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Shortly after the start of WW1, after 1917 John Frank Boatright moved from his home in Mill Creek to Pauls Valley
Boatright, John Frank, born 11 1878 in Linden, TN � Moved to Pauls Valley about 1917-20?
-       Purchased the large drug store for himself and for son James (Pharmacy Mate in Navy)
-       Married to Blanch Louisa (Felkner)
-       Son � James Milton Boatright 1898 � 1923
-       Son � William Houston Boatright 1901 � 1963
-       Dau � Fannie Velma Boatright 1904 � 1996 (graduated from High School � Pauls Valley)
-       Son - Ewen Howard Boatright 1912 � 2002
-       Son � Loyd Alvin �Totchie� Boatright � 1915 � 2004
After James Milton�s sudden death (heart attack) John Frank sold out and moved � around 1923-24.
The book �Mill Creek, the life and times� by Harold Dean Garrison has some info on John Frank Boatright and his drugstore in Mill Creek during the early 20s � not sure on the exact dates.
My dad told me his house in Pauls Valley was completely destroyed by fire.
Donald Boatright

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