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Day County, Oklahoma Territory



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Day County, Oklahoma Territory 1892-1907
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ELLIS: The northern part of present Ellis County had formed the southwestern corner of the Cherokee Outlet from 1835. This area had been included in Woodward County after the Outlet opening in September 1893. The southern part of present Ellis County, between the Cherokee Outlet and the Canadian River, had originally been part of the Creek lands but from 1856 to 1866 was Seminole land. After the Seminole ceded it to the U.S. government, the area was part of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation. Those lands were opened by run in April 1892. Afterward, this part had been organized into Day County, which also included northern Roger Mills County. Day County's seat of government was established first at Ioland and then at Grand. At 1907 statehood Day County was eliminated, Roger Mills County was extended northward to the Canadian River, and Woodward County was subdivided into several counties. It gave up its southwestern corner, which was combined with the remainder of Day County as Ellis County.*

Named for Abraham H. Ellis of the Constitutional Convention. Clerk of Courts has marriage records from 1892, divorce records from 1893, probate records from 1908 and civil court records from 1896; County Clerk has land records from 1898. Woodward Library has some of these records on microfilm.

Ellis County
100 S Washington Courthouse Square
Arnett, OK 73832

Ellis County Archives - USGenWeb

Ellis County AHLN

ROGER MILLS:  Present Roger Mills County was originally part of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservation. Before the area was opened for non-Indian settlers on April 19, 1892, Counties C through H were created. E County became Day County, and F County became Roger Mills. At 1907 statehood the boundaries of Roger Mills County changed. The southern portion of former Day County was added to Roger Mills, and the southern portion of Roger Mills was added to Beckham County. *




Named by vote of the people of the county, most of whom were recent emigrants from Texas, of which state Roger Q. Mills was then United States Senator. Roger Mills County received land from southern portion of obsolete Day County in 1907. Clerk of Courts has marriage, probate, civil court records from 1800's, divorce records from 1900; County Clerk has land records.

Roger Mills County
PO Box 708
Cheyenne, OK 73628

Roger Mills County Archives - USGenWeb

Day County Newspapers - Grand, Oklahoma Territory at Oklahoma Historical Society
DAY COUNTY TRIBUNE 1893-1895-1896-1898 incomplete sets (microfilm roll 6823-32)
DAY COUNTY PROGRESS, Oct 18, 1902-Sept 17, 1908, mostly complete, (roll 6791-6)

Day County, Oklahoma Territory Census 1900
T623-1336 1900 Census: Cleveland, Custer, Day, and Garfield Counties

Note: Day County was abolished by not being included in the 1907 constitution.

Day County, Oklahoma Territory Census 1900 Name Index

Day County Marriages 1892-1908

Day County Physicians 1903

History of the Primitive Baptists - Elk Creek Association of Oklahoma

History of the Primitive Baptists in Texas, Oklahoma, and Indian Territory, by J. S. Newman

Liberty Church was constituted September 3, 1899, at Dewery Schoolhouse, in the southeast corner of Day County, Oklahoma, by Elder J.B. Donathan and Deacon A.B. Keith, with the following members: J.T. Cates and wife, Francis Cates, J.F. Donathan, wife of Elder J.B. Donathan, Mary Keith, wife of Deacon A.B. Keith, E.H. Cates and wife, Sarah Cares. By letter: Deacon A. B. Keith and Elder Donathan. Elder Donathan served the church as pastor until July 1905, when Elder A.M. Morris was called to the pastoral care of the church. The church was in the constitution of Elk Creek Association.
The Elk Creek Association met 1904 with Liberty Church, Day county, September 2,3 and 4. The introductory sermon was preached by Elder A.M. Morris. Elder J.B. Donathan was elected moderator, and J.C. Clark, clerk. Correspondence was received from Panhandle-Oklahoma Association through her messengers, Elders J.A. Jones, J.R. McCarty, W.G. Morris and Licentiate S.H. Boon; also a corresponding letter from the Salem Association of Texas, through her messenger, Elder P.M. Lancaster. The association had 5 churches, total membership, 128.

Day County, Oklahoma Historical Society

Old Day County, Oklahoma Territory, Chronicles of Oklahoma, June 1935.

Exploring Oklahoma History, Grand, Oklahoma Territory

Day County Tribune, Grand, Oklahoma Territory, Chronicling America


ill Gantz Family Remembrances in Day County, O.T.

Indian Trader's in Day County 1890s (picture)
C. W. D.'s Grand, Oklahoma Territory (pictures)

The 1900s: American news and lifestyle headlines and sounds


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