A.B. Fowler,  The Fowler Brothers & Harvesting Broomcorn 
Harvesting Broom Corn

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This is a picture of A.B. Fowler and ?,
Father of the Brothers shown below and long time
resident of Garvin Co., the lady may be one of his wives.


This is a picture of the five Fowler brothers, they were all raised and most
were born on the Table Mountains.
   From left to right: Clyde, Carl (Boog), Lee, Bit and Clarence (Monk)

I found this picture in my Dad's old stuff. My Dad, Clyde J. Fowler grew up on the Table Mts.
He left Garvin Co. in 1935 to seek his fortune out west settling in Arizona where he raised a family of five.
  I remember seeing this picture as a child and dad would always say, "That is one job I will never do again" (working in the broomcorn).
I never knew him to back-up from any job, so it must have been bad.
Dad was born in 1909, his mom and older brother died in the Typhus epidemic of 1919 and are buried at Antioch.
I'm sure the picture was taken in the late 1920's or early 1930's.

    Submitted by  Jim Fowler

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