The Shirley Brothers
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This is a photo of William Shirley and Dr. John Shirley.

I  recall that Dr. John Shirley's daughter stated that he was the post physician for
the Confederate contingent stationed briefly at Fort Cobb.  
I can't guarantee that he was an official officer.  William Shirley, however, 
would have been part of the Caddo Battalion, Fort Cobb, composed of certain
whites, and Indians around Fort Cobb, commanded by Caddo George Washington.
Washington formed the unit at the request of the Confederate government to
defend the western part of Indian Territory.  He agreed with the specific
proviso that he did not have to engage whites.  He fought a pitched battle
with the Kiowa in 1864, defeating them soundly.

submitted by Mike Tower

see Phantom Hill Cemetery where Dr. John Shirley is buried

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