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County Seat - Pauls Valley

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Oak Ridge Cemetery
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Submitted and revised by: Linda Bonham Hamner
and Darlene Beaver
With permission from Pat Norrell President of the Arbuckle Historical Society
Located in Garvin County, four miles west of Davis on Highway 7, then one mile north
Lat. 343046N by Long. 0971132W Garvin Co.

Name Birth Death Submitter if other than above/other info.
Seargy, Allen Feb. 8, 1850 July 29, 1916  
Christy, Burrel H. Mar. 13, 1889 July 17, 1919  
Farris, Judy Parlee Dec. 26, 1873 Jan. 14, 1918 Her sisters, Ruth and Tilda were buried
nearby Maiden name Moxley
Dunaway, James , Sr. Sept. 21, 1833 Oct. 22, 1895  
Willis, Maud June 10, 1889 June 8, 1900 Dau. of David and Julie
Allen, Russell Dec. 7, 1903 Sept. 5, 1904  
Harmon ,Amos Lee Feb. 29, 1901 _____ 20, 1902 Son of W. and M. Harmon
Emmons, William 1845 1901  
Cordell, J. F. 1852 1907 Father
Field, Chester Aug. 4, 1892 Sept. 23, 1918 Co E 134th Inf. Died at Camp Nix, N.J
Roark, Harriet 1891 1909 Huntington, Tn.
Roark, Mary Jane 1856 1906 Huntington, Tn.
Weaver, H. Harve 1884 1909  
Priest, R. March 13, 1878 Jan. 25, 1926  
Priest, Herman May 12, 1904 Sept. 12, 1905 Son of Robert and Edna
Digby, B.F. Mar. 4, 1835 Mar. 13, 1920 Asleep in Jesus, Blessed sleep
From which none other wake nor weep
Bentley, T. B. 1937 32 years old (DM)
Wells, W. B. Jan. 16, 1857 Dec. 22, 1923 Father Mother (Blank)
Jeter, A.M. Jan.11, 1845 Nov. 10, 1923  
Peel, C.B. July 1, 1873 Oct. 6, 1919  
Peel, Infant Nov. 29, 1909 --- "Little Brother"
Son of W.E. and Nancy Peel
Scribner, James S. Jan. 10, 1904 Jan. 9, 1923  
Skelton, McKinley June 19, 1897 July 27, 1898 Son of J.B. and D.C.
Smith, W.W. Sept. 19, 1837 Feb. 11, 1897 Corp'l, Co H 5th Mo Cav.
Smith, Mary J. June 6, 1819 Feb. 2, 1897  
Greer, O.C. Dec. 16, 1916 Sept. 25, 1920 Son of W.H. and Ellen J.
Greer, J. Dink Feb. 9, 1907 Jan. 17, 1911 Dau. of W.H. and Ellen J.
Infant     "E.V."
Hutchinson, William Paul Oct. 19, 1894 Nov. 2, 1894  
Hutchinson, M.M. June 23, 1859 Oct. 18, 1911  
Copeland , J.F. July 1, 1895 June 27, 1902  
Wilson,   Isral June 19, 1901 Apr. 6, 1905 Digby Plot
Ferguson,  Jodie V. Dec. 1, 1895 July 1, 1900 Dau. of J.L. and N.M.
Allen, Elizabeth 1901 1902 Dau. of J.R. Allen
Digby, Luecendie Aug. 10, 1839 Sept. 10, 1924 She was the sunshine of our home.
Warren,   Odell July 10, 1921 Oct. 10, 1988 Leland Taylor

Unmarked graves. These names were given to Gary Schilling by family members

Wells, Sara Ann Wells,  Robert Two babies
of Herman Aaron
Six babies
of Esther Byrd
Solman, Lizzie Gilliland, Pearl Hunt, John Bentley, Jim son of Tom
Kuykendahl, Mrs. Wells, Byrd
son of Robert
Gilliland, Nora Gilliland, Nettie
Rayburn, Roxie Bentley, Nancy
wife of Tom
Rayburn, Nancy Hunt, Alice
Hunt, Missy Hunt, Dan    

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