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Munice Cemetery, Dewey County, Oklahoma
Munice Cemetery, Dewey County, Oklahoma

Photos and history provided by Pauline Fahle. Click on photo for larger image


Don J and Marge R. Waddle

Sylvia L. Johnson

Raymond Rodney Smith

Earl and Vera Mae Johnson

Ora E. Van Winkle

Harry B. Ames

Raymond Albert Ames

Don J. Waddle

Ernest and Mildred Edsall

Ernest E. Edsall

Wayne E. Bennett


Delmer and Ruth Cook

Janice Peterman Rogers

Maebell Barney

James Willis Walters

Mike V. Anson

Alex Bradon Rauh

Raymond Lee Trammell

Juanita Joann Martin

Cheryl Sue Hedrick

Leamon and Bertta Wion

Cynthia June Hawkins

Ruben and Nattie Hawkins

Charles and Elizabeth Huffman

Vernon and Nadene Bacus

Raymond R. Smith

Everett and Elsie Van Winkle

Ora E. Van Winkle

Pauline M. Pierce

Leland Arthur Tenney

Raymond Pennel

Neal and Lola Bateman

Melvin and Ethel Scott

Samuel and Elsie Reese

Erma Gene Reese

Bill and Lydia Johnson

Roy and Berniece Johnson

Frances A. Moore

Lynn M. Coons

R. Melvin Coons

Melvin R. Coons

Lynn Melvin Coons

Rev. Mike B. Johnson

Wilber L. Clark

William L. and Evelyn M. Clark

Robert Lee Glendinning

C. Ernest Addis

Leland A. Tenney

Lester L. Tatge

Jack and Lela Holland

Millie D. (Biggs) Clark

Perry R. Shank

Roy and Ola Shank

Herbert L. Willis

Dona Jo (Willis) Johnson

Jay Lee and Mary M. Johnson

Willie D. Barney

Eva Ann Barney

Leo D. Barney

Ella Tucker

Frank and Hattie May Redd

Harold and Flora Jackson

Sam and Gertie Myers

A. J. and Virginia Myers

John and Densal Clark

Herbert L. Willis

Jess and Iva M. Haynes

Charles Keith Martin

Leona F. (Biggs) Martin

Vivian M. (Biggs) Swimley

Lester L. and Clara V. Tatge
Clifford Lemuel Biggs
Dwight and Elsie R. Bennett

Jessie W. (Biggs) Buitron

Milton and Effie Biggs

Stella Snow

Osco Sherman and Laura May Edwards

Andrew Snow

Amber H. Warren

Loyd and Wymola Sander

John and Minnie Lee Snyder

Melvin P. and Audrey A. Peterman

James A. and Lillie M. Peterman

Ethyl M. Williams

Rosa B. Perfect

James F. Perfect

Lonie S. Sanderson

James and Ethel Chaloupek


John and Grace Yung

Wayne J. and Aleatha Clark

J. E. and Elsie Stricklan

Harry Fuller Stricklan

Duane Pethoud

Harold and Minnie George