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Whitebead Cemetery

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Name - Birth Date - Death Date - Inscription/Comments - Section - Row 

Tarbutton, Ethel L.    Aug 10, 1899     Jan 27, 1982    Aunt/Sister (in Segroves plot)    5-3

Taylor, Dixie Lee    Aug 14, 1881     June 11, 1904    "My Beloved Mother"    7-3

Taylor, Ople Lee    June 16, 1931    May 22, 1992     Has Stufflebean Funeral Home marker also and at foot has pile of rocks and an old concrete slab with remnants of writing on it, may be another burial    3-4

Taylor, Starlin    Jan 21, 1921    June 27, 1985    3-4

Tephentaylor, Acey D.    Feb 8, 1944    Nov 2, 1944    3-3

Tephentaylor, Charley    Jan 12, 1918    Oct 1, 1993     Double with Ethel    3-3

Tephentaylor, Ethel    July 31, 1918    Aug 3, 1974     Double with Charley    3-3

Tephentaylor, Mary M.    Jan 20, 1942    Sept 19, 1943    3-3

Tephentaylor, Tilda Marie Cox    Nov 4, 1923    Oct 20, 1971    3-3

Thompson, Dana(Dawn?) Sue    -    July 28, 1975     9 yrs 11 mths -- days, Stufflebean FHM only at base of tree and barely readable (Think this is the same as Darla S. Thompson in section 2, row 3, grave #6 - which has headstone)    3-8

Thompson, Darla S.    Aug 27, 1965     July 28, 1975    Daughter, "I pray thee Lord my soul to keep", (there is a funeral home marker for Darla in section 3)    2-3

Thrasher, Floyd Hayden    Nov 20, 1908     Dec 25, 1945    Oklahoma CPL 48 Field Arty 7 Div WWII    1-4

Thrasher, James M. (Jim)    March 11, 1884    Sept 9, 1958    Papa, Double with Martha E. (Matt), Wed Jan 8, 1908, Book of Life, "And each tool is laid aside worn with the work that was done with pride", has stone at foot also    1-4

Thrasher, Martha E. (Matt)    Sept 29, 1885    July 31, 1965    Mama, Double with James M. (Jim), Wed Jan 8, 1908, Book of Life, "And each tool is laid aside worn with the work that was done with pride"    1-4

Tidwell, M.J.    July 21, 1832     Aug 18, 1894    Our Mother, "She died as she lived, trusting in the Lord"    7-7

Travis, Ola Watson    March 5, 1902     Feb 22, 1990    5-2

Turner, Iona    July 19, 1927     Dec 4, 1997    Until we meet in paradise, Mother of Pat, JoEllen, Rodlin, David,  Clyde    6-2

Twins    -    -     This very small stone is right in front of Bonita R. Cagle's stone, looks like a footstone but no headstone is there? (Check?)    7-7

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