St. Elmo Henry Family
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Elmo Henry, 33, Born Pendleton Co., Ky., Residence Sulphur, Murray Co., OK
Myrtle Dizette (Dyette?), 28, Born Clay Co., Kan., Residence Sulphur, Murray Co., OK
July 4, 1908 in Pauls Valley, W.B.M. Mitchell, County Judge in Pauls Valley
Page 225, G.L. Lasater & S.H.Wootton, both of Pauls Valley

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This Camp Elmo photo was taken in Davis OK.
The little gas station building is still there on W. Main St. and is now Diane's Tax Service.
It was a gas station until 1984 when Diane bought the building. 

Elmo was my great uncle and I've been trying to find where he went in OK.
He was born in Pendleton Co. KY and lived in Scotland Co. MO. Some time after 1900
(he's on the 1900 Scotland Co. census) he left MO. Some relatives say one of the Henry boys
went to OK. That was Elmo -- his given name was actually St. Elmo,
he shows up in various documents as St. Elmo, Elmo, and Elmore.

This is the only photo I have of great uncle Elmo. I know he had a son named Frank,
but don't know his wife's name. That is probably Myrtle in this photo. Please email me
if you have any info.

Submitted by Chuck Emerson-Henry

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