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The Unknown Abandoned Cemetery
Atoka County, Oklahoma

Location - Directions:

Daisy Ok, on the land of Benny Wyrick III, you have to contact him and have him drive you from his house to the cemetery. It is not accessable by regular vehicle.

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This cemetery is on the land of Benny Wyrick III, his family has had this land for over 60 years. The cemetery was there before they bought the land, so he had no idea about the complete history of the cemetery. Best that Lisa and I could tell from the dates available on the stones, is that there were no burials there since 1903, but there is no guarantee of this. We found a minimum of 15 graves that were marked with only small sandstones. There is one grave walled in with stone.
Lisa Wheeler and Bobbi Dunn did this canvas by walking it, taking pictures and comparing with the book at the Atoka County library, we feel this canvas is as complete as it will get. We did take pictures of the 15 stone markers we found with no writting on them along with the walled grave, and the 5 marked graves. We could not find one grave that was found there in 1989. Neither of us believe that these graves will last much longer and felt that photos were extremely important.
We have kept all photos of all the stones we found with writting and without. We have these and are willing to share them, but can't tell you who the ones without writting are, unfortunately.
Lisa Wheeler, and Bobbi Dunn, great-great granddaughters of Frances Pearlee Thompson Smith spelled Perlie Smith on headstone.

The known burials are:
John Billey 4-24-1875 3-8-1884
Kizzie Baker 1854 4-4-1894
Wiliam Frazier 3-12-1832 7-13-1897
Lemuel Richard Newkirk 3-4-1884 8-6-1898
Delfey Snow 12-12-1898 ?-7-19??
Perlie Smith 12-12-1897 4-28-1903
walled grave ?? ??

During our canvas we could not find the headstone of Delfey Snow. We found it in the book at Atoka library, it was seen during a canvas in 1989.

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