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This is an African-American cemetery located about 1 mile east and 1/2 mile north of Katie. From the 4 way stop at Katie, drive west about 1 mile.  You will come to where the road forks.  One fork is paved and one is gravel.  Take the paved fork.  It will cross a small bridge just past the fork.  Drive on west till you start uphill and before the top of the hill, turn north.  This is the only road you can turn north on and there is a sign at the turn which says "Buena Ventura Paint Horses".   Drive on north down this road.  You will come to a gate on the west side of the road just before you come to a brick house on the east side of the road.  You should even be able to see the old church house off to the west, just before you come to the gate.   From the gate, just follow the dirt trail and it will lead straight to the church, where you will find the cemetery to the north side.   It is being mowed and all graves had flowers to indicate that this cemetery is cared for and those resting here are not forgotten.  There may be many unmarked burials here.  The burials listed here were all in the northwest corner of the fenced area with the remainder of the cemetery seemingly empty.

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Ulysses "Peaches" Colley           b. December 15, 1910    d. November 7, 1999          Age 88, Wooster FHM also

Toby R. Rhodes                            b. September 5, 1975      d. December 30, 1994        double with  Latral D., "In God's care"

Latral D. Rhodes                          b. August 6, 1973             d. December 30, 1994        double with Toby R., "In God's care"    

Fleet Stevenson, Sr.                      b. October 17, 1910         d. September 16, 1989        "May he rest in peace" 

Burel Shirley                                 b. September 1916           d. August 10, 1988               "One to honour", Wooster FHM also



Unknown                                      Newer burial but could not find a funeral home marker

Simpson Stevenson                      b. 1888                                d. 1950                                                           

Belle Stevenson                           b. December 24, 1894        d. November 29, 1984

Unknown                                       Native stone with flowers 

Unknown                                       Native stone with flowers

Oliver Collie                                 No dates         

Unknown                                        Group of flowers, no stone, could be burial

Cleo Lamey "Mudda" Mitchell    Sunrise April 20, 1915       Sunset June 24, 1994            "Till we meet again",
                                                         Mother of Lois, Marva Jo, Jolene, William C., Warren E., Durant Jr., Ernest Ray

Laura Colbert                                  b. 1872                                d. 1950                                    Double with Winchester

Winchester Colbert                         b. 1865                                d. 1933                                    Double with Laura

Unknown                                          Group of flowers only, could be unmarked burial

Unknown                                          Unreadable

Tim Perry, Sr.                                  b. 1865                                 d. 1937                                   Double with Nora

Nora Perry                                       b. 1874                                 d. 1936                                   Double with Tim, Sr.

Unknown                                           Old FHM, unreadable

Unknown                                           Native stone, could be burial or could be foot for Perry

Unknown                                           Native stone only

Unknown                                           Native stone only

Laura Collie                                      No dates or info

Effie Sherley                                     b. May 15, 1904                    d. July 4, 1922                       "Prepare to meet me in Heaven"

Unknown                                            Native stone under tree, could be foot for Laura Collie

Unknown                                            Decorative pipe in circle of brush

Unknown                                            Native stone, could be foot for Oliver Collie

Unknown                                            Native stone & old FHM under small tree

Unknown                                            Native stone just outside foot of Stevenson fence

Mary Clark                                        b. 1900                                    d. 1972                                       Has old FHM also

Maudie L. Finley                               b. January 26, 1935                d. August 15, 1984                    Has McKay FHM Davis also

Unknown                                            Old FHM & flowers only, unreadable

Unknown                                            Old FHM & flowers only, unreadable

In a spot about the center/north side of the cemetery under a tree are two areas of planted flowers which could indicate burials at that location.  In addition  near the populated area is an old tree trunk with brush around it and ivy growing up it where another burial may be hidden.

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