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Abrams Cemetery

Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Submitted by: J. Woodruff jwoodruff@mcloudteleco.com

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Abrams Cemetery is located north and east of McLoud. The easiest way to reach it is as follows: From I-40 northwest of Shawnee take Hwy. 177 north about three and one half miles. Turn left and go west for one and one half miles. The cemetery is on the south side of the road. I have listed the graves by row starting from the west end of the cemetery with plots proceeding from north to south. Examples: R2-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 2. R1-3 would be the third grave in from the north end of the first row at the west end of the cemetery. This small cemetery has been vandalized and some stones turned over and too heavy for me to upright.

Lot Number  Last Name First & Middle Born  Died  Comments
R2-1  ABRAMS  ANNA  10/14/1871  11/10/1908 Loraine Illinois 
R10-2 BAKER A.M. 10/28/1861 9/8/1900  
R11-3  BRIDGES  INFANT  4/6/1934  4/6/1934  Daughter of George E. 
R10-3  BRUNER  Can't read it  8/12/1901  7/16/1902  Stone is Broken
R1-2  COX  BONNIE MARIE 12/3/1943 2/3/1945  
R13-1  KELLY EUGENE LESTER  1/18/1923  1/18/1923  
R11-1  KIRKWOOD  INFANT  12/21/1898  12/21/1898  of C.W. & S.E.
R6-2  LYONS  ROY EARL 5/8/1907  6/7/1908  
R7-2  MAY DOROTHY  1904  1908  
R7-3  MAY  ELLEN  1907  1908  
R12-3  PALM  E. T.  1850  1934  
R13-2  PALM  MAY  1852  1928  
R13-3  PALM BELLE  1859  1935  
R11-2  PARK  SARAH CATHERINE 11/30/1846  11/3/1907  Wife of G.W.
R7-1  PENCE JOHN  12/4/1817  2/10/1907  
R6-1  SCOTT  ISABELL E. 4/12/1889  3/24/1899  Daughter of C.H. & M.W.
R4-1  SOBER ISABEL  12/19/1842  3/9/1925  
R3-1  SON  MARTHA M.  5/16/1898  2/20/1917  Wife of A.E.
R3-2  SON  VERA  8/1/1896  9/14/1923  
R10-1  STANKA  HATTIE  1900 No date  
R2-2  STEWARD  IRENE LUCILLE 5/24/1908  12/12/1928  
R8-1  STOUT JOHN V.  No dates 
R8-2 STOUT MARGARET J.    No dates  Baby
R8-3  STOUT  RUBY H.    No dates  Baby
R8-4  STOUT PAUL V.    No dates  Baby
R8-5  STOUT CHESTER 3/20/1875  1/26/1918  
R8-6  STOUT CALVIN  10/27/1909  9/12/1938  
R8-7 STOUT  MARY JANE  6/13/1879  5/30/1965  Wife of Chester
R1-1  UNKNOWN  CLARENCE  2/25/???? 5/27/19??  Stone is Broken
R12-1  WOODSIDE  CLYDE  1861  1933  
R12-2 WOODSIDE EDITH  1852  1934  
R13-4  WOODSIDE  MARY G.  3/3/1886  1/7/1960