Chiefs and Notables

Chief White Plume ca.1821
White Plume was principal chief of the
Kansas in the early nineteenth century

Little White Bear ca. 1841
Meach-o-shin-gaw was one of the seven principal
Kansa chiefs in the 1820's and 1830's

Man Of Good Sense  Kansa Warrior ca.1831

Pi-Sing (Game)  Kansa Warrior
ca. 1868  Washington, D.C.

Chief Al-le-ga-wa-ho, who by tribal election became one of the three principal Kansa chiefs
in 1867 after Kah-he-gah-wah-ti-an-gah was deposed for killing a Kansa warrior without cause.

Wah-shun-gah, principal chief of the Kansas in the 1880's
the tribe was forced to move to Indian Territory in 1873.
This photograph may have been taken by C. M. Bell in Washington about 1880.