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THE LEEDEY TIMES, Leedey, Oklahoma, Thursday February 9, 1922, Vol 18, No. 32, Page 1, Column 1


Wm. Bizzell was born at Hardman county, Tennessee, May 22, 1836. Reared on a farm, at age 26, he answered the call of his country to arms, and served in the army till the close of the war.

On December 23, 1867, he was united in marriage to Miss Nancy Ann Daniel. To this union was born ten children, four boys and six girls. G. L. Bizzell and A. J. Bizzell, two boys and Mrs. Florence Gault, a girl; still survive their father.

Mr. Bizzell was made a mason in 1872 and was faithful to that order until death. He was converted in 1867 and united with the Missionary Baptist church. He spent eighty five years, six months and nine days traveling the journey and fathoming the mysteries of physical life, and departed to that realm where we will know as we are known, and from which none ever return on February 1, 1922. A long procession followed the remains to the Leedey Evergreen Cemetery where his body awaits the resurrection.

With a heavy heart we drop a tear to the memory of the departed, his death brought a bitter cup of sorrow to our lips of his friends and relatives. It is sad to stand by the bed of the dying and watch life's ebbing tide as it drifts the loved one slowly perhaps, but surely into the great ocean of eternity. But when a whisper comes from parched lips, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; Thy art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me." What a comfort to the wounded heart.

To those who sit in sorrow, where his footsteps shall never again find echo, we extend the sympathy of one who can sympathize and share their sorrows, as having felt the same pang, and tasted the same cup. And when they have drained the cup of life, may the peace that passeth all understanding, come to them from one who cares for each little sparrow that falls to the ground. ----- Editor

** The editor of The Leedey Times was J. F. Curtis