Craddock Family Photo

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This 1913 photograph depicts some of the Craddock family history.   It was taken beside the house of Tom & Frona McMahan, on the Morgan Farm just south of the Jerrel Place (where Beverly and Charlie McHam lived in 1997).  Seated in the second row are five brothers and sisters plus one husband, Frona (Craddock) McMahan, Ben Craddock, Tom D. Craddock holding his two babies, Melvin and Joe, Frank Craddock, Dora (Craddock) Keck, and her husband, Johnny Keck; the four in the front row are Sam Craddock, son of T.D. , T.D  (Dutch) Craddock, son of T.D., Vema Craddock, daughter of Frank, and Lloyd Craddock, son of Frank; seven people in the thire row, Beatrice Craddock, daughter of Ben, Gertie (Truett) Craddock, wife of Frank, Vestal Spence, daughter of Joe Spence, Bessie Craddock, daughter of Ben, Lonie Keck, daughter of Dora and Johnny, Hildred Craddock, daughter of Ben, and Della McMahan, daughter of Frona (married Tom Thacker);twleve people in back row, Miles Craddock, son of Ben, Lizzie (McMahan) Spence, daughter of Frona, her husband Joe Spence, brother to Jim and Elliott, Della Craddock, daughter of Ben, married Tom Parten, Roxie Craddock, daughter of Ben, married Leonard Michael, Alpha (Howard) Craddock, wife of T.D., Lorinda Howard, Married Robert Craddock, Ollie Keck, daughter of Dore and Johnny, Tom McMahan, son of Frona, Ed Keck, son of Dora and Johnny, and Lonnie Craddock, son of Ben.  Luke Craddock, Ben's oldest son took the photograph.  Notice the drain pipes on the side of the house to run the roof water into the cistern

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