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Nixon Cemetery
Coal Co. Coalgate, OK

Nixon was indexed Fall of 2002..

Adkins, Irene                  1928-1936

Bailey, Elvera D.             1913-1915

Bailey, Hazel L.              1915-1915

Battles, Homer C.           1924-1996

Blake, Samuel D.            1846-1909

Burns, Welthie D.           1877-1912

Buttrill, Marcus               1933-1935

Buttrill, Marcus B.          1873-1942

Buttrill, Martin                1933-1939

Copass Mary Beth           1898-1976

Crabtree, Minnie F.         1888-1924

Crews, Clarence              1912-1915

Dawson, Sam W.            1914-1994

Degraffenreed, Winnie     1903-1904

Diaz, Bessie                    1890-1925

Dunn, Jack                      1904-1955

Eddings, Ruth L.              1905-1907

Grenws(?), Florence        1912-1915

Hampton, Uel C.             1934-1934

Hampton, Richard           1936-1936

Hathaway, Flora             1902-1904

Hathaway, Luther T.       1897-1905

Hobgood, John F.           1944-1944

Jackson, John L.             1838-1923

Jackson, Polly R.            1858-1922

Johnston, M.D.               1869-1916

Karr, A.C.                      1921-1922

Karr, Loreta M.               1920-1921

Karr, Louis E.                 1918-1919

Karr, Manerva                1905-1905

Karr, Nancy j.                 1866-1905

Karr, Lillie Pearl Hampton 1900-1933

Karr, Ann Lou                 1933-1933

Karr, James C.                1933-1933

Karr, Tiny                      1932-1932

Karr, Vonaloe                 1926-1929

Karr, William B.              1854-1911

Keith, Jessie V.               1904-1904

Knight, June C.               1930-1930

Lacy, Ernest F.               1919-1921

Lacy, John H.                 1889-1975

Lacy, Laura E.                1891-1977

Lacy, Nancy E.                1864-1941

Martin, Cissy (Lacy)        1914-1988

McEntire, Frances B.       1852-1913

McIntire, Lara                 no dates

McIntire, Sally                1857-1933

McLain, Thos J.              1859-1939

McLellan, John F,            1877-1942

McWerthy, Ellen V.         1912-1973

Morgan, Theone              1904-1905

N.Y. (field stone)             no dates

Northcutt, Andre W.        1898-1905

Owens, J. (field stone)      no dates

Patrick, Baby Boy            1933-1933

Patrick, Birdie                  1884-1944

Patrick, Luther                 1884-1966

Plumer, Lidia(Lacy)         1888-1989

Plummer, R.B.                1865-1914

Plummer, Raymond         1899-1911

Plummer, Walter G.         1855-1925

Price, Merle D.                1927-1927

Queen, Linda J.                1959-1959

Richards, Willow Dean     1935-1937

Rogers, G.J.                    1849-1923

Russell, Baby Girl            1948-1948

Samitaz, Peter L.             1952

Samitaz, Betty (Emry)     1926-1990

Settlemire, J.C.               1945-1945

Sims, (field stone)           no dates

Sims, HMS                     no dates

Sims, Baby of Leola        1908

Sims, J. Martin                1840-1913

Sims, Leola M.                1908

Sims, Mattie M.               1844-1916

Sims, Rufus                    1883-1916

Smith, Baby Boy             1923

Smith, Cody Pat             1913-1954

Smith, David                  1873-1937

Smith, Florence B.          1875-1950

Smith, Harvey G.            1858-1944

Smith, Ida L                   1880-1964

Smith, L.B.                     1922-1923

Smith, Laura Fay            1924-1933

Smith, Mattie Eddings     no dates

Smith, May C                 1910-1912

Smith, Neomah M           1901-1962

Smith, Raymond T          1912-1971

Smith, Sam B                 1898-1984

Sneed, Henry James        1819-1902  H/O Martha Elizabeth Andrews Sneed, died 1912 (Submitted by: Pamela Daniel)

Sneed, W.S.                   1859-1934

Sprague, Clemont D        1908-1976

Sprague, JC Corbett        1898-1991

Sprague,Mae W              1906-1939

Sweet, Little                   1822

Wheeler, Baby Girl          1917-1917

Wheeler, Felix W            1872-1946

Wheeler, Jimmie F          1884-1918

Wheeler, Jimmy D          1917-1991

Wheeler, Mae                 no dates

Wheeler, George W        1879-1960

Wheeler, Willie L            1901-1918

Young, Infant sons          no dates

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