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Officers:  Genealogists-/- Researchers:
President: Connie Schofield Johnabeth Frost       Connie Schofield
Vice-President: Johnabeth Frost Charlotte Flock          Roberta Coombes
Secretary: Evelyn Trissell Evelyn Trissell            Dorothy Nix
Treasurer: Roberta Coombes  

Research Tip from Craig County Oklahoma Genealogical Society

When writing a query, be sure to include the "5 W's"
Who, What, When, Where, Why.
Include a SASE, and Research fee - ( usually $5.00 ), if you are asking the Craig County Oklahoma Genealogical Society to do the research.

From 1820 to 1839, the Five Civilized Tribes( Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Seminole) were resettled in Indian Territory.  Other tribes who were here earlier are: Caddo, Osage, Wichita, Comanche and Kiowa.

Craig County is divided by two of the Cherokee Districts:  Coo-wee-scoo-wee and Delaware.  The North South railroad is the dividing line (Missouri Kansas & Texas rail line- MKT).  West of the railroad is Coo-wee-scoo-wee and east is the Delaware District.  Vinita is located at the cross roads of the two major rail lines, MKT and Atlantic Pacific.  Oklahoma became a state in November 1907.  In 1990, census, some 67 different Indian Tribes are represented in Oklahoma and 37 Tribes maintain council houses in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma means “the home of the red men.”

The Craig County Oklahoma Genealogical Society dues are $5.00. The year starts in January.  The equipment available for researchers to use are as follows:  (2) microfilm readers and printer, fiche reader and computer.   The Craig County Oklahoma Genealogical Society has Census for 1790 through 1880 for selected states and counties on CD’s.  Other CD’s available are:  Social Security Death Index, some military records, Virginia Vital Records, etc.  Other CD’s will be added to the collection as funds are acquired.  The Library has (3) computers on Internet for the public to use and a copier.

Microfilm is rented for ($5.00) for the first roll and ($4.00) for each additional roll.  Patrons have (2) weeks to read the film, before it is shipped back to Heritage Quest Film Rentals.  To rent microfilm, users are asked to become dues paying members of the Craig County Oklahoma Genealogical Society.

Craig County Oklahoma Genealogical Society publishes a quarterly newsletter.  A genealogy workshop is usually held once a year along with DAR (Daughters of American Revolution) members.

As a beginning genealogist interested primarily in your family lines, you should begin recording, in an orderly system, the “known facts” concerning yourself and your family members.  From this point work your way back carefully, securing the same information about your parents, their parents, and so on, until you have reached the “unknown point”.

ALWAYS carefully record the dates of birth, marriage, death, the location of each town, city, county and state, etc.  Do not rely entirely on dates given from memory.  Attempt to prove such dates by securing copies of wills, probates, death certificates, marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc.  Always ask to see the old family Bible.  If possible, have copies made of the cover page and the family record pages, preferable by Xerox or Photostat.  Place these copies in your permanent file.  Also ask to see - letters or documents that are available from older relatives - the information contained therein may be invaluable later.  When you reach the point of the “unknown”, you usually need assistance and advice.  The Craig County Oklahoma Genealogical Society, through its members, can and will help you in your attempt to establish the “unknown” facts.
We invite you to attend our next regular meeting and to join our Society.

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Craig County Oklahoma Genealogical Society
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President, Craig County Genealogical Society.

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