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Old Purdy Cemetery
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Photographed & canvassed by Tom & Betty Barnett

The Old Purdy cemetery is south out of Lindsay, go through Erin Springs,
past the Purdy Cemetery (on the west) I think over a bridge and then
another bridge that is on a curve; getting off the highway, turn to the
east. Follow the winding road; at the dead end is the home of my Aunt
Mazie Whitt; the cemetery is back to the west, north side of road; one must
walk in. There was a sign, but believe it has been destroyed.  Mary Gonshor

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The Old Purdy Gate                                                                        The Old Purdy Store

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Rest on, rest on in peaceful
Eternal sleep that God has given
But, citizen, mark well the sacred place
Where these hardy pioneers now rest forever

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Small cemetery contains several graves marked only with stones without markings

Box, William D. May 11, 1888 Oct 12, 1904 Son of Wood & Emma Box
Cameron, Ernest April 5, 1901 Aug 15, 1901
Cameron, John April 22, 1883 Oct 28, 1907
Cameron, Lucy July 18, 1878 May 11, 1895
Cameron, R. K. Sept 15, 1857 March 16, 1921 Double with Willie
Cameron, Willie Aug 30, 1867 Dec 8, 1935 Double with R.K.
Campbell, Oteka Crawford July 4, 1902 July 2, 1991
Collins, Sammie Feb 28, 1915 Dec 11, 1918
Crawford, Laura B. July 8, 1879 Sept 22, 1910 Wife of J. H. Crawford
Eggleston, Jefferson G. Aug 14, 1882 Jan 5, 1905 Son of SO & VV Eggleston
Unknown - - EAB on stone
Estes, Beulah Lee Dec 5, 1899 Aug 12, 1902
Estes, Charles E. Oct 23, 1897 March 10, 1899 Son of L D & V. L Estes
Estes, Eula Maree Sept 25, 1910 March 14, 1918
Estes, Infant Son Aug 16, 1917 Aug 16, 1917 Infant son of Mr. &  Mrs. J. W. Estes
Estes, Ora Gladys May 9, 1906 May 9, 1906
Estes, Samuel Jan 15, 1913 Jan 15, 1913
Estes, U. E. Mar 23, 1847 Dec 15, 1912 -
Estes, Viola Mae Oct 15, 1902 Oct 30, 1902
Fuller, Virginia L. March 8, 1891 Nov 18, 1894
Goss, Joe Oct 12, 1859 Feb 22, 1900 -
Goss, Serilda J. Dec 8, 1857 June 3, 1898 Wife of Joe Goss
Graham, William H. Oct 27, 1843 Feb 8, 1900
Griffin, Auba Elizabeth Nov ?, 1890 March 17, 1891
Hall, G. W. June 17, 1852 May 17, 1896 Son of MA & AE Hall
Harp, Albert B. Aug 29, 1876 Oct 16, 1898 Son of Rev. Wm Harp
Harrison, Daniel Mar 21, 1837 Aug 12, 1888 -

No info
Ince, George Dec 16, 1894 Sept 28, 1917 Son of W. M. - Peg Cairns
Ince, Wife of  J. M.

Mother of Laura - Unmarked  - Peg Cairns
Ince, J. M. Oct 19, 1869 Aug 28, 1922 Father of Laura - Peg Cairns (W. M.?)
Long,  Laura Lee Ince
1902 Unmarked - my Great Grandmother - Peg Cairns
Long, Robert Irvin
1934 Unmarked - my Great Grandfather - Peg Cairns
Unknown - - J. W. Boy on stone
Mayfield, A. B. P. March 1, 1818 1896 76 yrs 3 mos 18 days old
Mayfield, Roxanna July 3, 1840 - Wife of A.B.P. Mayfield
67 yrs 7 mos 25 days old
Masoner, Annie Oct 28, 1883 Sept 22, 1891 Dau of T J & Sarah Masoner
Masoner, Sarah E. Jan 17, 1844 April 29, 1899 -
Norton, Milton
1896 (?)
Parkis, Hattie Mar 17, 1896 Nov 11, 1896 Dau of OS & MM Parkis
Price, Infant Daughter Aug 25, 1899 Aug 25, 1899 Dau of R.M. & S.B. Price
Reid, M.J. Dees - Jan 11, 1904 Wife of JW Reid
67 yrs 6 mos 11 days old
Reid, W.H. - - Co. L 2nd Mo Cav
Rowe, S.E.. July 9, 1869 May 14, 1922 -
Sledge, Mattie Pridmore June 2, 1872 Dec 26, 1923 My Grandmother - Scharlene Winningham
Staton, Susan J. Feb 3, 1877 Mar 12, 1905 Wife of J.T. Staton
Thomas, J.H. Jan 26, 1870 Apr 5, 1902 Woodmen of the World Memorial
Thomas, T.E. July 1, 1894 Oct 17, 1906 -
Vernan, Addie June 12, 1895 Aug 12, 1898 Dau of S.A. & W.E. Vernan
Wells, John A.
Jan 22, 1897
Mayfield, Dr. Vile

Some 35 years ago I remember our family went with my father to the old Purdy Cemetery. There I found a head stone with the name of Dr.Vile Mayfield on it. My father said it was his maternal grandfather.  He was not on this list so must be unmarked now.  Please let me know if you have any  information on  him.  
submitted by  Carmaleta Ramming

Old Purdy Cemetery
Camp No. 9, Purdy, Oklahoma
Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory

Southwest of Purdy, Oklahoma on a farm owned by Mrs. Mattie Whitt * (Name was Mazie Whit. Her husband was Lee Whit & son Jim Whit)is an old neglected and almost forgotten cemetery which is the final resting place of some of the first settlers in that part of Oklahoma, Indian Territory.  Old Purdy Cemetery is now lost in weeds and memory.  Few if any of the old timers who came to those parts are left to tell the story of those hardy pioneers who lived and died in Purdy Camp No. 9, Purdy, Indian Territory in the Chickasaw Nation.

When the old cemetery first came into use is not known exactly, though it was already there before the town of Purdy and may even date back to 1870 or earlier.  It was definitely in use in the 1880's.   The area around what was later to become Purdy, Oklahoma was patented to the Chickasaw tribe on March 23, 1842 and Purdy Camp No. 9, Indian Territory was probably established shortly after that.  The land tract for the town site of Purdy, Indian Territory was not granted until after 1900.  A town site commission was appointed by the U.S. Department of the Interior to appraise the lots for the town of Purdy, Oklahoma and the sum of sixty dollars, the full amount of the purchase price, was deposited with the U.S. Indian Agent a Muskogee, Oklahoma.  The patent entitled the town of Purdy and its heirs and assigns, forever, all right, title, and interest to lots 3, 4, and 5 in block 36 in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations.  The plat for this town site was approved by the Secretary of the Interior on the 5th day of November 1901.  This agreement was witnessed and signed by Green McCurtain, principal chief of the Choctaw Nation, on the 9th day of July 1908 and by Douglas H. Johnston, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation on July 24, 1908.  The deed was duly recorded and filed on the 28th day of January 1908 at 11 o'clock a.m..  Thus was born the town of Purdy, Oklahoma, formerly Purdy Camp No. 9, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.

The earliest official record of the establishment of a cemetery in Purdy, Indian Territory is a U.S. Department of the Interior document No. 34 setting aside five (5) acres, more or less, situated in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory for cemetery purposes.  In consideration for this tract of land, the town of Purdy paid fifty dollars, the full amount of the purchase price, into the treasury of the United States, with the Indian agent at Muskogee, Oklahoma.  This contract was signed and sealed by Green McCurtain, Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation, on August 9thm 1906.  The contract was filed for the record on the 9th day of January 1907 at 3 o'clock p.m..  Old Purdy Cemetery was officially established.

That same year on December 5, 1907, Ethel M. Vawter, Choctaw by blood, Roll No. 9723, was granted an allotment of some fifteen (15) acres, more or less, in the Chickasaw Nation.  The original plat description for this land was as follows:  The North Half of the North East Quarter of the South East Quarter, less five (5) acres reserved for cemetery, of Section Twenty-two (22), Township Three (3) North and Range Four (4) West, Chickasaw Nation.

This allotment was witnessed and signed by Green McCurtain, Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation on November 10, 1908 and then by Douglas H. Johnston, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation on November 3, 1909.   It was officially approved by the U.S. Department of the Interior on February 6, 1909 and filed on the 13th day of February 1909 at 11 o'clock a.m..  How long Ethel M. Vawter retained her allotted land is not known but the acreage on which the cemetery was located passed into the hands of a Frederick H. Carr, Choctaw and was eventually purchased by Mr. Lee Whitt on January 19th, 1932.  The town site of Purdy had washed away some years before leaving the old cemetery in the middle of a cow pasture.  Mr. Whitt put up a fence to keep his cows out.  some years later Mr. Lee Cameron who had relatives buried in the old cemetery put up a new fence with iron posts and an iron entrance gate.  That fence is still standing today.

Old Purdy Cemetery was surveyed from 1975 to 1977 by the Elliott Lee Chapter of the DAR and names and dates of all legible grave markers catalogued by Mrs. J.H. Ferguson, Mrs. Sara Thomason, and Mrs. Mattie Whitt, owner of the farm on which it was located.  A copy of this catalogue was filed at the Nora Sparks Warren Memorial Library in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.  The oldest legible marker was that of Daniel Harrison, Born May 21, 1837 and died August 12, 1888.  The most recent burial at the time of the survey was U.E. Estes born March 22, 1847 and died December 15, 1942.  One descendant of the original settlers and pioneers of Purdy Camp No. 9, Indian Territory remained in an old folks home in Maysville, Oklahoma.   Then in May of 1991 Oteka Crawford-Campbell, daughter of J. H. Crawford and Laura Belle Crawford, was cremated and her ashes buried next to her mother's grave in Old Purdy Cemetery.  The ceremony was simple with only a few family members present but now, at last, the last pioneer of the Chickasaw Nation was finally at rest.

A faded inscription found on one of the gravestones in the old cemetery seems somehow fitting for all those who are buried there.  It reads:

Rest on, rest on in peaceful
Eternal sleep that God has given
But, citizen, mark well the sacred place
Where these hardy pioneers now rest forever

*Information added by LaVern Russell on 13Sep2012

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