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Beef Creek Apache Cemetery
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

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     From Interstate 44 at Fort Sill, enter Key Gate.  Going west, turn right on Geronimo Road, turn left on Randolph Road, turn right on Quinette Road.  Follow "Geronimo Grave" signs.  Very well kept.  If I have made a mistake in transcribing names and dates, I apologize for it.

Apache Indian Cemeteries

The roll call of chiefs, warriors, army scouts and families buried here include the most famous names in Apache history:  Geronimo, whose daring band performed deeds unmatched since the days of Captian* Kidd; Chief Loco of the Warm Springs who stood for peace; Chief Nana, the original desert fox; Chief Chihuahua of the Chihuahuas; and sons and grandsons of Mangus Colorados, Victoria, Cochise, Naiche, and Juh and of such noted scouts as Kaahteney, Chatto, Kayitah, and Martine.  here also lie 12 of the 50 Apaches who were U.S. soldiers and scouts of Fort Sill.    Linked with these men in the Indian Wars was a legion of Army greats--General Crook, Miles, Howard, Crawford, Gatewood, Lawton, Grierson and Leonard Wood.
    This cemetery on Beef Creek was established in 1894 by General Scott.  Related cemeteries nearby are the Chief Chihuahua plot 1/4 mile north and Bailtso plot just south across the road.
    Scouts Mangus and Domeah and white interpreter, George Wrottan are buried in the Post Cemetery.
                                                          Fort Sill Oklahoma Buzter 2491
*as spelled

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