Old Indian Cemetery
Foster, Oklahoma

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Canvassed and photographed by Diane Gann October, 2000

This cemetery used to have a few more stones than it does now.  It now has only two stones both of which
have been knocked off or have fallen off their bases.  This cemetery is not fenced or cared for.   It is evident
that cattle are allowed to roam freely here.  Diane's husband, Wayne, used to play here as a child so he knew
of the existence of this old cemetery and they took the time to photograph and document it for the Garvin County listing.
If you know of others who may be buried here please let us know.

We are receiving both emails and phone calls wanting to know where the cemetery is... so we went out last weekend and clocked it
Didn't clock it from Elmore City, probably should have...  but this should help. 

Coming from Marlow...

1 3/10 mile from the HWY 76(Lindsey)/29 intersection ... 
Turn North, go 4/10 mile off Hwy 29 on the right side of the road, Among some trees.   

Picture of what is left of the Indian Cemetery.. someone has propped up the
markers...cows frequent here cause I had to be very careful where I

I_L_Gipson_Tombstone.JPG (90703 bytes)

I. L. Gipson
Born Aug 13, 1868
Died August 6, 1906

Minnie J. Wife of Silas Gibson
Died June 10, 1911
Age 45 years

The two last names are spelled differently but my intuition says they are the
same, and should be spelled the same.. however, I don't know which
spelling would be the correct one.... Diane Gann

Information added by Carol Reed on Jun 18, 2014.

I, just read your information, about the Indian Cemetery, this belonged on my fathers land Isaac Gibson, full blood Choctaw, the one with the wrong spelling was his grandfather, my great grand father. Minnie was my uncle's wife, she was full blood Chickasaw, their children were Chickasaw Choctaw

In some old papers of my grandfathers that I brought home at Christmas, I am finding useful information about the Gibson/ Gipson mix-up.  On one of the papers of Minnie's after her husband Silas had died, it states "[Minnie] wife of Silas Gibson, Choctaw Roll, Card No. 84.  On Chickasaw roll as Mamie Gipson."  It says children #2,3,4 [Mitchell, Jane & Lucy] on Chickasaw roll as Gipson. 

She also had children Mississippi, Josiah, Rhodie & Robert Gibson.  Six children are listed, but Minnie states she gave birth to 7.  Roll #'s are here and 3 of the girls married names.  If anyone wants more info. about anyone in particular they can e-mail me.  I would say the last name is supposed to be Gibson.  That's the way it appears on all the papers.  The papers say Silas Gibson was a citizen of Choctaw Tribe, and Minnie Gibson was a citizen of the Chickasaw Tribe, but the children are all listed as "Degree of Indian Blood/ half."  Neither one must have been full blood.


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