The Story Ranch House

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Submitted by Jack Story

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This is the William R. "Bill" and "Zula" STORY ranchhouse/homeplace 
near Story, Indian Territory (later OK)and is north of Maysville, Garvin
County over on the north side of the Washita River.  It sat up on a hill
and the picture was taken in the early 1900's.  This we know for sure
because the baby held by Zula Story (in the white dress) is my father,
Dorset John Story who was born July 19, 1902.  
On horseback from left to right was a stepson Frank Criner Jr. (Zula's
first husband was Frank Criner Sr. and after his death she married Bill Story), 
next is R.W. "Buck" Story and next was Reggi Story.
On the porch were the Story girls, left to right, Jane, Murphy, Cleo,
Mrs. Story with baby Dorset, and then Adah.
The Story Ranch had the cattle brand O2bar (Oh-two-bar). The ranch 
house burned some years later and we still are searching for the exact 
history of that.  
Bill Story gave the land for both the Story Baptist Church 
(on north side of Washita River) and the land for the Story School House 
(on the South side of the River.   Note the river bridge washed out in the flood of 1957. 
  Although not the original structures, the two later buildings are
still standing.

Story, I.T.

This background history of Story, I.T. is from "Oklahoma Place Names" by
George H. Shirk, 2nd Edition, Page 228, which says:
"STORY, in northwestern Garvin County, 2 miles north of Maysville. A
post office from Oct. 11, 1899 to July 15, 1914. Named for William
Story, local Chickasaw."
Story, OK was shown on all Oklahoma road maps for many years and then
was omitted a number of years ago. It is still shown on the U.S.G.S
Topo Maps. It is also shown on the Oklahoma Atlas & Gazetteer by
DeLorme on Page 52.
My Grandpa William R. "Bill" Story gave the land for both the Church and
the Schoolhouse. This info. was verbal from my father, Dorset "John"
Story Sr. (now deceased as he was born 7-19-02 at Story, I.T. per his
birth certificate).
Both of my sons, John III and Mark William and one of our daughters,
Maureen Barr have visited the town site. Also I have been down a couple
of times and my wife Marilee (we celebrate our 50th anniversary this
week) has been down with me and also trips back to Pauls Valley where I
went to High School. I lived at 803 N. Pine and the house looks just
like it did when I lived there in the late 40's. Have good memories of
P.V. and some not so good -- the two floods.
Still hunting for "proof" of my Chickasaw Indian Blood. I can not find
proof or locate my great grandmother Vici Criner Story who married my
Great Grandfather, Elisha Story, the parents of William R. "Bill" Story
who was born May 7, 1857 at Georgetown Community in Grayson County TX. 
This is on the death certificate of Grandpa Bill but that is all I have
except verbal family history. Suggestions for hunting would be appreciated.

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