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Crow Family Cemetery


This information is from Tony Crow:   My Grandfather won 160 acres northwest of Meers in the land lottery.  The cemetery consists of 12 people buried in 11 graves.  It is possible a couple more are buried there but that is a mystery.

This information was given to me by my Uncle Bill CROW and verified by Hugh CORWIN back in the early 1970's.

May 9, 2006:  from Tony Crow:  When Edward CROW was living in Duncan, he had an elderly black woman that went by the name of "Negro Rose" living with them.  He had a barber shop where the old Wade Hotel used to be.   He moved his family to the homestead he won in the Oklahoma Land Lottery, which is the same 160 acres the Cemetery in on.  She was about 100 years old at the time and it looks like she might have been the first to be buried in the Crow Cemetery.

Last Name

Given Name





Additional info

Bandy May

14 yrs

Bess Jim

40 yrs

      died of pneumonia
Blanchard Baby

no dates

Crow Edward Lothra


6 Aug 1903

    dragged to death by team of mules
Crow Hilliard

Jan 1902

Jan. 1902

Crow Lilliard

Jan 1902

Jan. 1902

Eaton Mrs. Lon (Julia M*)

 abt 1870 *

no dates

  Alonza J. Eaton died of epilepsy
Gandy Girl

10 yrs

      died of T.B.
Meyer Baby

4 yrs

      half brother to May Bandy
Nichols Jim

25 yrs

Seigler Baby

no dates

  poss. John & Fannie Seigler *    
Tugman Baby

no dates

  poss. James M. Tugmon &
Mary E. Crawford *

*information with * gathered from internet and census records and may not be correct.

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