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PITCHLYNN Fields (L.L. Shirley Grave, private grave site)
(LOCATED 1 MILE S.W. OF Wynnewood, Oklahoma on the L.L. SHIRLEY FARM)

Mr. John T. Pitchlynn owned about 650.8 arces at this location. On an old survey map
from 1870, this parcel of land was known as the Pitchlynn fields. (Section 22,
Township 2 N and Range 1 E; Section 22, overlapping into Section 16 N and 28 S).
Today, the Shirley family controls and owns this area of Garvin county.

John T. Pitchlynn, a Chickasaw, was the son of Senator Thomas Jefferson
Pitchlynn & Mary Susan Allen (a Chickasaw), and the nephew of
Choctaw Chief Peter Perkins Pitchlynn. John T's third wife was Lavina
Colbert, (a Chickasaw), the daughter of Joseph Colbert of the Chickasaw
Nation. After the death of John T., Lavina Colbert Pitchlynn married
Perry Froman, a cattle rancher who settled in the area. John T.
Pitchlynn's grave is one of the oldest in the County, about "122" years
old. John T. Pitchlynn married three times:1st. Elizabeth Harris,2nd.
Susan Fraizier & 3rd. Lavina Colbert (All wives were Chickasaws).

List of Grave sites, names & dates as printed on the tomb stones
(All Chickasaw Tribal members):

1. Lavina Froman
Died: July 25, 1903, age: 58 yrs. old

2. John Pitchlynn
Born: Mar. 22, 1834 & Died: Jan. 8th, 1873

3. Joseph, son of John & Lavina Pitchlynn
Born: Sept. 27, 1869 & Died: June 11, 1874

4. J. H. , son of John & Lavina Pitchlynn---(J. Henry Pitchlynn)
Born: June 18, 1872 & Died: Aug. 23, 1879

5. W. II. B. , son of John & Lavina Pitchlynn---(William B. Pitchlynn)
Born: Apr. 22, 1868 Died: Jan. 23, 1886

This is the information that was on the grave stones in the private cemetery.

Note**J.H. is the son known as Henry, and W. II. B. is the son known as William Pitchlynn.

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