The Tussy Family
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Can anyone put a name with each of these people?  The picture is labeled
"Group picture of the Tussy Family, Duncan, Indian Territory"

Submitted by Kelly Ramsey


Hello!  Yep that picture is of our family. 
The little guy on the left with the brown hair parted in the middle is
Henry J Tussy
Others there ( I don't know all of them ) are Will and Dora.
  Henry's wife was Maudie Climer.  His children were my grandfather Ray J Tussy,
Henry Laverne, Frazier Arthur, Billy Jean, and Gladys. 
I believe Henry Laverne "Hank" is the only one living now.
 Let me know if you want any further information. 
Glad we now have an identification on this picture. 

submitted by: Jennifer D Zimmerman

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