Alice Huddleston & Mary Vanderslice
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Photos & information furnished by John Conway

Picture of Alice Huddleston and her mother  Mary Vanderslice. Mary was married first to William D Brooks who died 12/25/1904 around Wynnewood, OK. She then married Daniel (Bud) McKinley Huddleston Jr. in 9/1905. Alice was born 7/10/1907 in Wynnewood, OK and died 7/29/2000 in Chula Vista Ca. She married William Henry Riddle on 7/3/1922. Bud Huddleston was married previously to Melinda Arvezene Stinson. She died 3/28/1905 in Wynnewood after they had 10 known children. Bud then married Mary later that 9/1905. 
    The rest of the pictures after I looked at them are either Vanderslice or Flynn s primarily. As explained my tie is via John Flynn who married Eliza Vanderslice after his first wife died. John's first wife was a descendant of Chief Levi Colbert of the Chickasaws. Eliza, his second wife also was a Chickasaw her Uncle was Nelson Chigley. John Flynn was my grandmother's older brother.  The date on the picture is 1916 and was written by my great aunt Eliza V Flynn.  If you are interested in the Vanderslice or Flynn pictures let me know. I thought I had more of the Huddleston /Riddle pictures, but I guess my cousin, Eliza's granddaughter has them now.


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