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Woodman Cemetery
Coal Co. Coalgate, OK

Woodman Cemetery was indexed Fall 2002
I have expanded dates for most people in cemetery

Barnett, Willard              1897-1945

Barnett, Cordelia            1864-1911

Barnett, Melvin W           1956-1957

Barnett, Mildred G          1940-1940

Black, James                  1928-1939

Brown, Baby Boy            1939-1939

Brown, Marlene D           1943

Call?, Claud                   1891-1953

Carret, Mary                  1939

Casey, Baby                   no dates

Casey, David                  no dates

Casey, Hope T               no dates

Casey, Samuel M           May?

Clark, Beatrice M            1920-1959

Clark, Patrica                 1944-1946

Conley, Lois R                1936-1963

Cooper,Claud                 1896-1896

Cooper, Helen C             1882-1901

Cooper, Rev. JB              1857-1896

Cooper, Richard             1897-1898

Cooper, Robert              1877-1901

Cravens, W.E.                1900-1964

Dacus, Dee M                 1895-1962

Dority, Georgia               1888-1932

Dowdy, Kathryn M          1969-1993

Fatheree, Lee O             1895-1939

Fitzwater, Robert E         1885-1942

Geroge, Maggie H           1878-1950

Green, Toby                   1913-1939

Hall(?), Claud                 1891-1953

Harper, Baby of WPM      no dates

Hastings, Baby               1936-1936

Hearn, Lillie                   1870-1960

Hernderson, Maggie       1878-1959

Henderson, Martin Luther1876-1930ish

Hodson, Della                 no dates

Hodson, Henry               no dates

Hodson, Marguret           no dates

Hodson, Rev, RH            no dates

Hutson, C or OD 1909-?

JFP (field stone)             no dates

J.L. (field stone)             no dates

Jameson, Everlyn           1918-1995

Johnson, Bennie 1884-1904

Jones,?  Age 6               no dates

Jones, Robert A              1916-1951

Lamont, JR.                   no dates

Lon, ?                            no dates

Loudermilk, ?                 1955-1955

Lumpkin, Richard A         1940-1940

Lynch, Mike L                 1868-1960

Malone, CL                    no dates

Mason, Cecil E               1941-1960

Mason, Landon C            1874-1960

Mason, Moses C             1880-1840

Mason, Minnie G no stone

Maxwell, Baby Boy          1936

McClendon, ?                 1889-1966

McCollum, Leon              1928-1994

McCurry, C.A.                1853-1921

McKinney, JW                 no dates

McMason, Dumtacket C   1880-1940

Miller, Alice Mason         1900-1944

Neely, Baby Boy              1940-1940

Newson, RE                   1942-1943

Phillips, John B               1861-1952

Pickering, Mrs. E.           1851-1938

Pluckett, Clyde               1917

Pott, H.H.                       no dates

Pruitt, Bedford J             1909-1937

Pruitt, CJ                       1876-1957

Pruitt, Maggie                1888-1948

Pruitt, Orvil B                 1893-1893

Purdy, Daniel O. 1892-1952

Purdy, Robert E              1882-1942

Raines, Goldie M            1907-1945

Ross, Baby                     1941-1941

Russell, Rachel R            1909-1912

Sando, Vidoma L            1924-1995

Smallwood, Layefette     1867-1908

Silkey, May Lee              1932-1965

Silvy, Charley                 1869-1959

Stiles, Claburn               1912-1984

Story, W.E.                    1921

Swindell, Edgar R           1906-1996

Thornton, M.H.               1887-1919

Thornton, John T            1942

Ward, Arvin H                1915-1916

Ward, Baby Boy              1918

Ward, Janie                   1886-1960

Ward, Newt                   1879-1955

Ward, Roy N                  1922-1940

Ward, Roy L                   1951-1951

Watham, Tiltha              1857-1922

Wilson, Charley              1908-1926

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