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Ninas Cemetery

is located at Parker in Coal County Oklahoma. It's located at the very top of a very tall hill a good mile from any county road. The cemetery has a rock  wall completely around it about 3 feet tall. It is encircled by a row of cedar trees planted  just inside the wall.  In the winter you can look to the top of this hill and see the green point where cedar trees are and know  just where the cemetery in located.

This cemetery was canvassed April 27, 2001 by Rickey Prince and George Guinn.

ninas gravesite

NAME Date of Birth Date of Death Other Information
Ninas Infant daughter No dates No dates daughter of W & T Ninas
Ninas Infant son August 2, 1894 Sept 8,1894 son of  W & T Ninas
Ninas Cyrena June 10, 1904 July 17,1904 daughter of  W & T
Ninas Flora L. August 2, 1897  May 23,1914 daughter of  W & T
Ninas Mary  October 25,1905 April 6,1906 daughter of  W & T
Ninas Roahma September 10,1892 Nov. 10,1892 daughter of  W & T
Ninas Sicon September 10,1899 Dec 10,1899 son of W & T
Ninas Tennesse No Date May 25, 1906 Wife of William Ninas Age 33  
William Ninas was a White man and Tennesse Ninas was a Choctaw  Indian.  Tennesse and daughter Mary died with in 6 weeks of each other and is thought they died from the flu.
ninas gravemarker

A gracious THANK YOU to Rickey Prince for submitting this cemetery information.

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