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The Hayes Family

Information and Photos furnished by Richard Jones

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My aunt Floy Hayes saved this picture of the little city of McGee and my Hayes are buried at the McGee cemetery. 
Albert & Eliza Hayes are my great grandparents.  Grandpa's store is to the right:  " [W. T. Hayes, Dry Goods Groceries]
This store was moved to the new city of "Walling" that became Stratford, Oklahoma in 1906 and grandpa William Terrell Hayes was considered the first merchant of Stratford, Oklahoma.  Although I don't think the history of Stratford got that information in their history book!  

This is the parents of Albert P. Hayes and grandparents of William T. Hayes that made it to Oklahoma Indian Territory by 1906 and both are buried in McGee cemetery.  William Wiley Hayes and wife Mary Rebecca Holbrook were both born in Habersham County, Georgia, moved to Baxter county, Arkansas by 1871 and to Oklahoma Indian Territory before 1906.  They had four boys enlisted in the 24th Infantry of Georgia during the Civil War and all made it but were all sick from the battles travel across country!  Two were captured by General Sherdian at Fort Royal sent to Washington Hospital, Fort Delaware prison, and Elmira prison, NY,  before they were given the oath to the Union and sent home by train.  Both were sick!  Tough life for this family but they stayed together and found peace in Arkansas & Oklahoma I. T. afterwards. 


Albert P. Hayes & Eliza Stone Hayes. Father & Mother of William T. Hayes also lived in McGee & Stratford Indian Territory.  Albert P. Hayes had a watch shop and bought lots in the town of McGee and served in the 24th Infantry of Georgia,  under General Longstreet in the battle of Gettysburg, he was wounded in the shoulder and was among the 15 mile long wagon train that came back to Virginia.  This picture is a charcoal painting of another picture.  They are buried in McGee cemetery.


These three ladies lived in Stratford and the middle one is aunt Floy Hayes that saved the picture of old McGee.  Floy's mother Mary Wright, Hayes is on the right and her grandmother Sarah Wade Cypert, Wright is to the left of Floy Hayes.

William Terrell Hayes young family in 1901 McGee

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