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Ancestors of Jean Brand

James Robert Davis was born May 13, 1840 in Hancock Co., AL., and died December 05, 1913 in Garvin Co., OK buried in Clabber Flats. Cem. near Pauls Valley.. He married Mary "Millie" Blackwell January 1869 in AL. She was born January 1848 in AL. (poss: Winston Co.), and died 1901 in Garvin Co., OK bur Clabber Flats. Cem. near Pauls Valley.

Children of James Davis and Mary Blackwell

John David Davis, born November 11, 1869 in Jackson Co., AL; died September 28, 1939 in Marlow, OK.
He married Mary Malicoat 1899 in Weaverton, Carter Co., Indian Territory (OK). She was born March 29, 1882 in Franklin, Madison Co., KY, and died January 15, 1943 in Marlow, OK.
John David Davis Obituary
Mary Malicoat Davis Obituary
Picture of James H. Malicoat & Rhoda Witcher

Clara Davis,
born January 31, 1900 in Purdy, Oklahoma; died 1994 in Okla. City, OK. She married Elmer Newberry 1918 in Anadarko, OK; born February 21, 1899.
Florence Davis, born August 28, 1901 in Purdy, Garvin Co., OK; died May 09, 1994 in Moore, OK. She married Rufus Bishop March 01, 1918 in OK; born September 11, 1900 in Hillsboro, TX; died April 15, 1970 in OK.
Pearl Jane Davis, born living in OK. She married Elias "Pink"Cowan 1928 in OK; born 1901 in Montague, TX; died 1977 in Velma, OK.
Nora Davis, born July 24, 1905 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK; died September 14, 1974 in Antioch, CA.
Jess Davis, born July 17, 1907; died July 13, 1984 in Lawton, OK. He married Pauline Pollaed November 12, 1939 in OK; born June 19, 1917; died June 27, 1983.
Lillie Mae Davis, born May 02, 1909 in Tipton, OK; died in Fredrick, OK. She married Roy McGee
Fannie Lou Davis, born September 11, 1911 in Cement, Ok.; died February 28, 1997 in Concord, Ca. bur: Antioch, CA.. She married (1) Jessie Hix 1932 in Ok.; born April 26, 1913 in Ravia, OK; died May 19, 1950 in Tipton, Ok. J. Hix Obituary). She married (2) Charles Newberry Abt. 1952 in Ok; born Abt. 1910 in Ok; died 1995 in Concord, Ca.
Leroy Davis, born October 28, 1913; died February 10, 1994 in Marlow, OK. He married Dorothy Mae Sneed in Marlow, OK; born November 18, 1915 in Marlow, OK; died February 10, 1976 in Okla. City, OK.
Joshua Davis
, born 1872 in MO; died in Bradley, OK. He married Salina Jane Weaver December 29, 1900 in Purdy, Garvin Co., OK.
Esther Susan Davis
.was born April 10, 1876 in Tupelo, MS, and died April 17, 1932 in Rush Springs, OK bur: Woodlawn Cem.. She married James Wesley Norton 1893 in Purdy, Garvin Co., OK. He was born 1876, and died May 19, 1951 in Rush Springs, Ok. Woodlawn Cem. Esther Died at the age 56 years.,4 months, & 7days.
Eula Mae Norton, born October 10, 1894 in Norton, Indian Territory; died November 03, 1951 in Rush Springs, Ok. Woodlawn Cem. She married Lonnie L. Loyd Abt. 1915 in Ok; born January 28, 1890 in Indian Territory; died April 27, 1981 in Marlow, OK bur: Rush Springs, OK.


Beulah "Boots" Norton, born November 11, 1896 in Norton, Indian Territory; died December 25, 1948 in Rush Springs, Ok. bur: Woodlawn Cem. She married Calvin "Buddy" Williams 1920 in Ok; born Abt. 1897; died 1943 in Rush Srings, OK bur: Woodlawn Cem..
Locretia Norton, born February 05, 1897 in Norton, Indian Territory; died 1996 in Ca.. She married Edward Adams April 02, 1917 in Waurika, Ok; born 1883; died 1978 in CA.
Mimia Norton, born April 02, 1897 in Norton, Indian Territory; died 1980 in Rush Springs, Ok. bur: Rush Springs Cem.. She married Wright C. Dunn Abt. 1919 in Ok; born Abt. 1899.
Lillian Ellen Norton, born June 22, 1903 in Marlow, Pickens Co., ( now Stephens Co) Indian Territory; died February 14, 1991 in Hayward, CA.. She married Willie E. Mack November 09, 1919 in Marlow, Stephens Co., Ok; born September 09, 1895 in Plano, TX; died 1978 in Hatwood, CA bur Lone Pine Cem..
Sylvia Norton, born March 14, 1905 in Marlow, Pickens Co., Indian Territory; died Abt. 1990 in Rio Vesta, Ca.. She married Edward Adams October 08, 1922 in Wichita, KA; born 1883; died 1978 in CA.
James Taylor Norton, born March 01, 1907 in Marlow, Pickens Co., Indian Territory; died May 29, 1969 in Chickasha, Grady Co., OK bur: Rush Springs, Ok.. He married Ellen Jenkens October 24, 1931 in Chickasha, Grady Co., OK; born June 05, 1915 in Ardmore, Carter Co., OK.
Ivan Dee Norton, born April 15, 1909 in Marlow, Stephens Co., OK; died 1942 in Rush Springs, Ok. Woodlawn Cem. He married Madelyn Jenkins May 04, 1930 in Bradley, Ok; born October 28, 1912 in Bradley, OK.
Harold Lee Norton, born in Grady Co., OK; died 1996 in Rush Spring, Ok.. He married Anne Lucille Pelley November 07, 1938 in Lubbock, TX; born May 28, 1923 in Boswell, OK

Reason Davis, was born December 27, 1879 in MS, and died March 17, 1962 in Okla. City, OK. He married (1) Annie Francis Witten. He married (2) Purdy Renfrow April 13, 1902 in Norton, OK.

Children of Reason Davis and Annie Witten:

Jewel Ellen Davis, born February 24, 1909; died January 22, 1955 in LINDSEY, OK. She married Andy Jones April 12, 1926 in FAIRFAX, OK.
Lillie Leona Davis, born October 07, 1910 in CEMENT, OK; died June 14, 1958 in MODESTO, CA. She married Frank L. Goodwin 1935 in PHILLIPBURG, KY.
James Robert Davis, born May 26, 1912 in REVELTO, N.M.; died June 06, 1983. He married (1) Wanda Lee Wamm December 31, 1951 in FAIRFAX, OK He married (2) Neomi Higgins November 13, 1955 in DENVER, CO.
Mary Mildred Davis, born June 11, 1918 in OK. She married Robert W. Ross June 23, 1943 in PASADENA, CA; born July 23, 1924 in CINN, OHIO.
Gwindlon Davis, born September 28, 1924 in PURDY, OK. She married Robert W.Fields June 16, 1946 in STILLWATER, OK.
Child of Reason Davis and Purdy Renfrow:
Owen Grady Davis, born January 16, 1903 in CEMENT, OK; died July 1973 in FAIRFAX, OK. He married Beulah Rhoads

Joseph Sanford Davis, was born March 21, 1881 in MS, and died June 21, 1949 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK. He married Sarah Elizabeth Malicoat September 16, 1900 in Walker, Indian Territory. She was born September 07, 1884 in Watherford, Parker Co., TX, and died July 15, 1966 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK. S.E. Davis Obituary


Cordelia "Cordy" Davis, born June 04, 1901 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK; died August 27, 1982 in Canyon, TX bur Dreamland Cem.. She married Ralph E. "Ruth" White April 04, 1920 in OK; born August 11, 1891; died May 04, 1985 in Canyon, TX bur: Dreamland Cem..
Edgar Finley Davis, born January 21, 1903 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK. ( Indian Territory); died January 25, 1968 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK.Edgar F. Davis Obituary. He married Alva Louise Springer Boyd December 25, 1935 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK; born June 25, 1914 in Sulpher Bluff, TX.
Canzada Davis, born December 14, 1904 in Seven Shooters, OK (just outside of Pauls Valley, Ok.); died December 03, 1906 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK bur: Clabber Flats Cem..
Lou Veda Davis, born November 07, 1906 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK; died May 04, 1974 in Sacramento, CA.. She married Floyd Gosnell September 25, 1926 in OK.; born April 05, 1905 in Ok; died April 1967 Lou Gosnell Obituary
Beatrice Davis, born April 06, 1908 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK; died April 26, 1998 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK bur: Mt Olivet Cem. She married (1) Iris Leonard Clark August 18, 1926 in OK; born 1914; died June 10, 1960 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK bu: Mt Olivet Cem.. She married (2) William Thel Ferguson 1971 in PAULS VALLEY, OK; born April 27, 1909; died January 12, 1990 in PAULS VALLEY, OK. B. Ferguson Obituary
Thelma Ira Davis, born February 24, 1910 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK; died April 11, 1988 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK bur: Mt. Olivet Cem.. She married (1) G. W. "Bill" Jackson December 23, 1930 in Garvin Co., OK She married (2) Henry Engelke July 27, 1949 in Norman, OK; born January 07, 1902 in NEB. T. Engelke Obituary
Cecil May Davis, born May 28, 1912 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK; died July 05, 1987 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK. She married Preston Talley November 01, 1929 in Purcell, Garvin Co., OK; born 1910; died 1957 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK. C. Talley Obituary
Steda Cleo Davis, born January 28, 1915 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK; died March 26, 1960 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK. She married Jerome Roberts December 24, 1930 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK; born July 16, 1910 in ROSEDALE, OK; died December 02, 1990 in PAULS VALLEY, OK. J. Roberts Obituary
Joseph Sanford Davis, born Sept. 18, 1916 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK. He married Doris Smith June 06, 1942 in OK; born 1918 in Ok..
Ralph Gerold Davis, born January 11, 1918 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK. He married Juanita Hatman September 27, 1937 in Garvin Co., OK
Imogene Annis Davis, born in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., Ok.. She married Emit Eugene Lewellen January 04, 1943 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK; born February 08, 1907 in Graham, Carter Co., OK; died April 25, 1956 in Caruthers, Fresno CO., CA bur: Fowler Cem..
Buford Wayne Davis, born October 23, 1922 in Seven Shooters, Garvin Co., OK; died February 19, 1975 in Dallas. TX. He married Geneva Childress October 20, 1945; born December 22, 1926; died January 06, 1990 in Dallas. TX.
W. Davis Obituary
Murl Alvin Davis, born February 20, 1929 in Okla. City, OK; died February 16, 1993 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK; Adopted child. He married (1) Velma Spain January 03, 1951 in Garvin Co., OK He married (2) Peggy Perkins May 01, 1970 in WICHITA FALLS, TX
M.A. Davis Obituary

Story Told By: Mr. Joe Davis, born March 21,1881, ALABAMA
"I came to the Indian Territory with my father and mother in 1892. I was 11 years old, we came through on the Santa Fe train from Texas to Pauls Valley, Indian Territory. On arriving at Pauls Valley, my father bought 2 horses and a wagon, we loaded up our household things, that my father has shipped through. It was not much, we had 4 chairs, table, homemade bedstead and a few other household things.
My father moved to Purdy, a little place about 25 miles southwest of Pauls Valley. There was a store, lone schoolhouse, Blacksmith shop and a Grist Mill. This mill was ran by steam and owned by Mr. Park (Hart). The Blacksmith Shop was owned by Jim Welch. I do not remember who owned the store.
I went to school at this Log School house. A white woman was my teacher, I do not remember her name. My father had to pay her one dollar a month for me. Us kids that went to school did not have desks, we used slates and set on the hued down logs for seats. I had a blue back speller and a reader. I think there was about 25 or 30 children went to this school, the year I went. I did not go much the second term, only on the days we could not work in the fields. I had to help my father on the farm.
My father had about 100 acres leased, he raised lots of corn and cotton. He would haul the cotton to Pauls Valley on the Washita river. I believe this mill and gin went out of business.
There was lots of deer around Purdy, when we moved there, I have seen as high as 15 deer in one drove, around the foot of the Table Mountains, south of Purdy. Wild turkey's I have shelled corn and feather, about one mile from our house was a big turkey roast, they would come around our corn crib early of a morning. We could have turkey anytime to eat we wanted to. I have gone hunting and would not even shoot at a turkey. I like rabbits better, there was lots of coon, possum and shunks around Purdy.
I have broke wild horses for my father when I was 14 years old. Sunday, that was our "fun day". After Sunday school a group of boys that lived around Purdy, would meet at my house, nearly all owned saddle horses. We would go out on the prairie, there was not very many fences then. We would rope calves and have our rodeo, riding these calves on Sunday was when I learned to ride. When I was at the age of 15, I was not afraid to try any wild broncs or did I not care how big the steers were. We boys would make up $5.00 purses for the best rider for that day. I have won several times.
My father raised some cattle and hogs, but his main crop was corn. Corn was cheap then, I have seen my father sell corn for fifteen cents a bushel. My father sold about 20 acers of corn for ten cents a bushel in the filed. I do not know how much corn the man he sold that year gathered, but we usually made forty to fifty bushels an acer.
I lived with my father and mother around Purdy, until I was married in 1900. I married Lisa Sarah Malecoat, daughter of F. L. Malecoat, who was a big cattle man around Purdy, when my father moved there. My wife was born in Purdy, I do not know how long her people has been in the Indian Territory, before my father and mother came there.
After getting married I moved on a farm and went to farming for myself. In later years I have raised as high as 75 bales of cotton a year.
My wife and I have reared 10 children. I now live 3 miles west of Pauls Valley. I have lived around in what is now Garvin county for 45 year. "

A copy of this interview was sent by Walter Malicoat January 20, 1994. The third child born of Joe and Sally Daivs died at the age of 3 from a spider bit. Sarah Elizabeth (Malicoat) Davis wasn't born at Purdy, Okla., she was born in TX.
Her mother was with child when Sarah Jane (Barnett) Malicoat left Ky by wagon to TX to join her husband, Fanteroy(picture). The child Sarah Jane Malicoat was carrying was Sarah Elizabeth Malicoat, ( my grandmother).

Zackoria Taylor Davis was born September 08, 1887 in Tupelo, MS, and died April 07, 1962 in Eloy, AZ bur: Eloy Memorial Park. He married Rose Malicoat in Ok. She was born July 28, 1892 in Indian Territory, and died September 03, 1923 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK., buried at Lewis Cemetery.
James Davis, born June 15, 1911 in STATFORD, OK; died July 11, 1968 in OK.. He married (1) Opal Foster He married (2) Betty Wheeler He married (3) Mary Wheeler Moore
Jay Standley Davis, born December 02, 1913 in Stratford, Oklahoma; died December 15, 1975 in Falon, Nevada. He married Ailene Hastings
Alta Mae Davis, born March 04, 1915 in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., Ok; died October 20, 1983 in Borger, TX, bur Highland Park Cem.. She married (1) Robert Cowan She married (2) Jack Carpenter; born August 09, 1913 in Walters, OK; died April 09, 1975 in Amarillo, TX Bur: Highland Park Cem, Borger, TX..
Lydia Pauline Davis, born December 11, 1917 in Stratford, Oklahoma; died 1998 in Casa Grandy, AZ bur Eloy, AZ. She married Alfred North 1936 in OK; born April 19, 1917 in Elmore City, OK; died January 08, 1966 in Eloy, Arizona.
Calvin Lee Davis, born October 18, 1921 in Pauls Valley, Ok; died November 10, 1995 in Fresno, Ca. bur; Kingsburg Cem. Kingsburg, Ca.. He married Lillian Ozella Lanning November 27, 1942 in DUNCAN.OK; born May 13, 1924 in MARLOW, OK; died October 01, 1995 in Fresno, CA bur: Kinfsburg Cem..

William Lewis Davis, William Lewis Davis was born October 29, 1893 in Indian Territory, and died September 15, 1950 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA. bur: Delano, (Kern Co). He married Mae Williams Abt. 1921 in Ok. She was born Abt. 1893, and died 1943 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca..
He served in WW I 136 Inf., 34th Div.
Died in Kern General Hospital, Bakersfield, Ca. bur: Delano Cemetery, Kern Co., lived at 342 Juan St., McFarland, Ca., Kern Co., CA.
Catherine Davis, born 1922 in Ok.; died 1941 in bur: Delano, Ca. Kern Co..
Louis Calvin Davis, born February 01, 1925 in Ok; died Abt. 1976 in Bakersfield, Ca..
Shug Davis, born . She married William Lemon
Donald Wayne Davis, born 1931 in Ok; died 1971 in Neb..

Della Davis, born 1895.

Baby Davis, born 1900.

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