Sumpter/Criss/Gullett/Grimes Family
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Sarah E. Stumph & husband, Elias B.Criss

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Sarah E. Stumph and her husband, Elias B.Criss, married in Osage County,
KANSAS in April of 1872.  This wife and husband were in the Lindsay, Okla area and show up
on the Pottawatamie census, federal for 1900. This censuus, shows 8 of 13 children living.
Elias B. Criss died in Pawhuska, Okla. in the home of his daughter Annie Pearl Criss Sumpter,
wife of John Elias Sumpter. Both father and son-in-law were in the Civil War. Sarah E. Stumph
Criss was born 1852 in Ohio and died we think in 1909 in the Lindsay area. Elias died in 1938
and is buried in the Pawhuska cemetery. I do not believe he has a civil war monument-nor
does his son-in-law, John E. Sumpter who died in 1941 and also is buried in Pawhuska City Cemetert?

John Elias Sumpter

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John Elias Sumpter

William Thomas Gullett & Grandson, Charles Haskell Gullett

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William Thomas Gullett ( 1833-1921 CLEVELAND OKLA) and his grandson,
Charles Haskell Gullett ( 1910-2002 Calif.).   William Thomas Gullett was in the Civil War and
served on "BOTH" sides-being captured and giving his oath to the USA.
He is buried in Ford Cemetery, Cleveland, Okla.

The Joseph Crockett Gullett Family

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Joseph Crockett Gullett was born in Putnam County, TN in 1873 and died in Pawhuska, Okla in
1976.  His wife was Tennessee Rachael Taylor Gullett (legal name) and she was born in 1875
Putnam County, TN and died in Pawhuska, Okla in 1941.  All these children are now gone to this life.

Lois Belle Parry Sumpter

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Lois Belle Parry Sumpter

Ellena Gullett Grimes

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Ellena Gullett Grimes

       James Gullett

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James Gullett

            Charlie & Marvin Gullett

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Charlie & Marvin Gullett

Bible record of Rease Gullet of Tennessee

Note: In most of the papers of this family the name is spelled Gullett (two t's). However this Mr.Evans --with his penmanship--clearly spells the name Rease and Gullet (with one t). The pen goes up and comes down leaving two perpendicular marks not on top of each other--more like a tall skinny V ( but upside down) with one cross mark which is whipped across the top of the 't' from the curved bottom of the down stroke. 
STATE OF TENNESSEE: this day personally appeared before County of Dekalb: me, E.J. Evans Clerk of the county Court in the county and state aforesaid, W.T. Gullet, a person who I certify to be entitled to full faith and credit on his oath. Being duly sworn according to law deposes
and swears. that he is in possession of the family Bible which did belong to his father Rease Gullet and his mother Eady Gullet who is now an applicant for pension.

Date of bible eighteen hundred and twenty one, further swears the following is a true copy of the record from said bible.

Rease Gullet was born December 13,1794. Eady Gullet was married August 5, 1832.

births of children:
William T. Gullet was born august 29, 1833.
George W. Gullet wa born April 23, 1835.
Joseph A. Gullet was born March 3, 1837.
Henry W. Gullet on March 31, 1839.

Martha M. Gullet was born Oct 24, 1841.

Rease Gullet died November 17th 1871. Further swears he has no interest in said claim for pension.
William T. Gullet

Sworn to and subscribed before me and I certify the above is a correct copy from said bible and it appears to be genuine, I further certify I have no interest in said claim for a share in whatever this august 6th 1878.
E.J. Evans Officer of Dekalb County ,Tennessee.

Note: the list gives a brother named: Henry W. gullet?
This young man does not show up on the 1850 census of Putnam co, TN.

I have transcribed obits which were part of a scrapbook kept for its genealogy by Belle Forrest Sumpter Gullett,
daughter of Annie Pearl Criss Sumpter, granddaughter of Sarah E. Stumph Criss and Elias B. Criss.
Belle Forrest Gullett and her husband, William James (Jim) are both buried in the Pawhuska City Cemetery.

Lewis Casper Sumpter

Anna Pearl Sumpter

Naomi Sumpter

Bill Overley

James B. Gullett

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