Johnson/Ivy Family
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Submitted by Barbara Strickland

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John Louis Johnson
Read the IPP interview with Mr. J.L. Johnson


johnsonlonandmamie.jpg (13591 bytes)

Lon and Mamie Johnson Ivy
with J.M. Glass, their grandson


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Henry and Annie Ivy Johnson
Read the IPP interview with Mr. Henry Johnson

ivynelliesarah.jpg (43850 bytes)

Nellie and Sarah Ivy
Daughters of  Lon and Mamie Johnson Ivy
Taken about 1929

ivyjaneway.jpg (21881 bytes)

Alma Janeway and Drennon Ivy
The cousins had just got their hair cut that day and wanted to have their
picture taken with their new hair cuts.  Alma was the daughter of Rosa Johnson
and Robert Lee (Boon) Janeway. Drennon was the daughter of Salome Johnson and W. O. Ivy.

ivyjayb.jpg (17126 bytes)

Jay B. Ivy
Son of Lon and Mamie Johnson Ivy
Taken in from of the Foster Store

ivy2.jpg (22884 bytes)

Author Turner
Nellie Ivy
Hershal Turner
Saran Ivy
Lenard Turner
(left to right)

strickland.jpg (29905 bytes)

From left-Wylie Strickland, Minnie Strickland
Most of the others were the children of Mary Stephens and Jabe Hanson.
Matt Stephens is holding the horse.
Wylie and Minnie were the children of Elijah and Lula Jane Stephens Strickland

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