John H. Walner
Son of Dr. William Walner

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This is a picture of all the United States Marshalls of the area during the time
John H. Walner served as a United States Marshall.
He is pictured in the back here with the X above his head.

Below is an excerpt from the WPA Interview with Mrs. John Walner
(or take the above link to read the entire interview)

John was in the mercantile business at Cherokee Town.  He freighted his goods from Caddo. 

There was a toll bridge near Cherokee Town across the Washita River which washed away.
   John secured a charter from the Chickasaw Government to operate a ferry boat.   
He did this for a year or so and then we moved to Wynnewood in 1887,
where he again entered the mercantile business.  This time his store was in a tent.  

John was United States Deputy Marshal, serving under Commissioner Dr. Leo Bennett of Muskogee
and he also served as an Indian policeman for the Chickasaw Government in Pontotoc County.


Submitted by William Walner Dulin, great-great grandson of Dr. William Walner

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