Evergreen Cemetery at Leedey

Dewey County, Oklahoma



photos provided by Pauline Fahl
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Frances Andrews Turner

Elsie Robena Andrews 

George A. Andrews  

Elsie Jane Andrews 


James D. Parks;

Mary J. Parks 

Opal Louise Harney 

Joanna Fay Dillon

infant of John and Vida Dillon

Henry Clay Harney

Eliza and Alexander Turner

Tivis W. Kays

Fannie Kent

Orvil Steele

Myrtle and Everett Kays

Lois Kays Barrier

Dora and Lytel B. Kays

Lee J. Willsie


Jack and Mae Webb

Catharine W. Clark

Frank and Ida Graham

Lenora and George H. Weir

Florence Ethel and Ira Milton Fariss

Georgie Fariss

Otha A. Graybill

Dwight Graybill

Eddie and Margaret White

Castro Infant

George and Yvonne Cowger

George Wesley Cowger


Eura and Fred Phenix

Clifford and Lula Bray

Robert D. and Jerri Heriford

Rector and Orpha Carlton

Herbert and Lydia Herren

John and Ruby South

Opal L. Heriford

Glenn Heriford

George and Carrie Heriford

Horace and Alice Cooley

Floyd and Violet McKay

Alfred R. Mitchell

Homer R. Mitchell

Charles and Sina Bartels

Samuel and Gladys Creach

W. J. "Bill" and Martha McKay

Billy Ray McKay

Kenneth Paul Harrison

Mildred B. Harrison

Jack Harrison


Jettye B Howard

Hilary C. Howard

William R. English

Bill English

Freddy J. Harrison

Deslee and B. R. Smith


 Faye H. Morrow

Clinton Paul Morrow

Jess and Etta Haynes

Bertha and Brack Yarbrough

Dorothy Yarbrough

Cecil A. Yarbrough

Rose and Addis Ferrell

Drucilla and Fines Ward

Charmaine Renee Maupin

Jessie Steele

Tony Ferrell

Paul Craig Jr.

Paul and Nina Craig

Lora Parks

Floyd H. Parks

Ken W. Cates

Evelyn Grace Mabe

Roy L. Webb

Walter Roy Knight

William E. Boswell

Dr. William and Ardith Boswell

Pauline Cates

Gladys Cates Hedge

Jesse and Sudie Cates

Jesse Lee Cates

Clarence Linthicum

J. W. Buddy and Irma Peck


Curtis Richard Craig

Barbara James Harrison

Earl Martin White

Doris Kauk

Willie J. Avent

John C. Avent