Trail Cemetery

Dewey County, Oklahoma



photos provided by Pauline Fahl

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Son of
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Baker

John L. Bales


Nellie and Albert Bishop

Thomas Edward Twyman

Lula Maud Twyman

Roy Allen Brown

George and Bertha Day

LaKeta Nichols

E. D. Nick Nichols

Marjorie Nichols



Dorotha Day

Frances McClendon


Flavel and Wilford Allen

Estella and Russell Gale

Ernest and Juanita Craig

Betty Jo Perry

Juanita and Warren Morgan

Warren Harold Morgan

Florence and Dennis Day

Lorene Fry

Leslie and Wilma Day

Jerry Day

Walter Craig

Cecil and Serenia Murphy


Adele and Walter Murphy

Melvin and Mary Allen

Phyllis and Jack Craig

Lee Craig

DuRock Steel Skelton 

Ada Sue Skelton 

Leonard and Pearl Craig 
Helen Jewell Craig


George and Dovie Allen

Viola and George Allen

Cordelia and Benjamin Stout 

E. E. Stout


Samuel A. Stout 

Perry and Isabelle Haynes

Pearl Haynes 

Robert and June Twyman

Della and Henry Salter 

Edith and Newell Fisk

Roy Pascal 


children of B. O. and S. L. Axton 

daughter of G. U. and Edna Benear 

son of G. U. and Edna Benear
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