Andrew Jackson Brown Family
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Andrew Jackson Brown


Andrew Jackson Brown and son, Jimmie Joe Brown


My Dad


Andrew Jackson Brown Born Nov/1/1904 in Leon County Texas, died Jan/28/1987 in Wynnewood Oklahoma
     buried at Oaklawn Cemetery.  Son of William Henry Brown and Martha (Leamon) Brown 

                  Jimmie Joe Brown  Born July/26/1929 in Wynnewood Oklahoma. Son of Andrew Jackson Brown and Beulah (Rogers) Brown 

                   Andrew Jackson Brown was married to Beulah (Rogers) Brown Born March/10/1906 died Sep/10/1994
                 Wynnewood Oklahoma. Buried in Oaklawn Cemetery. Beulah was the daughter of James Bud Rogers and Millie (Lee) Rogers 

                  Daughter Wanda Jean (Brown) Woods   Buried Oaklawn Cemetery 

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