Garvin County Ancestors
 Richard W. Carey

My grandmother Mollie Black, according to the funeral record died 2 miles w. of  Wynnewood. 10/15/1925.
Now according to her death certificate she's buried in the Wynnewood View cemetery.
Born: 8/16/1896 Mineral Wells, Tx. father; John VEACH, mother; Luada GALAMORE.
she had 2 kids there in Brady township.
#1. Elwood Carey, 1913
Lorene Carey, 1915
Mollie divorced Charles Cary there 1/21/1918

Mollie remarried to William Strictlin BLACK in Katy, Garvin Co.. 1/22/1918 (See Marriage Certificate)
They had 1 daughter Beulah Black. she now lives in Bakersfield, Ca.
Mollie's son Elwood Carey married in Ok. had one daughter, Dewanda Lee CAREY
That's all I know of her.

Elwood CAREY was supposed to have been in trouble with the law. so came out to Ca. where he met my mother Eva Elpina SMITH. Born; 6/12/1921, Hollis, Ok.
They ( Elwood & Eva ) had 3 kids; Wilma, Wanda, and Richard W. Carey l, (me).
As you noticed Charles spelled his last name Cary not Carey.
Charles moved to Blackwell, Ok. remarried to Francis Edna McClland born 4/15/1897 in Gentry, Ar.
They had 1 child Dougles (Max) Cary who lives in Blackwell, Ok.
Francis died 1/11/1982 in Blackwell.
Charles died 3/8/1935 in Muskogee, Ok. buried in Proctor, Ok. beside his father and mother.
The last anybody heard of Lorena Carey she left Holtville, Ca. and moved some place in Or.
Elwood Carey committed suicide 1/21/1946. the same date his mother and father divorced.
Eva Elpina Smith-Carey-Maynard died 5/6/1993 Elcentro, Ca.
Elwood died in Holtvelle, Ca.
Wanda and Richard Carey were born in Holtville. Wilma was born in Orville, Ca.

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