Malicoate Civil War Letter
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Submitted by Jean Brand

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Here's a copy of a letter that was written during the Civil War by one
of our  James H. Mallicoat's family members. This copy was sent me by William
Crawley Mallicoat's g-g-grand daughter, Sandy Lindloff in 1995. Note the

Letter from Brother to Brother (related to James H. Mallicoat) dated Dec. 18,  1864. "Nashville, TN.

Most affectionate Brother I one time more in life embrase the opertunity of addressing you by
letter.  It has bin some time sins I have herd from you till to day. I luckey
came a  crop one of your old acquaintense to with Capt. Herrell of the
Tennessee  Cavalry. I was very glad to here from you that is. I was glad to learn
of  your being well, tho I was very much suprised to learn of your being a
trater  tp your country and to all that is sacred Brother. I realy thought you
mite  have looked back only so fair as your grandfather and saw the libertys
that  he fought for, the Libertys that I and you have appreciated that was
handed  down to us by our fore fathers and which people has bin the most
prosperous of any nation or people on earth. Brother I do not wish to hert your
feelings un the least but William rather than I wood rebell a ganst the best
government that ever was and even and ever will be and the only
governmenr  whar be man was free I wood have my right arm severed from my body ya
mo than  that I will loose the last drop of harts blud for to mantain the
Libertys and  Freedom that we have so much appreciated William. I will simply let you
no  what kind of a Politition and Politic man I am in the first plase. I am
a  Washington Democrat from the fact it was him rather through his
Gineralship  that we have bin a Republic Government and in the 2nd plase I am a
Jefferson  and Materson for they wer for caring out the Constitution of the United
States of America. But not in any Confederacy mite adopt for we ar well
consist that they could not better the Old Constitution and in the 3rd.
Plase  I am a Jackson man from the fact he was for the maintenance of Laws and
Libertys and when South Carolina made as attempt tp separate from the
Government in the time of his Administration he replied in these words
if  they don't come back by the eternal I will bring them back and when
they saw  that the Old Gineral was in earnest they soon drew in and if we had of
had a Jackson in sted of the rebel buck Hanon their wood not have bin a
rebellion as you and every man can planely see and according to soriptures a
house devided a ganist its self could not stand and a Kingdon or Nation that
is devided a ganst its self wood not stand. Their fore I and every one
that can see an inch from his nose could see better than to go withe the South
in her rebellion or even simpathise withe a set of Traters to they intrest of
all that was sacred. Well William I understand that you ar a ganst your
governement which I teram a Trater. I am truly sorow to think or here
of you being a Rebble but I understand that you have come home and taken the
Oath of Allegiance to the Governement, let me tell you I was one of the first
man in Green County to defend the Old Constitution. By public speeches and in
the 2nd plase I was one of the first to volinteer in the defence of the
Governement. I volinteer in 1861 and was discharged on the account of
disability and I became stout and I reinlisted in to the servis a gane.
I now belong to the 2nd Missouri Light Artilery Batery 1. I have bin in the
last servis a bout twelve months. I have two years to serve yet, that is if
I live to serve the time tho I donot no???. I think that the Rebbles cannot
stand another year. Well William now you have taken the Oath, let me give
one word of advise, live upto it this is the advise I gave to brother Mary and
he said he wood stand to his Oath. Well he kep it a bout 6 months and the
rebble got the power and he acted the fool and went off withe the Rebbles and was
caught driving union mens cattle and was taken prisner and was sent to St
Louis and died their and 3 of his byoys went in to the Rebbles servis and they
have met the same or a similar fate. Daniel and all of our brother in laws is
strong Union men tho not in the servis. I got a letter from my family
yesterday, thay all was well, i am fine heath i weigh 185 pounds and all right.
William I want you to write me a letter if you please direct it thus
S.A.J.Mallicoat Batery1 2nd MO Light Art

I remain as ever your brother till deat
S.A.J. Mallicoat to W.C. Mallicoat.

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