Caleb Lawson "Loss" Hart
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My great-grandfather was Caleb "Loss" Hart who lived in McGee Oklahoma prior to and after statehood.
 I am attaching a photo of him. I will have to go back and find the exact date. I have more information such as photocopies of his Marshal's commission, etc. I was told by my great-Aunt that his photo was taken when he got married in 1891. There is a corresponding tin-type of his wife Lucinda. They were both in matching frames when I scanned them some 10 years ago.
I have relayed much information to my cousin Roger Roberson and he has it on his website at:
I believe this information is a copy of the bottom of this page:
You can click on the link "Killed Bill Dalton" on that page.  I know there is an ongoing debate as to who really killed Bill Dalton. Loss Hart is buried in the Old McGee cemetery.  His birth name was Caleb Lawson Hart. The Lawson is where "Loss" Hart came from.  Somewhere around the house, I have a couple old newspaper articles from the 1890's of specific news articles concerning Loss Hart and transporting a prisoner that subsequently escapes.
Roger's main website can be viewed at:
You have to click on Roberson to get to Hart.
Also of note. The Roberson family lived just over the line in Byars, McClain county. You may find the article at the bottom of this page of interest.
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