: Clifford and Wilma Cartlidge/Cartledge.
Death Record: Robert Wayne Cartledge living at Rt.#3 in McAlester, Oklahoma. Born 3 July 1940 died 9:05 am or pm 6 July 6 1940 three days old. Parents: Clifford Cartledge born in McAlester, Oklahoma and Wilma Brown Catledge born in Oklahoma. Services were at home on Sunday 7 July 1967 at 11:00.

27. Infant (grave unmarked) lived 72 hours. Parents: Ruth and Lawton Mills.
??? Death records: Infant daughter of William Mills died 11 August 1913. 

28. George Williams (unmarked) Baby boy died in 1905. (Midwife - 'Granny' Berryman) Parents: George and Flora Williams. ? This infant was a girl - Georgie Stella Williams, age 3, died 14 February 1905 at Kiowa, Oklahoma?

29. Orba Williams (no marker): infant death. This may be an infant born and died 21 Sept 1917 Parents: George and Flora Williams.
Death record: infant stillborn to George and Flora William 23 Sept 1917. (Data on Flora Williams-: Flora Evelyn Williams born in Arkansas, 8 April 1878 to (James ?)Lee Williams from Arkansas and Sarah Tackett/Hackett, born in Wayne Co, Tenn. Flora married George Williams of Hartshorne, Oklahoma. She died 4 October 1954, at McAlester General Hospital. At time of death, address was 339 W Kiowa, McAlester, Oklahoma. She was 76 years 5 months 26 days old. Services were at HillCrest Baptist Church Thursday,6 October 1954 at 2:30. George survived her at age 91. Seven daughters: Addie, Georgie, Viola, Beulah, Ruth, Danette, Mamie and 2 sons: Kirtley and Kermit, 4 sisters: Laura, Ella, Ida, and Lottie. and 2 brothers: Esmer and Freeman. (Georgie Williams, one of the daughters who married Edward Anderson)

30. Infant-Stillborn death, ( no marker) summer of 1953. (Midwife - Minnie Anderson) Parents: Marcus and Anna Mae Nail Beasley. 
?? Grandfather of this infant: Mack Beasley of Indianola, Okla. Had a son named Marcus. At this time no data collected.

31. 'Tie Hacker' Occupation/ nick-name?? (no marker) supposed to be buried in same row as Ih.