Henry T. & Grant Foster

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Submitted by
David & Joy Swihart


This picture belonged to my Grandmother, Malissa Jane (Crow) Foster
On the back it says that they were moving a building in Pauls Valley with a
Case steam engine tractor (Model 1026) 1916-1918. 
Henry T Foster is standing by the wheel. 
Boy with circle over his head is Grant Foster
and boy with X over his head is ? Manning.


Picture from Malissa Jane (Crow) Foster
Corn Shucking
Edd L Crow is the man on the left end.  Tom Spradlin is 6th from the left.

Some More Pictures from Malissa Jane

Ruby & Claire McBride Lillian & Emma Gravley
Notes on back say "Emma was Bill McCord's mother".  "Girls that took care of Perry Foster's children until Malissa & Henry took them.  Perry lived in Paoli.
Edna & Ruth Ramsey
The Ramsey's were best friends of the Fosters

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