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Paoli Cemetery
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Canvassed and submitted by Betty Barnett

To get to Paoli Cemetery take Highway 77 through Paoli.  You will see a green cemetery sign at the turn on Church Street.  Turn east on Church Street and follow this road on out of town.  It will cross the railroad track. Drive on out until you come to the first intersection.  You will see a cemetery sign just before the intersection.  Turn back south and the cemetery is down this road about 1/2 mile on the east side.  This is an active well kept cemetery.  Sec. 18-4N-1E

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This map is not to scale and is presented only to show sections to help locate specific burials

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Paoli Memorial

Names exactly as they appear:  West Side

Alexander, Leroy
Anderson, Charles H.
Anderson, Theodore
Baker, Nick
Bingham, William E.
Bledsoe, James H.
Boren, Mack L.
Boyd, John H. Sr.
Boyd, Willie L.
Brooks, Marvin H.
Brooks, William H.
Brown, Thomas T.
Bruce, Albert B.
Burk, James A.
Burton, John L.
Caldwell, George R.
Cherry, Roy L.
Cotner, Edgar
Crabtree, C.W.
Crabtree, Gilbert
      Craddock, John H.
Craddock, Lonnie T.
Cregger, A.J.
Cregger, Isaac J.
DeArman, Fred G.
DeArman, Paul
Dickson, D.L.
Dodds, Harold L
Dulin, Lee McCrummen
Easley, James M.
Eddlemon, Raymond
Eddlemon, Sam B.
Frakes, O.L.
Gardner, Raymond
Goodson, Eldren G.
Grinstead, R.H.
Gross, John W.
Gross, William F.
Hall, Clyde
Hart, Marshall, E.
Hatch, Milford W.
Hawkins, Alva Ray
Henderson, Bertie L.
Henderson, Hazen A.
Henderson, J.C.
Herrin, Victor L.
Honeycutt, Donald L.
Howell, Gauthier R.
Hughes, John H.
Hulsey, Lemuel V. Sr.
Hulsey, Lloyd E.
Isbill, Lee Otis
Jones, C.C.
Jones, Clyde
Jones, Dale M.
Jones, Joe W.
Keener, Jimmie T.
Kelley, James L.
Kinney,Barney E.
Kistler, Richard D.
Klinglesmith, Noah
Lain, Dr. E.H.
Logan, Marlin R.
Long, George E.
Maples, William M.
Mars, Amos A.
Mauldin, Clayton T.
Mauldin, Sanford L.
Mayes, Harding W.
Meaux, Roy J.
Mejack, Alex M.
Mershon, Edward D.
Minyen, Clifton F.
Mobbs, Kenneth R.
Moore, S.W.
Morgan, Harold S.
Morris, Arthur L.
Morrow, Ezekiel
Muncy, Ralph W.
McKinney, Earl L.
McNeely, Elvin G.
Oden, Charles W.
Ortiz, William
Patton, Ovie B.
Pearson, Raymond
Parkey, Olen R.
Parten, Lloyd E.
Parten, Thomas N. Jr.
Pendley, Dee F.
Perry, James W.
Perry, T.J.
Pickens, Toland E.
Powell, Scott C. Jr.
Randolph, Freddie M.
Randolph, Paul W.
Reeves, Armon A.




Paoli Memorial (Cont'd)

Reeves, Jimmy L.
Reeves, Robert W.
Richardson, David W.
Richardson, Jerry L.
Riley, Douglas R
Riley, George F.
Riley, Patrick
Roberts, Marvin E.
Rodgers, Marvin J.
Shaw, Anthony
Smith, Luther
Smith, Thomas E.
Southwell, Willy J.
Speerbrecher, E. John
Spence, Horace H.
Stalcup, Ervin D.C.
Stalcup, Fred L.
Stephens, Alex
Stephens, Roy C.
Stephens, Thomas A. Jr.
Steward, John W.
Story, Fay L.
Story, Willie J.
Sutton, Dayton G.
Teeter, Otto P.
Thacker, Charley L.
Tuley, Dave L.
Wainscott, William G.
Walker, Claud D.
Ward, Jesse M.
Ward, Onie C.
Weathers, Donald W.
Weathers, Ted
Webster, Estel E.
Webster, Riley R.
Webster, William D.
West, Roy A.
Westfall, John W.
Whatley, James D.
Williams, Elzie L.
Williams, Jack
Williams, Jennings B.
Williams, John D.
Williams, Schuyler
Williams, Schuyler Jr.
Willingham, D.E.
Willingham, Jack D.
Willingham, Joseph I.
Wilmot, Alfred
Winkler, T.H.
Winn, Joseph P.
Work, Ben A.
Yoakum, Donald L.
Carter, Charles E.
Dulin, James W.
Fisher, Mayburn E.
Futrell, Woodrow W.
King, Woodrow W.
Kirkland, Jesse T.
Moore, Roy R.
Pemberton, James A.
Randolph, George W.
Richardson, George C.
Sexton, James A.
Wigley, R.C.
Wilson, Clifford E.

 East Side

Eastwood, James
Edwards, Cornelius W.
Haggard, Harold W.
Minyen, O.C.
Mobbs, Ulyess A.
Ogburn, Jesse G.
Pigg, percy N.
Riley, Royce S.
Brumley, Larry David
Craddock, C.B.
England, Luther E.
Jarrell, Fred O.
Sartor, Waldo
Ward, Omie L.
Crabtree, Fred L.
Eddleman, Charles
Hesch, Raymond
McCord, Joe L.
Schmidt, A.A. 
 Bingham, K.P.
Ezell, J.D.
Hamm, Bud J.
Hurst, C.Ray
Mauldin, James Arthur
Miller, Donald L.
Miller, James
Parten, W.C.
Story, Luther C.L.
Springer, Larry B.
Wells, Wallace Olando




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