Nancy Fielden Rycroft Simpson Family
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This picture was found by my Wood cousin behind
a picture of her father's after his death in 2003.  The picture is the
family of Nancy Jane Fielden and her Rycroft family. Her first husband
James M. Rycroft and he is buried in the McGee cemetery.  I have a
of his tombstone. James and Nancy were married in 1885 in Texas Co.,
lived in IT Chickasaw Nation in the 1900 census with daughters, Dorsy
(Dorsie) 12 and Mary C. 10 (Cassie). James and Nancy Fielden Rycroft
in McClain County, Byars twp, OK in 1910 census with son, Olin 3 and
Amos Fielden 19 who was single. In 1920 they are living in Pontotoc
Midland twp, OK and Olen is 13 years old. James M. Rycroft died 07
1926 and is buried in the McGee cemetery.

Their daughters, Dorsie (Dorsey Rycraft on marriage) 15 married J. H.
Watson 19 ~ 13 Nov 1902 in Chickasaw Nation marriages. J. H. would be
Jonathan Herbert Watson. Mary Cassie 17 married W. B. Watson 19 ~ 03
1907 in Chickasaw Nation marriages. W. B. would be Walter Bern Watson
he is buried in McGee cemetery, died in 1916. Cassie died a terrible
in 1913, she threw oil on a stove trying to start it and it exploded
setting her on fire. There is an indention beside Walter like there is
another grave but no marker. We believe they were living in Stratford
the time. Their last child, Olen was born there.
Aunt "Nan" is the sister of my grandmother, Iva Candes Fielden Wood and
lived until 1955 letting me know and love her very much. The man in
picture is her second husband, Ralph Simpson. She went back to Texas
Mo and is buried there in the Jarrett cemetery.

I am trying to find some of aunt Nan's family to find out who these people
are and thought maybe if I put it online at the site someone in their
family might see it. There are several Rycrofts living in that area. Aunt
Nan is the oldest woman second from right in the second row and Ralph,
husband is next to her on the left side. We "believe" that Olen and
daughter and son are here. We know it is a family picture of the
Rycroft family.

Contributed by Marguerette House Powell

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