The Baker/Burks Families

Information and Photos furnished by Sue Walker

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Opal and Friend in Maysville Opal Jo Baker (early teenager) Opal Jo Baker mid teens Opal Jo Baker Koons - daughter of Nell Burks Baker-gdaughter of Thomas and Sarah B


Opal Jo Baker as baby

Opal Jo and Janice Tandy (in Maysville )

Opal Jo Baker and Bill Baker (sis-bro)   Opal Baker

Opal Jo Baker Billy Baker Beny Ray Baker Jimmy Lee Baker Bobby Gean Baker Bill Baker (child school pic). Bill Baker (Marine 1949). J.D. Baker (father of Joe Baker-Gfather of Opal).

Opal Jo and Bill Baker (Sis-Bro) circa 1930's Joe Baker Maysville Nell Burks Baker and Bill Baker (son) 1949 Pete and Jewel Burks

L-R-Son of Burks- Thomas S. Burks-Sarah Catherine Simer Burks-Mamie Self-possibly Nell Burks Baker-daughter of Thomas and Sarah Burks-gdaughter of B. F. Burks Nell Burks Baker Olin Burks WWI

People on left side unknown to me- woman on right Jewel Johnson Burks-man on right Thomas Peter Burks (Pete and Jewel with a friend). Jeff Baker Thomas Peter Burks WWI

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