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Cherokee County
County Seat - Tahlequah
Capital of the Cherokee Nation


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Picture furnished by Brenda S. Franklin and the following statement
as well as all the below listed information.

"None of these people are my relatives.  Kind of a funny story about me listing this cemetery.  I went down to the Cookson area to hook up
with a very distant relative for a family reunion...come to find out I had my dates wrong, and none of the people were there that weekend, so I photographed this cemetery.  I didn't see a posting on the cemetery page for that county.  I think there is a lot of history in this cemetery.  I have heard it was the Ballew cemetery until about the 1940's when the lake went in, and some of the graves from other cemeteries were relocated to this cemetery.  The Proctor section may be most of the relocated.  The back section of this cemetery is the oldest.  There are probably over 200 unknown, and unreadable markers.  The front section, or newer section is the community section."


Last Name Given Name Date of Birth Date of  Death Section
Adams Bobbie Joe   no date   no date Back Section
Anderson Debbie   no date   no date concrete block
Arnett Rosa   no date   no date Back Section
Arnold Mildred   1927   no date  
Arnold Merritt A 22-May 1924 27-Jun 1995  
Avant Troy M 25-Mar 1898 31-Jul 1974  
Avant Sallie 10-Jan 1900 9-Feb 1990  
Bailey Mary (Pinky) 14-May 1930   no date  
Bailey Edward (Ed) 23-Feb 1928 22-Aug 1985  
Baker Josie   no date   no date Back Section
Baker Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Ballard J. W. 11-Nov 1853 19-Feb 1926  
Ballard Alice 9-Mar 1844 30-Oct 1912  
Ballew Vivian 25-Nov 1915   no date  
Ballew Billie 25-Dec 1909 28-Jul 1975  
Ballew Soad 28-Feb 1908 29-Apr 1997  
Ballew Madge 1-Jun 1911 27-Aug 2000  
Ballew Bluh J 12-Nov 1901 9-Apr 1971  
Ballew Jack  20-Aug 1904 4-Mar 1972  
Ballew Lila M 20-Jan 1917 10-Jan 2001  
Ballew Shelton (Doc) 18-Feb 1912 6-Feb 1973  
Ballew Son of Bob & Cindy   23-Nov 1978  
Ballew Mack Ray   1937   1937 Back Section
Ballew Floren   Back Section
Ballew Jack   1871   1916 Back Section
Ballew Manda S   1881   1952 Back Section
Ballew Jackson   1871   1916 Back Section
Ballew Wilson   1914   1915 Back Section
Ballew Johnnie   1901   1917 Back Section
Ballew Ella Mae 1-Aug 1917   no date Back Section
Ballew Pat 5-Feb 1907 15-Oct 1985 Back Section
Ballew Rossalee   no date   no date Back Section
Ballew Lizzie Mae 1-Jan 1895 2-Oct 1896 Back Section
Ballew Joseph H 8-Sep 1891   1893 Back Section
Ballew Clarence M 12-Feb 1897 5-Nov 1901 Back Section
Ballew Ada   no date   no date Back Section
Ballew Marion M 27-Apr 1871 26-Jun 1917 Back Section
Ballew Jewell 11-Sep 1902 23-Jan 1998 Back Section
Ballew Fred 27-Jul 1902 21-Jul 1967 Back Section
Ballew Lola Lea 29-Dec 1895 17-Mar 1977 Back Section
Ballew Jeff 5-Dec 1892 19-Feb 1969 Back Section
Ballew Infant   1922   1922 Back Section
Ballew Gerald F 14-Feb 1928 15-Oct 2004 Back Section
Ballew Ellen Josephine 19-Nov 1870 1-Jun 1947 Back Section
Barnes Jimmmy Thomas 28-Oct 1925 13-Jan 1988  
Barton Rodney Earl   1962   2005 Back Section
Best Cecilia L   1918   1990  
Best L. T.   1914   2002  
Billings Leslie Covel 19-Oct 1934 11-Jul 2004  
Billings Donna Rae 29-Jul 1935   no date  
Billings Crystal   no date   no date concrete block
Billings Brad   no date   no date concrete block
Blakeley Florine Spencer 2-Jun 1919   no date  
Blakeley Elmo L (Bo) 7-May 1914 21-Mar 1978  
Blanchard Nelda Mae 24-Feb 1934 23-Jul 2003  
Blanchard Clarence Esom Cotton 23-Dec 1926   no date  
Blankenship Nancy (Moore) 4-Mar 1869 30-Dec 1936  
Brickell James P Jim 11-Sep 1937   no date  
Brickell Philip H 30-Jul 1912 4-Nov 1992  
Brickell Dorothy M 19-Mar 1923   no date  
Brookey Paul R 15-Aug 1943   no date Back Section
Brookey Pearl 5-Jul 1914 2-Sep 1997 Back Section
Brookey Nathaniel 18-Sep 1915 6-Jun 1997 Back Section
Brooks Norma J 24-Nov 1925   no date  
Brooks James Fredrick 23-Aug 1923 21-Feb 1983  
Brown Joshua Robert   23-Oct 2003  
Brown Minnie Mae 3-Dec 1887 11-Dec 1923 Back Section
Bunch James Fredrick 16-Dec 1933 24-Jul 2004  
Byers Charlie W 22-Apr 1922 6-Feb 1992  
Byers Nickademus 6-Jan 1895 21-Nov 1978  
Byers Charlotte 8-Nov 1901 15-Jun 1987  
Byers Ezekiel 8-Jun 1882 5-Dec 1967 Back Section
Byers James 8-Mar 1878 20-May 1966 Back Section
Byers Charlie    no date   no date Back Section
Byers Lizzie   no date   no date Back Section
Byers Margaret Ann   1851   1926 Back Section
Campbell Kathkeen Ballew 8-Feb 1928 2-Jul 1990  
Campbell Bill B 19-Mar 1927 31-Aug 1994  
Candy S. Proctor   1857   1940 Back Section
Cervenka Wanda Jean Rogers 18-Oct 1842 28-Jul 2004  
Chase Leonard P 11-Sep 1923 5-Apr 1996  
Christie Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Christie Mrs. Dick   no date   no date Back Section
Christie Dick   1890   1929 Back Section
Clift William E 20-May 1925 15-Jul 1968  
Colden Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Conley Chalie 2-Jan 1902 22-Oct 1909 Back Section
Cooper Margaret S. 27-Jan 1948   no date Back Section
Cooper Joe Wesley 21-Mar 1936   no date Back Section
Couch Irvin   1876   1945 Back Section
Couch John 3-May 1872 7-Oct 1946 Back Section
Couch Baby   1931 Back Section
Couch Laura   1889   1925 Back Section
Couch   1923 Back Section
Cousins Herbert L   1919   1981  
Cox Patricia   1930   2002 funeral home marker
Cox Marie L 14-Jun 1917 24-Jan 1992  
Cox Frank E 9-Nov 1924 2-Nov 2004  
Cox Maybel D 13-Mar 1901 16-Dec 1993  
Cox Lowell A 18-Dec 1902 28-Dec 1974  
Craig Ruby Lee 6-Dec 1919   no date  
Craig Jack C 1-Jun 1908 9-May 1986  
Craven Ruby L 8-Nov 1921 14-Jan 1974  
Craven Clifford C. 1-Oct 1908 24-Dec 1994  
Croka Ross W 13-Dec 1915 16-Jan 1984  
Croka Marcia L 14-Oct 1925   no date  
Cunningham William Joseph 13-Apr 1923 9-May 1999  
Cunningham Alta V 29-Sep 1905 28-Oct 1988  
Cunningham Bash G 18-Apr 1902 25-Nov 1988  
Davenport Infant   1929   ???? Back Section
Davenport Twin Boys   1932 Back Section
Davenport Jinney   1907   1932 Back Section
Daves Joan Mawson 27-Jul 1929 21-Feb 2001  
Daves Harvey E 24-Jul 1928   no date  
Davis Daniel Breeze 27-Nov 1994 23-Mar 1995  
Davis Jerry Lee 17-Jun 1970 23-Jul 1970  
Davis Betty   no date   no date  
Davis Patricia LeEllen 19-Jul 1932 30-Dec 2001  
Davis Huston 25-May 1932   no date  
Davis Randy Allen 5-Mar 1979 1-May 2002 Back Section
Davis Charlene   1945   1945 Back Section
Dickson Mary E 24-Jul 1868 27-Feb 1900 home made marker
Dietz Geri 19-Sep 1921   no date Back Section
Dietz Richard E 21-Jul 1931 14-Oct 1990 Back Section
Dixon Bertha 22-Feb 1892 26-Jan 1945  
Dixon Charles Marcus 10-Nov 1880 13-Aug 1961 Back Section
Dixon Myrtle    1911   1930 Back Section
Dodson Baby   1943   1943 Back Section
Dunn Lowell L. Jr 19-May 1930   no date  
Dunn Vera Sue 15-Mar 1930 27-Oct 1998  
Ellison Sandra L 28-Jun 1940 22-Jan 1998  
Ellison Eldon F 21-Jul 1936 23-Oct 2003  
Farris Ruby 8-Jul 1922 6-Jun 1985  
Farris Willie Chester 23-Jan 1917 7-Jun 1987  
Foote Earl   1926   no date  
Foote Flora M   1978   2003  
Fountain Lulu   no date   no date Back Section
Franks Tray Alan 22-Jun 1959 29-Jun 1977 Back Section
Franks Kathryn M 12-Aug 1929   no date Back Section
Franks Billy G. 28-Apr 1930 28-Sep 2001 Back Section
Fritts Mary Ann   1879   1945 Back Section
Gilbert   no date   no date Back Section
Gilbert Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Glasgow Richard G.   1955   1995  
Glasgow Iola 13-Aug 1918 17-Nov 1990  
Glasgow O.E. Eene 4-Mar 1917 17-Sep 2000  
Griggs Lucresa 8-Nov 1873 4-Feb 1904  
Griggs Alice 4-Jan 1901 12-Sep 1932  
Griggs Effie 4-Jan 1901 6-Jun 1953  
Guinn Paul Clifford 11-Jan 1925   no date  
Guinn B. Maurice Newby 25-May 1928   no date  
Guthrie Bessie M Horn Morris 8-Sep 1908   no date Back Section
Guthrie William M 27-Aug 1911 8-Jun 2004 Back Section
Guthrie William P   no date   1914 Back Section
Haeggquist Sharin Lynn 26-Jan 1943 25-Jun 2000  
Hahne Charles 9-Apr 1905 4-Mar 1973  
Hahne Ann 21-Jan 1913 14-Jul 1995  
Hallford Helen Mitchell 23-Jul 1919 13-Jul 1992  
Hallford Floyd J 30-Sep 1916   no date  
Hallford Mary B (Bernie) 20-May 1946   no date  
Hallford Gaylon R. (Red) 30-May 1932 9-Nov 1993  
Hammick Michial Craig 29-Jul 1960 25-Jan 1990  
Harden Jim   no date   no date Back Section
Harden Wm March? ???? March ???? Back Section
Harscher Myrtle Lucille 7-Aug 1909 3-Jul 1978  
Hendrix Unice Jewell   1930 Back Section
Hendrix Fred J   1923   1923 Back Section
Henson Mrs Tuck   no date   no date Back Section
Henson Rose Ellen   no date   no date Back Section
Henson Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Hickerson Robert E 16-May 1901 22-Sep 1983  
Hickerson Myrtle  22-Sep 1904 12-Sep 1978  
Hoech Ruby L 14-Oct 1912 4-Mar 1991  
Hoech Julius F 5-Jun 1917 18-Jul 1997  
Holeman Carrie A 15-Sep 1873 16-May 1956 Back Section
Holeman Joe Wesley 1-Mar 1918 9-Jun 1989 Back Section
Holeman Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Holeman Nancy G 5-Apr 1869 22-Feb 1916 Back Section
Horn Jonathan David   19-Oct 2004  
Horn Charlie W 15-Nov 1918 13-Oct 1997  
Horn Edna M 27-May 1918 18-Jan 2004  
Horn Nancy Conley Proctor 15-May 1904 30-Jan 2003 Back Section
Horn Lawson 19-Nov 1913 12-Oct 1994 Back Section
Horn Oscar Frank 27-Sep 1898 4-Jan 1987 Back Section
Horn Mary Carnella 22-Apr 1891 22-Dec 1969 Back Section
Horn Lewis   no date   no date Back Section
Horn Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Horn Mae   no date   no date Back Section
Horn Vada   no date   no date Back Section
Horn Kelley L 19-Sep 1911 20-Nov 1964 Back Section
Horn Francis 28-Apr 1931 17-Aug 1999 Back Section
Houston Jack L   1922   1990  
Houston Alberta 13-Aug 1923 20-Mar 1983  
Houston Kjack L 30-Sep 1922 18-Jan 1990  
Houston Betty J  23-Feb 1928 21-Aug 2000  
Jackson Leota J   1926   1999 Back Section
Jackson George F   1921   1988 Back Section
Jackson Henry ?-Dec 1898 20-Jan 1899 Back Section
Jackson Mrs Ice   no date   no date Back Section
Jones Nadine Virginia 22-Feb 1930   no date  
Jones Edward E. (Gene) 1-Aug 1927   no date  
Kelley Mary Gayle 23-Dec 1943 21-Apr 1998  
Knight Jimmy Derrill 28-Apr 1937 20-May 2002  
Lambert   1859     1928 Back Section
Lambert   1935     1919 Back Section
Lathrop Fredrick Maynard 5-Oct 1917 28-Sep 1984  
Lathrop Ruth Faye 12-Dec 1914 30-Mar 2000  
Lawrence Wesley L 27-Jun 1955 25-Jul 1982 Back Section
Leathers Bill Joe 10-Dec 1928 24-Apr 2001  
Lechner Richard   1926   2005 Back Section
Lechner Deborah Lee   21-Oct 1952 Back Section
Lett MaxE 29-Dec 1921 13-Dec 1991  
Lett Wintress 3-Nov 1918   no date  
Lowery Alvin Leo 27-May 1927 12-Feb 1972  
Mackin Virginia I 10-Jun 1913 13-Dec 2004  
Mackin Donald D. 2-Dec 1921 11-Sep 1982  
Mahaney Ella Ballard 15-Nov 1883 30-Nov 1973  
Marrs  Edgar Preston 15-Jul 1913 8-Mar 2004 funeral home marker
Marul Tom   no date   1942 Back Section
Massey Clara Mae 15-Aug 1933 28-Jun 1990 Back Section
McCleary Suson H 23-Apr 1871 2-Jul 1913 home made marker
McLaughlin Doris Ruth (Cox) 12-Aug 1931 27-Oct 2000  
Middleton Sarah A. Harrold 20-Aug 1883 5-Apr 1984  
Mooney Eugene H 21-Nov 1926 14-Jun 1982  
Mooney Mary S 27-Sep 1931   no date  
Morgan Marie S 21-Dec 1921   no date  
Morgan Russell C. 11-Aug 1920 25-Apr 1991  
Morris Ellen    1830   1915 Back Section
Mull Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Mullens William Lee 27-May 1912 9-Jul 1980  
Nail Eunice Morris 14-Oct 1930   no date Back Section
Nail Thomas A Tic 21-May 1922   no date Back Section
Nail Michael Reid 13-Aug 1959 10-Aug 1959 Back Section
Osborn Betty Jean 4-May 1924   no date  
Osborn Philip Stanley 19-Oct 1919 6-Jul 2001  
Palmer   1860   1934 Back Section
Parker Mittie 19-Mar 1894 11-Dec 1953  
Parker Sharon Marie 23-Nov 1940 17-Jul 2001  
Payne John Charles 5-Sep 1925 29-Sep 1996  
Perdue Elmer Jack 29-Apr 1927 17-Dec 1989  
Perdue Velma Marion 18-Sep 1928   no date  
Phelps John   no date   no date concrete block
Phelps Katie   no date   no date concrete block
Phillips George E. 7-Apr 1925 23-Nov 1999  
Phillips George Edward   1925   1999 funeral home marker
Pittman Floyd Charles 19-Aug 1910 12-Jul 2004  
Posey Beula M 18-Mar 1926   no date  
Posey Cecil L 13-Jul 1925 12-Aug 1996  
Pratt Larry D 2-Jul 1935 27-Sep 1987  
Price Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Proctor M. A,   1933   1990 Back Section
Proctor John   no date   no date Back Section
Proctor John   1908   1912 Back Section
Proctor Infant   1906   1906 Back Section
Proctor Andy Mack 18-Dec 1921 1-Jan 1995 Back Section
Proctor Accie   1876   1917 Back Section
Proctor Carrie A 18-Jan 1926 12-Feb 1926 Back Section
Proctor Charley 18-Dec 1904 7-Jul 1935 Back Section
Proctor Stacet Lou 16-Oct 1975 24-Oct 1975 Back Section
Proctor Daniel  25-Dec 1872 15-Jan 1936 Back Section
Proctor Fannie A. 15-May 1880 10-Nov 1970 Back Section
Randall Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Randall Mrs. Ernest   no date   no date Back Section
Renegar Amy Rae 6-Mar 1971 8-Mar 1971  
Rider William 8-Aug 1926 1-Jan 1995  
Rider Lorene 1-Jun 1934   no date  
Robbins Doc   no date   no date Back Section
Robbins Allene B 7-Jul 1934 16-Jul 1999 Back Section
Robbins Willis A. 24-Mar 1923 17-Sep 1999 Back Section
Roberts Emily Sue 19-Jan 1927 26-Feb 2005  
Roberts Richard Glenn 7-Dec 1921   no date  
Robertson John E 3-Jan 1948 1-Sep 2003 Back Section
Robertson Gerald D 9-Nov 1950 18-Jun 2003 Back Section
Robertson Douglas   1942   1942 Back Section
Robertson Infant   1946   1948 Back Section
Robertson Thelma   1943   1943 Back Section
Robertson Infant   1938   1938 Back Section
Ross Tom   1916 Back Section
Ross Raymon   1924   1924 Back Section
Ross Do??   Back Section
Ross Joseph M 7-Nov 1879 7-Apr 1963 Back Section
Ross William Ode 6-Aug 1916 30-Dec 1968 Back Section
Ross Maletia? 27-Nov 1881 23-Jan 1979 Back Section
Rupp Genevieve D. 5-Dec 1922 10-Jul 1998  
Rupp William C 19-Jul 1916 9-May 1985  
Rutherford G. Darryl 27-Dec 1911 19-Mar 31-May  
Rutherford Loyce E 20-Jan 1915 15-May 1984  
Sanders Herbert Dwain 24-Aug 1944 10-Mar 1994  
Scott Leroy S   no date   no date Back Section
Sevier Tom   1855   1893 Back Section
Sevier Son of T & C 7-Aug 1893 11-Aug 1894 Back Section
Sevier Mary   no date   no date Back Section
Shrode Elsie A 6-Sep 1898 18-Apr 1989  
Silk Anna Bell 25-Mar 1931   no date  
Silk Earnest E 19-Apr 1921 19-Oct 2001  
Silk   no date   no date  
Sims Nathan   no date   no date home made marker
Sims Maria 25-Jul 1848 4-Jan 1904  
Skidmore Phillis J 4-Feb 1928 13-Mar 2000  
Skidmore Raymond M 7-Oct 1926   no date  
Skidmore Son of Cecil E   no date   no date home made marker
Slater Ileta M 23-Nov 1925 12-Oct 1996  
Slater Marvin A 15-Jan 1923 19-Apr 1998  
Smith Darrell 31-Mar 1930   no date  
Smith Judy 13-Aug 1932 6-Jun 1999  
Smith Harold T 22-May 1924 15-Oct 2004  
Smith Evelyn H 25-Dec 1924   no date  
Smith Jerry   1853   1937 Back Section
Smith Lorene   1937   1937 Back Section
Sorick Paul R 28-Dec 1911 4-Dec 2001  
Sorick Doris M 11-Apr 1914   no date  
Stacey Kathryn Sue Nail 26-Sep 1950 27-Jun 2003 Back Section
Stottlemyre Clyde W 29-Nov 1925 17-Jan 2003  
Stottlemyre Elsie Maria 3-Mar 1930 19-Feb 2001  
Stottlemyre Clyde Wesley 29-Nov 1925 17-Jan 2003  
Stottlemyre Alice May 18-Sep 1890 4-Jul 1983  
Stratton Bobbie Ann 11-Aug 1957 5-Dec 2004 funeral home marker
Stratton Addie Mae 10-Jun 1931 31-Mar 1983  
Stratton George Congrace 15-May 1901 27-Apr 1988  
Stratton Ellen Josephine 25-Nov 1904 1-Oct 1989  
Stratton Guy 27-Nov 1891 24-Jan 1957  
Stratton Dollie J 26-Sep 1904 11-May 2000  
Stratton Cecil L 21-Nov 1903 10-Dec 1976  
Stratton David Edward 7-Jul 1958 8-Jul 1958  
Stratton Imogene "Frosty" 19-Mar 1938   no date  
Stratton Cecil E "Cebo" 24-Feb 1932 23-Jul 1974  
Stratton Duard B 2-Feb 1925 14-Oct 1995  
Swagerty Steven M 15-Nov 1957 1-Apr 2005  
Switzer Alta Lee 24-Jan 1925 14-Feb 1925 Back Section
Taylor Marion M   1902   1999  
Taylor Wendell S.   1899   1987  
Taylor Billy Joe 9-Jan 1936 2-May 2004 Back Section
Taylor Louise 29-Dec 1938 3-May 1988 Back Section
Taylor Curtiss Adrain 16-Apr 1959 21-Jul 1985 Back Section
Thomas Amanda Marie Ballew "Cis" 18-Jun 1933 3-May 1994  
Thomas Robert William 13-Mar 1941 26-Sep 1978 Back Section
Thompson Raymond   1925   2005 funeral home marker
Tiffany Billy   no date   no date Back Section
Trimble Iona 26-Jan 1924   no date  
Trimble Roy C. 27-Mar 1906 14-Jul 1991  
Uhl Howard Arthur 8-Apr 1907 13-Sep 1987  
Uhl Bessie L 1-Oct 1917 1-Dec 2001  
Unknown   no date   no date Back Section
Utley Artie M Smith 28-Jan 1909 24-May 1987  
Van Horn Patricia A. 13-Oct 1940 24-Oct 1991  
Van Horn Virginia L 10-Oct 1917 17-Apr 1987  
Van Horn John M 7-May 1918 4-Jan 1985  
Vann Infant   no date   no date Back Section
Vann Ellen   no date   1920 Back Section
Varcoe Lawrence R   1919   1983  
Viineyard Janice Nora 25-Aug 1936 28-Feb 2004  
Vore F. Huttton 3-Jan 1892 19-Mar 1965  
Vore Iva L 26-Jan 1905 1-Nov 1995  
Ward Jerry Edmunde 21-Dec 1935 18-Apr 1994  
Watkins Ferby (Fish)   1842   1915  
Watkins Minnie Mae 15-Nov 1887 24-Jun 1922  
Watkins Hartzel Austin 13-Apr 1911 12-Sep 1922  
Watkins George W   1881 11-May 1939  
Watts Elsie J 13-Sep 1913 15-Aug 1917 Back Section
Waymire Ralph 29-Aug 1922 12-Sep 1997  
Wheeler Donna Jean 28-May 1927 1-Jun 2002  
Wheeler E. Lynn 11-Nov 1924   no date  
Williams Lola Lea 8-Oct 1921 24-May 2003  
Williams Earl M 16-Dec 1928   no date  
Willis Nellie M 15-Mar 1907 14-Jan 1993 Back Section
Wood Lucille E 2-Dec 1921   no date  
Wood Donald L 12-Jan 1919   no date  
Wright H. H. 14-Dec 1823 22-Oct 1912  
Wright Dolly Jean 21-Dec 1929   no date Back Section
Wright Chester Jr. 27-Apr 1927 5-Nov 1990 Back Section
Wyatt Harriett   1912   1983  
Wyatt Luther   1909   2002  
Young Walter Alter 13-Jan 1925 1-Jan 1984 Back Section
Young Eve   no date   no date Back Section
Son of RMB   no date   no date home made marker
Martha ?-Sep 18?? 15-Sep 1850 Back Section

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