The Thomas Joshua Frost Family
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Thomas Joshua Frost was born October 22, 1839 and married Virginia Ann White in Missouri in 1873.

He attended medical school in Tennessee and returned to Wheatland, Missouri, to practice and operate a drug store.

Dr. Frost and I.W. Eagan made the run into Oklahoma Territory in 1889.   Dr. Frost soon returned to Wheatland while Mr. Eagan came to Beef Creek (now Maysville) to open a drug store.

The doctor came south again in 1892, settling first at Beef Creek and moving later that same year to Erin Springs to establish a medical practice.

The territory he covered extended from Erin Springs to Bradley, nine miles to the northwest; to Bug Scuffle (now Story), 12 miles west and a little north; to Paine, eight miles north, and to Rush Creek, eight miles south.

He served these aread by horseback or buggy.  At times he stayed two days and a night with a very ill patient.

The doctor had a tall medicine hutch in his living room where he mixed his prescriptions and received patients.

Many times patients would remain in the doctor's home several days for treatment.  He provided room and board and took care of their teams.  Much of his pay was in the form of farm produce.  Too many patients neglected to pay anything at all and considered any doctor who asked for payment for his services a 'heartless wretch.'

Dr. Frost moved to Lindsay in 1903 and ran the Eagan Hotel.  From this time until his death in 1908 he practiced little medicine because he suffered from rheumatism himself. 

Mrs. Frost lived to be over 90.

The Frost children were Myrtle, who married George See and died in 1908; Maud, who married Sallie Graham and is deceased; Maggie, a twin to Maud, who married Russell Jones and is deceased; Nell who married Col. O'Conner and lived in San Antonio, Texas; Mazie who married Arch High of Lindsay.

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