Levi Current Proof of Kinship
submitted by Voncille Shipley

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M.A. Harris, Proof of Heirship, Heirs of Levi Current

County of Stephens, Before me, the undersigned authority on this day personally appeared J. B. Meadors and M. A. Harris two credible resident citizens of the county and state aforesaid who after being by me duly sworn depose and say that they and each of them were personally acquainted with Levi Current and his wife Cathey Current, that Levi Current departed this life some time during the year 1887 or 1888, intestate and leaving surviving him the following named heirs at-law to wit, his wife, Calthey and the following named children: J. H. Current, Elisha Current, Mary Harris, formerly Mary Current and who intermarried with R. E. Harris, Margaret Emberlin, formerly Margaret Current who intermarried with one Levi Emberlin, Nancy Current who afterward intermarried with J. H. Kates (Hater)(?), George Current, and Martha Current who afterwards intermarried with W. A. Ellis (Eller)(?), and that the above named were the only children of the said Levi Current and his said wife, Cathey Current.  That Margaret Emberlin, formerly Margaret Current departed this life on or about the year 1876, leaving surviving her M. B. Emberlin, a daughter as her only and sole surviving heir at law, who afterwards intermarried with G.W. Funderburke, the said Margaret Emberlin dying intestate, that Elisha Current departed this life on or about the year 1887 intestate and leaving surviving him the following named children who were his only heirs at-law to wit; J.W. Current, Georgia Current who afterwards intermarried with R. T. Black, Aely(?) Current and Calthea Current who afterwards intermarried with John M. McBee, that Mary Harris, formerly Mary Current departed this life in Stephens County, Texas about the year 1892 intestate and leaving surviving her the following named children who were her only heirs at law: Levi Harris, Annie Harris who afterwards intermarried with Will Black,( above this is written Y. R. Heatly, Mattie Harris who afterwards intermarried with) M.A. Harris, O. C. Harris who afterwards intermarried with B.S. Bryant, O. E. Harris, Henry Harris and Lawrence Harris, who were her only and sole surviving heirs at law.

J.B. Meaders
M.A. Harris

subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of July A.D. 1907. H. B. Furr, Notary Public, Stephens County, Texas

Filed for record July 26, 1907 at 3:40 o'clock P.M. and was recorded July 27, 1907 at 8:20 o'clock a.m.
David Cole Co. c/k, Stephens County, Texas
By Benj Lauderdale, D.C.

Found the following:
"Unfortunately, no I do not know where Levi may have died or may be buried...The last census report that I have is June 7-8,1880 for Stephens Co., Texas that shows Levi as a 61 year old, & Calthy as a 55 year old....it shows Nancy Ann as a 19 year old & single. So, if Levi died in 1886 he isn't on another census report...this means the EYE of the needle just got bigger....I pick Nancy Ann up again as a 39 year old,  married to James H. Teater on the 1900  Indian Territory, Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma Census.(vol.13/sheet 26;ED 104/line 13...I had no idea that Calthy was in New Mexico until I saw your post...From Calthy our direct line is:
Calthy Gibson Current
Nancy Ann Current Teater
Sarah Calthy Teater Ward (died sometime after July 19,1911 when her second child was born...We were told sometime between July,1911 and about 1915...as Nancy Ann raised Lillie & Tommy...
Lillie Jewell Ward Williams,Bowers,etc.
Naomi Ruth Williams Bowers Felts Lairson (can't find where she was ever adopted by Bowers) ("Ruth" was married six times...on her first marriage license to Felts she uses Williams as a maiden name...but on original social security application for card she used the name Bowers)
John W. Lairson....my husband I've seen some of the LDS records, but I believe that they are mixed together with another Levi Current...I can't prove this at this time....) anyway, I do appreciate your help in this matter..Please let me know if you find anything else....

Judy Ann  

Follow ups:

I have two pages from a book on New Mexico Homesteaders that says that Calthey lived with son George Current after the death of husband, Levi. George Current and wife died 1905 and his brother James Henry Current, living in New Mexico, came back to Texas for his mother and George's children  

I am just getting started and am not sure I have the right one, but the name Levi caught my eye. My husband's great grandmother was Mary E Current B:1852 TX D:1892. She married Richard Ervin Harris Probably before 1913. They had 8 children together one of which was Levi Carlin. I don't know her father and when I saw the name Levi thought it was worth a try as you never know if birthdates get mixed up. Please let me know if I'm close. Our grandfather is William Henry. The other children are Ann Margarite, Oder, Martha Jane, Oliver"Ollie" Ervin, and Lawrence. Thanks."

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