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Queries & Message Boards


On January 25, 1998, Delaware County converted to a new form of Query system.  These type of query systems are referred to as Message Boards. There are many of these on line now, but the ones I know most about are operated by Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com both are very good and operate in much the same ways. Both not only have boards for state, county and surnames, but also include many other topics also.

When you submit a query to either board it is immediately posted and can be seen.  No more waiting for coordinator's to find time to post queries. These forums are also searchable, not only by surname, but by keyword. Also the availability to pick settings for notification by email if your post has a response posted to it.

Due to the extreme ease and accessibility of using these boards I will not be managing a query board on the Delaware Co. pages.

Please take the time and check out both of these Message Boards.

Ancestry Message Boards - Index

Delaware Co. - Ancestry Message Board

Delaware Co. - OKGenWeb Message Board

Genforum - Index

Delaware Co. - Genforum

Cherokee Nation - Ancestry Message Board

American Indian - Genforum

These message boards also have topic boards, so if you have something of great interest to you, check out their index, you just might find a board that is just what you need. Have fun checking these boards out.


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