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Robberson Cemetery Pictures
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Pictorial Canvass by Diane Gann and Betty Barnett

There may be burials other than those pictured here that can no longer be seen and are lost in the trees.
There are only three engraves stones left here.  We have heard that stones that used to mark burials here
were taken and sold at flea market.

robberson101.jpg (34524 bytes)     robberson102.jpg (36688 bytes)

On the left you have our intrepid cemetery hunters Betty Barnett (left) and Diane Gann (right).   In the picture to the
right you see Diane and Betty going under the fence.

robberson103.jpg (39956 bytes)     robberson1.jpg (22297 bytes)

Here on the left you can see they are on the other side of the fence and in the pasture.   On the right is a view of
the grove of trees in which Robberson Cemetery is now located.

robberson2.jpg (41761 bytes)     robberson3.jpg (45708 bytes)

These two pictures are views of one of the markers, from a distance, up inside the grove.

robberson4.jpg (43700 bytes)     robberson5.jpg (41785 bytes)

On the left another view and on the right a view of Betty inside the grove of trees

robberson6.jpg (23859 bytes)     robberson7.jpg (31085 bytes)

These two pictures are of the gully just on the east side of the grove of trees where Robberson Cemetery is
located.  We were told that the townsite of Robberson was just on the other side of this gully somewhere near
where you can see the trees in the background of the picture on the right.  There is nothing left of it now.

robberson8.jpg (35101 bytes)     robberson9.jpg (38193 bytes)

These two pictures are of the W. J. Lowery stone.  Born March 16, 1849 and died Dec 31, 1899,
"He is not dead but sleepth" - "In my father's house are many mansions". On the right you see Betty
and Diane checking the stone out.  It had fallen off it's base and was lying face down on the ground. 
They turned it over for this photograph.

robberson10.jpg (39196 bytes)     robberson11.jpg (34903 bytes)

This is the Moreland Infant stone. Infant son of G. E. & D. G.?, born October 29, 1903 and
died October 30, 1903.  On the left is the way it was found.  Betty and Diane moved
the fallen branches so it could be better photographed.

robberson12.jpg (35532 bytes)     robberson13.jpg (38565 bytes)

These photos are of Leiter Moreland, Infant daughter of G. E. & D. G.? Moreland, born April 9, 1905 and died
May 10, 1905.  The photo on the left show the way it was found.  Betty and Diane put it together for the photo
on the right.

robberson14.jpg (40768 bytes)     robberson15.jpg (45076 bytes)

These two photos show a couple of the graves which are unknowns marked only with a sandstone marker.

robberson16.jpg (46643 bytes)     robberson17.jpg (42620 bytes)

These two photos also show unknowns who are marked only with sandstone markers.

robberson18.jpg (44045 bytes)     robberson19.jpg (38065 bytes)

And these two photos also show unknowns whose final resting place is marked with a sandstone marker only.



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