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1928 News
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Charley Perkins Instantly Killed                                Mrs. Perkins Dies At Local Hospital

Pauls Valley Democrat, Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma, Thursday, January 12, 1928


Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Bennett spent Thursday in Ardmore.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hurt spent Sunday in Oklahoma City.

Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Reavis were visitors to Norman Tuesday.

Mrs. L.R. Rodke was an Oklahoma City visitor Wednesday.

Goul Frier was in Lindsay on business Tuesday.

Mrs. W.C. Bolling of Davis visited friends here Monday.

Miss Galdys Camp of Davis spent the weekend at home.

Sam Goodwin was in Kansas City on legal business last week.

Mrs. J.L. Jordon visited relatives in Gainesville Sunday.

Jack Livingston was a visitor to Oklahoma City Sunday.

Let us set your eggs.  Mondays and Wednesdays of each week.   Odell's Chick Hatchery.

Mrs. Vester Jackson and Mrs. J.M. McMullen were Oklahoma City visitors Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Richter were Ardmore visitors last Thursday.

Dr. J.A. Young of Oklahoma City visited his daughter, Mrs. Sam Kendall, over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Clark and daughter, Mary, were visitors to Oklahoma City Friday.

Mrs. W.B. Hays was a business visitor in Norman Wednesday.

Miss Sara Thomason, teacher in the Purcell schools, spent the weekend at home.

Mrs.C.H. Thomason was in Purcell Friday visiting with her daughter, Miss Sara Thomason.

Mrs. and Mrs. J.A. Lindsey of Oklahoma City were business visitors here last of the week.

Mrs. W.B. Hays and sons, Bill and Herbert, visited Mr. Hays mother in Ardmore Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Brewer were guests of relatives in El Reno Sunday.

Lee Tires and Buckskin Tubes.  Get my prices before you buy.   Lee Layton.

Mrs. Claud Wilson and mother, Mrs. Williamson of Maysville were shopping in Pauls Valley Friday. 

Mrs. Marvis Carlock and little daughter, Lucile, arrived Saturday from A marillo, Texas, for a visit with Mrs. Carlock's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.D. Duffield.

Mrs. and Mrs. Simon Levine of Marietta and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ades and daughter were guests Sunday of Mr. and  Mrs. Ira Gordon.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Evans and daughter, May Florence, of Ardmore spent S unday here with Mrs. Evans; parents Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Buckholts.

John Morgan, manager of the Wacker Store at Idabel, is here on business this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Davidson were business visitors to Oklahoma City Tuesday.

Kay Stufflebean of Noble is visiting in the home of his brother, James Stufflebean, this week.

Mrs. N.E. R owland was called to Earlsboro last week by the death of an aunt.

Walter lawson, a student in Oklahoma City University spent the weekend at home.

Mrs. S.P. Liggins of Shawnee spent last week with friends here.

Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Melton and son spent Sunday in Oklahoma City with relatives.

Miss Druzilla Terry of Oklahoma City spent the weekend at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl witten visited Mr. Witten's parents in Oklahoma City Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Wacker were in Madill on business Thursday.

Rachel's Beauty  Shoppe is now open in new quarters second door east of Reavis Drug Store.

Carroll Hightower arrived from Palestine, Texas, Saturday for a week's visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Hightower.

Miss Mary Frances Duncan of Ada was a week-end guest i the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.w. Ross.

Dr. and Mrs. W.J> Rouse and children were guests Sunday in Wynnewood with Dr. Rouse's mother.

Mrs. G.W. Garrett and Mrs. Charles Sawyer of Stonewall were week-end guests of Mrs. T. R. Fpangler.

Mr. and Mrs. I.E. Odom, Mrs. R.R. Odom and Mrs. G.L. Lillard visited Mr. Odom's sister in Davis Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Woodring of Noble were guests Sundayof the latter's sister, Mrs. James Stufflebean and family.

Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Reeves and daguther, Miss Ruby, visited the former's new granddaughter in Oklahoma City Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Mitchell and daughter, Imogene, are in Houston and other Texas points on business this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. suggs of Wynnewood spent S unday here with their sons, J.E. Jr. and A. K. Suggs and families.

Mrs. J.L. Avery and Mrs. Bryce Harris of Lindsay were guests Thursday of last week of Mrs. Avery's sister, Mrs. John Williamson.

John M. White of the State Training School, left Wednesday for San Angelo, Texas, called there by the serious illness of a brother.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Simpson, Mrs. Sylvester Thompson, J.E. Demory and J.H. Demory of Ardmore were guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Suggs.

Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Haile and children visited relatives in Lindsay and Maysville Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Stearnes and children visited relatives in Durant Sunday.

Hazel Graham of Chickasha was a guest last week of Mrs. Howard Tinsley.

Mrs. Chas Price and Mrs. Goul Frier were visitors to Oklahoma City Monday.

Charles Seely of Sayre was a weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hinsley.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Raines spent Sunday with J.P. Gipson and family at Elmore City.

Harry Gage and mother, Mrs. E.C. Gage, were in Ardmore on business Wednesday.

Lawson Simpson and Forrest Thomas Jr., were Oklahoma City visitors S unday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Bow and son, Allen, were Oklahoma City visitors Sunday and Monday.

Mrs. Eva Manning of Sulphur is here with her sister, Mrs. Everett Manasco, who is ill with pneumonis.

Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Richter and Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Tidmore visited firends in Lindsay Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ira McCann and Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Looney were business visitors to Allen Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Young of Davis visited with Mrs. Young's brothers, RR. and I.E. Odom here Wednesday.

Mrs. M.B. Hurt of Red Rock visited her son, Homer L. Hurt and Mrs. Hurt over the weekend.

Mrs. N.J. Demory, mother of Mrs. A.K. Suggs, is quite ill at the home of her daughter this week.

Mrs. John Williamson has as her guests for the weekend, her mother, Mrs. M. Bell and sister, Mrs. W.A. Lamon of  Sulphur.

Misses Lillian Smothers, Ona Williamson and Lottie Bruner spent the weekend in Oklahoma City.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas Worley and Mrs. Alex Gray of Oklahoma City spent Sunday here with friends and relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wood and children were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. John Worley in Wnnewood.

Mrs. A.R. Willis has as her guests this week her sister, Miss Margaret Morgan of Paoli and Mrs. Horace Barnes of Chickasha.

Miss Catherine Hightower was a visitor over the weekend with Misses Thelma Porter and mary Elizabeth Griffin at O.C.W. at Chickasha.

Mrs. Carrie Goad and daughter, Miss Maud Goad, arrived Sunday from Greenville, Texas, to visit with their son and brother, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Goad and family.

Dr. and Mrs. G.L. Johnson and Mr. and  Mrs. C.A. Reed were in Oklahoma City Friday where they attended the show "Broadway" at the Shrine Auditorium.

The ladies and misses are invited to visit us in our new location at 104 east Paul avenue.  Second door east of Reavis Drug Store. Rachel's Beauty S hoppe.

Ralph Suddath of Roff spent the weekend with his sister, Mrs. D.M. Gissco.

Mrs. Frances Nelson, Mrs. Lehora Kruse, Mrs. Della Brooks and Miss Elizabeth Nelson were visitors to Ardmore Sunday.

Judge and Mrs. A.C. Barrett of Sulphur visisted their sons, J.E. and A.C. Barrett, Jr. and families Monday.

Mrs. A.L. Abbott returned Saturday from Hobart where she spent the holidays with her mother.

Malcolm Hazlewood was a business visitor to points in the wester part of the state last week.

Mrs. Bill Haynes of Lindsay spent the weekend here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Allen.

Mrs. J.W. Coleman and children returned Tuesday from a three weeks stay with Mrs. Coleman's aprents in Decatur, Ill.

Mrs. W.A. Reed was here from Temple, Texas Monday visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Froman Grant.

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Grimmett and children, Jack and Billy returned Tuesday from a business trip to Kansas City.

Mrs. T.A. Vaughn of Oklahoma City is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J.A. Snodgrass, this week.

fMiss Marie yarberry of Oklahoma City is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. J.R. Thomas, and family.

Mr. M.H> Smith, who has been visiting his son, M>B. Smith and family, during the holidays, teturned to his home at Mountain Park Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard T insley has as their weekend guests Mrs. Tinsley's father and sister, F.L. Looney and Mrs. Joe F. Pruitt and daughter, Betty Jane, of Marlow.

Mrs. L.O. McMillan, who has been spending the holidays with her mother, Mrs. S.B. Harkreader, left Tuesday for her home in Pyote Texas.  Mrs. McMillan was accompanied by her brother, Willis Harkreader, who will visit for two weeks.

Mrs. T.G. Mays was accompained to Galveston by Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Mays and son, Tommy, last week to meet her son, Jack Mays, who arrived from Paris, France, on the steamship, Cliffwood, and who came home with them.  He reports having a fine trirp and a good time.

Pratt Named City Justice of Peace

J.F. Pratt has been appointed by the Board of County Commissioners as city Justice of the Peace to succeed M.G. Wright, resigned.  Mr. Pratt has made bond and took over the office first of the week.  Mr. Pratt, who is a licensed attorney and ex-school teacher is well qualified for the duties of this office.

Band Reorganized, Secures Instructor

The Pauls Valley Band was reorganized at a meeting held at the Camber of Commerce rooms recently when the services of an experienced bandmaster, O.E. Edwards, were secured to take charge of the practices.  Officers of the organization elected were: William Earp, president; O.H. Cobble, vice president; and Noble Simpson, secretary.   The organization has a roster of thirty-two members, which it is hoped to increase to fifty instruments or more.

Chamber of Commerce Committees Named

Standing committees of the Chamber of Commerce for the ensuing year have been completed by W.A. White, President and Ben C. Eastin, Executive secretary, working in conjunction with the board of directors and announced as follows:  Finance Committee, R.W. Driskill, chairman; W.M. Erwin; I.E. Odom; Abbot Sparks. Industrial Committee, Dr. W.P. Greening, Chairman; J.T. Blanton; R.M. Reavis; Roy Ambrister; Goul W. Frier.   membership Committee, Jim Stufflebean, Chairman; T.M. Tethers; W.L. Menefee; Julian Field; W.A. Nicholson. Grievance Committee, A.V. Goodpasture, Chairman; Dr. G.L. Johnson; R.W. Driskill;, Julian Field; Jim Stufflebean. Advertising Committee, Forrest Thomas, Chairman; L.F. Brewer; M.B. Smith.  Purchasing Committee, W.B. Hayes, Chairman; Fred Rennie; M.G. Cox; W.A. Lewis. Agriculture Committee, J.R. Walby, Chairman; Walter Nance; Hardee Russell; Harry Hamilton.  Rural Acquaintance Committee, Goul W. Frier, Chairman; Hardee Russell; R.W. Driskill; C.A. Reed; E.C. Pyle.  Civic Committee, W.A. Nicholson, Chairman; Dr. N.H. Lindsey,; E.P. Duffy; Tom Conner; W.R. Bell.  Good Roads Committee, C.A. Reed, Chairman; Walter Hart; Lee Fields.

Rush Creek Bridge Opened Saturday

The bridge across Rush Creek in south Pauls Valley on U.S. Highway No. 77 that has been under construction since late summer, was completed and opened to traffic on Saturday, January 7.  This is a 800 foot concrete and steel bridge spanning Rush creek raised above the high water level.  It is one of the best structures on this highway, having been built by the State Highway Department at a cost of approximately $50,000.00.  With the opening of this bridge the highway knows as state no. 4 and U.S. No. 77 is now opened in its entirety from Oklahoma City south to the state line with the exception of one mile entering Wynnewood, and the Washita Bridge entering this route which it is expected will be completed and open to traffic within thirty to sixty days.   When the Wynnewood bridge is copleted the road through the state north and south will be concreted or graveled nearly the entire route.

Activities of the Sheriff's Office

W.A. Winchester was brought to Pauls Valley this week by R.D. Blanton, from Concord, Texas, upon a charge of removing mortaged property from the state.  He had taken a car belonging to the Love Motor Company of Wynnewood to Texas, without going through the formality of settling off the mortgage.  He is now held in the county jail pending the making of bond or some other dispositin of the case.  Oscar Carlton and O.T. Glenn of the McCarty neighborhood were arrested Tuedsday of this week and held in the county jail by reason of their bondsmen taking their names from a bond executed on a petit larcey case filed some time ago against these tow parties.  They are being held pending the making of new bond.Jeff Stanton and Frank James were arrested by Deputy Sheriff Owensby on a charge of distrubing religious worship at Mexico Springs school house Sunday night.  They were placed in the county jail and later released on bond for trail upon this charge.  They both pleaded not guilty and demanded a hearing.   Sheriff Blanton left Wednesday for the penitentiary with one Warren Bradley, who was sentenced to a term of three years on a charge of grand larceny in connection with t he taking of an automobile from the Rabon Motor Company.  He escaped last summer, but was lately apprehended and entered  his plea of guilty.

Innocent looking rubbish in a cellar is the cause of many a bad fire.   For safe and sure insurance phone 678.  C.T. Loftin.

Stone Will Be Candidate for Sheriff

Bill Stone, court clerk of Garvin County, authorizes the Democrat to state that he will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Sheriff of Garvin County before the August primaries and that he will make his official announcement in due time.   Mr. Stone who has made an efficient and accommodating court clerk, says he wishes to ask for this promotion form the voters of Garvin County and that as he has definitely decided to make the race for sheriff wishes to let his friends know now.

Burglars and Auto Thieves Visit City

Burgulars and auto thieves visited the city Tuesday night in full force, breaking into the Worley bakery store and failing in an attempt to enter Pyle Produce House.  Some four dollars in cash left in the cash register was missing at Worley's but just how much merchandise if any were taken is hard to determine.  No large amounts are missing.  Entrance was effected through the front door by breaking the lock.  An unsuccesful attempt was made to enter the produce house.  It is presumed that hides and pecans were the loot sought at the produce house.  The two automobiles missing on Tuesday night belonged to Claud Terry and W.A. Lewis.  The Terry car, a Ford touring, was stolen from in front of Burns Bros. Hardware store while the Lewis car, a Chevrolet Coupe, was taken from its parking near the high school building.

Bethel News

School is progressing nicely with the enrollment of two new pupils, Lois and Loreth Rose.  Marjorie Lawson is ill and also Earline Lawson is out of school.   J.M. Shepard has been ill but he is able to be in school.  John Hargis is much better and each one will be glad when he returns to school.  On Friday, January 13, the basketball boys have announced a pie supper for which the proceeds will be used to buy a new ball and other playground equipemtn.  Miss Retha Hines spent Sunday with Gyula Daniels.  Mr. and Mrs. J.A. West of Minco are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Joel west.  Misses Jessie and Dorothy Lee spent Sunday with Marjorie and Earline Lawson.  Mr. and Mrs. Dick Alcorn have moved to Pauls Valley where they will make their home.  Pearl Daniels spent Sunday with Lucille Hines.  Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Sheppard had as their guests Sunday Mrs. C.W. roberts.  Mrs. Jane Sheppard is spending the week with Mr. and  Mrs. Sheppard.  Misses Myrtle Belvin and Pirt Pierce spent the weekend with Mrs. Mnnie Allen at ?????.  Lucille Hines spent Thursday night with Mr. and Mrs. F.c. Hayes.  Miss Lem, while spending the weekend at Pauls Valley, happened to a car accident.  The car in which Miss Lem was riding was torn up but she came out with just a few minor injuries.

Bettie Jo Beddo

Bettie Jo, two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.W. Beddo, died at an early hour Monday Jan 9th, following a short illness.  Funeral services were held at the Antioch cemetery where interment was had.  Mr. Beddo is County Weighter of Garvin county and has hosts of friends over the county who hoin in extending condolence to he and Mrs. Beddo.

Brady News

Standardized tests in grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and captillization have been given to all the students from the thrid to the eleventh grade in the Brady school.  Through these tests we hope to accomplish a great deal by finding where the student is weak and giving work to remedy this weekness.  Last Tuesday afternon, the high school boys and girls lost two games to Katie.  The scores were Brady boys 8 and Katie boys 11.  The grade boys and girls won from Liberty by the following score: Brady boys 6, Liberty boys3 and Brady girls 7, Liberty girls 1.   Next week the high school will entertain in chapel.  Everyone is invited to come out to our chapel program.  Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Pope and family and Mr. and Mrs. Elliott and daughter, Ines, of Maysville spent  Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Pope and family.  Miss Dovey Walker and Frank Moore were the guests of Miss Delena Thomas Sunday afternoon.  Velma Randolph was the Monday night guest of Emma Hightower.   Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Pipkin had as their Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Nation and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pipkin.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom White and family were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Will Terrell Sunday.  Mrs. Couch is able to be back in the school room after five days absence on account of sickness.  Jennie V. Bales is back in school after being absent several days on account of sickness.

Infant Dies

The infant son of Mr. and  Mrs. B.W. Cole died at the family home in this city at an early hour Monday, Jan 9th.  Funeral services were held at Mt. Olivet Cemetery by  Elder George.  Mr. Cole is an employee of the American Express Co., of this city.

Paoli Sunshine Club

Friday afternoon, January 6, the Sunshine Club met with Mrs. George Saxton and a very delightful time was had.  Miss Martin, county home demonstration agent, was present and gave the first aid demonstration, which is very beneficial to all housekeepers.  Much enthusiasum was shown during the meeting and we believe there will be an increased interest throught the year.  Miss Martin distributed copies of the Club Creed which we have never been able to secure before.  We think by understanding this Creed and doing as it teaches us, there will be more efforts expended and better cooperation throughout the year.  The following officers were elected for the new year.  President - Mrs. C.E. riley, Secretary - Mrs. George Saxon, Reporter - Mrs. J.M. Pemberton.  It was decided to revise our membership ??? as there were a number of members on roll who have not attended for several meetings.  Mrs. J.B. Segroves who has been ill for some time was a very active member in the club.  A committee was appointed to assign each member something to do for Mrs. Segroves during her illness as a token of respect.  The following committees were appointed.   Membership committee - Mrs.  C.E. Riley, Mrs. D.F. Pendley and Mrs. J.M. Pemberton.   Committee to assist Mrs. Segroves - Mrs. J.L. Walden, Mrs. D.L. thompson and Mrs. S.L. Carder.  Committee on Year Book - Mrs. George Saxon, Mrs. J.M. Pemberton and Mrs. Jake King.  After the business hour, delicious refreshments were served by the hostess.  The next regular meeting will be held on February 7, in the home of Mrs. Schlinker.

Little Want Ads

For Rent:  6 room, modern house, 902 North Willow, R.L. Philips, Phone 37

Get our prices before ordering your baby chicks, Odell's Chick Hatchery

Phone Long Bell for your glass, doors, paper and paint troubles.   Instant service. Phone #1

Salesman wanted for lubricating oils, greases and paints.  Excellent opportunity.  Salary or commission.  The Jed Oil and Paint Co., Cleveland Ohio

Wanted - Hear from owner good farm for sale.  Cash price, particulars   - D.F. Bush, Minneapolis, Minn

I am still buying Garvin county leases and royalties, paying highest prices for them.   William E. Reel, Myers Building, Pauls Valley, Okla.

Lost - Class ring of Weslian College, A.B. class 1926.  Name inside ring.  Finder return to Rev. L.R. Vanderpool of Whitebead Methodist church.

Have limited amount private money to load on good first mortgages farm or city property.  Quick service.  Harry Gage, Phone 442

Good used Piano stored near Pauls Valley for sale.  If interested address Frederick Kroh Music Co., Oklahoma City, Okla.

Perfected Whippet

Quality car at the lowest price in our history - In the perfected Whippet you will find all those features pioneered in the Whippet and now being adopted by other light car manufacturers, amazing economy, high speed and pick-up, big four-wheel brakes, increased roominess, low center of gravity and more attractive lines.  In the Whippet, too, will be found improvements lacking in some or all other light cars, gasoline tank in the rear, force-feed lubrication, silent timing chain, adjustable steering wheel, dry plate clutch, longer springbase and numerous mechanical refinements that mean longer, more satisfactory service.   Coach - $535 (reduction $90), Touring - $455 (reduction $170), Sedan (4-door) - $585 (reduction $140), Roadster (2-pass) - $485, Roadster (with rumble seat) - $525 (reduction $170), Coupe  - $535 (reduction $90).

Pauls Valley Democrat, Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma, Thursday, January 19, 1928

Wyatt Chapel News

We have an enrollment of seventy-five and have excellent attendance and a great interest.  We also have wonderful cooperation on the part of the parents.   Our organizations are not so far advanced, but are looking prosperous.  We have recently organized the bous and firls Canning and Agricultural clubs, under the supervision of the County Demonstration Agent.  We have also organized a Parent Teachers organization.  Wyatt Chapel is Twenty-five miles out in the sticks but the new faculty declares that they shall score a super model school and assures their patrons that Wyatt will be heard from.  Miss Florence Vawter ahs been in the Community and school two years.  She is from Oklahoma City and is satisfied with our school and Community.  This is Mr. Robert Romine's first year in teaching.  He is a product of East Central State Teacher's College and a former resident of Pauls Valley.  He has been grinding hard trying to model a super model school for his first record as a teacher.

Bring us your watch and jewelry work for prompt work and satisfactory services. J.J. King, Jeweler.

Garvin Springs News

There was a large crrwd present at church Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday niight.  The patrons' meeting was well attended last Friday and a great deal of interest manifested in keeping our school on the model list.  Next Monday was set aside as a work day.  We hope to have everyone present.  Whitebead's second team came over for a basketball game last Wednesday and won by a score of 6 to 8.  The boys come without a teacher, but conducted themselves in such a gentlemanly way we fell it worthy of memtin.  They are a credit to their school.  Personals:  Those visiting Mrs. T.B. Weatherford Sunday were Bernice Mayfield, Alvin Abernathy, Stacy   Roller, Vernie and Vera Burton, Maud and Georgia Stellman and Noma Beck.  Miss Tressie Lewis took dinner with Miss Connie Beck Sunday.  Mr. Quimby Stellman spent Sunday with Mr. Carl Mayfield.  Velma Parmer, Frank Pelfrey and Norman McGregory took dinner with Miss Beulah Jenkins Sunday.  Miss Juanita Measles and Mr. Bud Casker of Wallville were married at the home of Mr. I.B. Jenkins Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Cottrell of Love spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. ???????.  Mr. Roy Lewis took dinner with Mr. Ralph Burton Sunday.  Miss Emma Lee and Edna Roller spent the weekend with their uncle, Mr. D.E. roller.  Miss Winifred McGregor spent Sunday with Betty May McGregor.

To Build Brick Apartment House

Mrs. Della Atkins, for many years proprietor and operator of the Commercial Hotel, has plans about ready for contractors to give her estimates on a new modern brick rooming and apartment house to be built on lots now occupied by the Commercial Hotel of North Santa Fe Street.  Mrs. Atkins proposes to build a two-story structure that will contain four apartments besides 20 rooms for roomers.  The new building will be set back on the corner north of the present building.

Rabon Motor Co., Inc.

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, January 17th, 1928.  To Whom It May Concern:- This is to certify that on the 14th day of January, 1928, at 2:30 p.m. I personally sealed the radiator and hood of Chevrolet touring car for Rabon Motor Company, and driven by Mr. Frank Charboneay, on 50 hour non-stop run, using official Santa Fe Railroad Company Seals on the hood and sealing wax on the radiator cap, using my official stamp on same.

Liberty News

Editor: Ida Sandridge.  Asst Editory, Ala Sandridge and Sadie Vaughn.   Jokes, Paul Nowlin.  Sunday school was booming Sunday with a record-breaking crowd.  Everyone come again next Sunday and bring someone with you.  singing was well attended Sunday night.  Come out again next Sunday  night and hear the glee club girls sing.  Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Summitt and family visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Frank McKinnie.  Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Lasater visited Annette and Florine Lasater Sunday at Chickasha.  Mr. J.L. Sandridge and family spent Sunday at Maysville with Mr. Alva Austin and family.  Mr. Jack Foster and Misses Ala and Ida Sandridge visited  Sunday evening in Maysville, Paoli, Pauls Valley and Wynnewood.

Plaster Returned Home From Hospital

Albert Plaster, one of the victims of the recent gas explosion who was carried to a hospital in Oklahoma City for special treatment of his ankles which were fractured, was returned home from the city on Friday and is reported as improving slowly but satisfactorily.

Civit News

Staff: Editor - Mr. Winn. Assit. Editor - Miss Gipson, Society - Eula Ray, Personal - Frances Warren, Jokes - Jennings Poindexter, Sponsor - Mrs. E.L. Warren.   Society - There was no Sunday School or Church Sunday but there was singing Sunday night.  Quite a large crowd was present and some new songs were learned.   Personals.  The stork visited Geo and Anna Poindexter on the sixth of this month leaving with them a fine boy.  Mr. Jim Page and family of Stratford spent the weekend in Civet visiting relatives and friends.  Misses Gipson, Agnes and Eula Webster and Miss Lorine Powell spent Sunday with Frances Warren in the afternoon they went kodaking.  Mr. and Mrs. Fields of Pauls Valley and Mrs. Warren took supper Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Page.  They enjoyed the goos supper which Mrs. Page served.  Mrs. Jim Page and little daughter and Mrs. Ruth Page took dinner Monday with Mrs. Warren and girls.  mr. and Mrs. John Webster were Sunday guests in the H.C. Adkins home.  Mr. Andy Webster spent the weekend in Whitebead visiting friends.   Prairie Grove came over Friday and played basketball with the school.  The Civet school won the game.  Girls scores were 28 to 8 and boys' scores were 16 to 6.   Mr. Noah Wade wad family of Lindsay, Mr. North and family with two friends, all of Wynnewood, Mrs. Minnie and Myrtle Harlan and Mr. Corel Poindexter and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Poindexter.

Mauldin  School News

School work has been going on nicely since the holidays.  Our boys' basketball team was defeated by Pernell grade team, the scores being 9 and 4.  The attendance in Sunday school is increasing and much interest is being shown by both adults and children.   singing was held at the home of O.A. Eastep's Thursday night where all seemed to enjoy the evening.  In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Henderson, who leave this week for California, Mr. and Mrs.  W.A. Johnson gave a commnity singing in their home Sunday night.  Among those present from other communities were Mr. and Mrs. Derrell Duke and Mrs. Durr from Satterwhite, Miss Florence Vawter, Haskell Cook and Frank Fitzgerald from Carver City and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ward from Pernell.   We are sorry to hear of the injuries of Mrs. C.C. Evans and Mr. Goodson, caused by a car running into the truck on which these people were riding.  All other occupants escaped injury.

Pauls Valley Democrat, Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma, Thursday, January 28, 1928

Pauls Valley Business College

Owned And Operated by the American Business College, Incorporated.   Will open Wednesday, February 1st at Old First National Bank Building (opposite Leland Hotel). Day students report at eight thirty a.m..  Night students at seven p.m..  To those contemplating entering: there is not ime like the present.   Anything worth doing is worth doing NOW, accent on NOW.  Those who procrastinate will see those who act NOW, graduate and have positions and on their road to success, while they are waiting. A weak heart never won a fair lady!  If you do not have confidence in yourself, your ability, then you can not expect others to have, and other will doubt you as you doubt yourself.  You pay for an education whether you get it or not.  Every young man or woman who fails to get a business traingin pays for it in uncertainty of employment, lower wages, and lace of opportunity for advancement.   All down through life they continue to pay this price.  Decide now to take a thorough business training during the next few months.

Union Springs News

The Freshman English Class Personals.  Mr. T.P. Adams was guest of J.N. Harper and family Sunday.  Miss Mabel Hayes had as her guest Sunday, Sallie, Alma and Audie Spence, Hazel, Viloa and Lahoma Harper, Mary and Golda Williams, Edna Lewis, Ela Webster, Leona Cunningham, Alice Maness and Aurelia Biggs and Mssrs Marshall and Lee Raines, Dolphus and Earl Pruitt, Lee  Shirley, Newman Ward, Leonard Lewis and Earl Spann.  Supt. and Mrs. Cole were visitors in Mr. Dewy Cole''s home Saturday.   Hoke Etheridge spent Saturday night in the W.C. Spann home.  Mrs. W.C. Spann and son, William, visited in the W.J. Spann home Sunday.  Misses Jalle Webster and Ruby Gipson visited Miss Lela Spann Sunday.  Miss Aurelia Biggs spent Sunday night with Lela Spann.  Freshman Alms - Margaret O'Gwin so good in algebra, Tommy Spencer to grow a little larger, Perry Coffey to make high grades, Anna Shirley to take her piano lesson, Ellen Sage to quit being late.  Mrs. Spence - Why, Buster who have you heard saying that terrible word?  Buster - Santa Claus.   Mrs. Spence - Santa Claus? Buster - Yes, he siad it when he fell over the chair in my room on Christman Eve night.  Senior Play - The senior class of Union Springs High Shcool will present the paly, "It Can't Be Done", Friday night, January 27th.  The cast is as follows:  Joan - Opal Shirley, Jack - Julie Webster, Darby - Frank Pruitt, Jill - Hazel Harper.  The play is a musical comedy in two acts and its a scream from beginning to end.

Whitebead News

Sunday school was well attended Sunday.  There was also a large attendance at League.  Miss Minnie Love will lead next Sunday night.  Mrs. Jim Phipps and daughter, Mrs. Leman Fisher, spend Sunday evening in the Cowan home.   Misses Virginia and Lorene Powell, Agnes Webster and Frassie Herring and Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Herring motored to Civet Sunday.  Miss Inabell Glover spent Sunday with Miss Dorothy Doll Montgomery.  Mr. Spain, who has bee very ill, is reported no better.  Mr. and Mrs. White fo Francis spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Love.   A few friends called on Misses Lorene and Virginia Powell Monday night and played a few games.  Everyone reported a nice time.  Miss Agnes Webster spent the night Monday with Miss Inabell Glover.  Miss Ruth Crabtree spent Monday night with Miss Lorene Powell.  Mr. Roland Mitchell spent Sunday afternoon w ith Harry Herring.

Katie News

Church was well attended Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night.   Brother Clark delivered a good sermon each time.  Singing was well attended on Thursday night.  Everyone come out Thursday night and bring someone with you.   Miss Oleta Grimes spent the day with Effie Brewer Sunday.  Miss Noni Christian was a Sunday evening guest of Misses Floy and Daphine Landers.  Mr. Jessie Roady and George Goodenough of Brady were visitors at Katie Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Grimes and son, Billie Joe, were visiting Mrs. Grimes parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Sunday.   Miss Effie Brewer spent Saturday night with orene Clark.  Miss Jimmie Porter is attending school at Wynnewood.  Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Landers were visiting with friends of Oak Grove Sunday.  Miss Ethel Horn and Mr. Floyd Bullard spent Tuesday night with Miss Merie and Mr. Doyce Vaughn.  Miss Lorene Clark spent Tuesday night with Willie Joe Hale.  Miss Effie Brewer was a guest of Miss Oleta Grimes Tuesday night.  Miss Willie McGee was the guest of Willie Garvin Tuesday night.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Roady spent Saturday with the latters parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Landers.   Misses Bertha and Leola Ward spent Sunday ngith with Misses Floy and Daphine Landers.  Mr. Doyle Vaughn, Frank Walters and Elsie Cottrell attended singing at Oak Grove Sunday night.  Miss Floy Landers, Bertha Ward and Fred Randolph spent Monday night with Mr. and Mrs. Prim Roady.

Antioch News

Miss Ninadeen McCaskill and Miss Beulah Woolsey took supper with Miss Etta and Esther McCaskill Sunday night.  Miss beulah Collins, Miss Edna Hayes, Miss Agnes Dean, Miss Euie and Ira Johnson took supper with Mrs. Jewel Burks Sunday night.  Miss Beulah Collins and Agnes dean spent a while with Mrs. Carrie Gregg Sunday morning.   Mrs. Ora Hayes and Miss Edna Hayes spent last week with relatives at Ardmore.   Mrs. Esther Cox spent Saturday with Mrs. Ora Collins.  School is progressing satisfactory to date with a large attendance and with interest manifested in basketball.   Singing at this place Sunday night was reported to be fine.  Orval Adams and family spent Saturday night with Mr. Murdock Cagle and family.  Mr. and Mrs. Andrews of Anitoch received a present consisting of a fine son this week.

Love News

Rev. Johnson filled his regular appointment here last Sunday and Sunday night.  Bible class was well attended Sunday evening.  Singing was well attended Friday night.  Miss Saphine Bishop took dinner with bertha and Ethel Bishop.   Mr. Till Cottrell's sister has been visiting with him.  Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Murray and daughter of Lindsay were visiting friends and relatives at this place Sunday.   Pete Worley and Willie Bee Fisher were visiting Herman Cantrell Sunday.  Mrs. Mattie Jackson has been on the sick list but is better now.  Mr. and Mrs. Walter Adams and Mr. Menton Baxter went to Garvin Springs Sunday to hear Rev. Campbell preach.   Mr. Eugene Tomlinson was visiting in the Whitebead community Sunday.  Mr. RC. Murray of Oklahoma City is visiting Mr. Louis Murray at present.  Mr. Owen White was visiting in this community Sunday.  The B.Y.P.U. was well attended Sunday night.   Come to bible calss next Sunday evening.  Rev. Carlton will preach next Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night.


Pauls Valley Democrat, Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma, Thursday, March 1, 1928

Activities of the Sheriff's Office

Several boys of the Seven-Shooter community were arrested and brought in to the county jail Sunday charged with some trouble occurring at Malicoat's store Saturday night.  It was charged that they had broken into the store and taken some candy, tobacco and other articles of small value.  The case was set for preliminary hearing and they were released on bond.

J.T. McNeely and J.A. B ird were arrested by deputy sheriff E.C. Part and T.T. Hutchinson Friday night and brought to the county jail.  They were charged with transporting intoxicating liquor.  McNeely entered his plea of guilty and is now lodged in the county jail doing a sentence of 30 dyas and a fine of $100.00.  Bird entered a plea of not guilty and is now being held in the county jail in default of bond.

Melford Bruner, (Col.) was arrested Friday charged with driving a car on the streets of Pauls Valley while intoxicated.  He entered his plea of not guilty, was bound over to the district court where he is held in default of bond.

District Court for March 12th

There will be a regular term of the District Court beginning Monday, March 12th.  Criminal cases will be heard the first and civil cased the following week.   Following is a list of the jurors that have been summoned for service upon this term:

George Abernathy, Wynnewood
N.M. Adams, Wynnewood
J.D. Alexander, Pauls Valley
J.B. Beller, Pauls Valley
I.B. Berry, Wynnewood
W.L. Berry, Maysville
J.L. Bowles, Maysville
B.O. Boyer, Pauls Valley
D.B. Bryant, Pauls Valley
Rube  Burch, Wynnewood
R.P. Byles, Wayne, Rt. 2
W.E. Carr, Roff
Clarence Coffman, Pauls Valley
R.R. Clements, Wynnewood
W.S. Cowley, Pauls Valley
L.B. Denham, Pauls Valley
R.W. Driskell, Pauls Valley
J.H. Duncan, Wynnewood
C.R. Eason, Pauls Valley
J.H. Endicot, Stratford
P.H. Everett, Stratford
Lee Fields, Pauls Valley
T.L. Fleming, Pauls Valley
C.W. Force, Maysville
M.L. Foust, Elmore City
W.L. Franklin, Maysville
J.A. Futrell, Paoli
W.D. Gibson, Pauls Valley
T.J. Goodner, Maysville
Sam Green, Elmore City
A.W. Griffin,  Elmore City
J.A. Haynes, Wynnewood
O.J. Holford, Wynnewood
W.R. Jackson, Wynnewood
B.S. Jones, Hennepin
W.A. Johnston, Elmore City
L.M. Jolly, Elmore City
W.P. Kennedy,  Elmore City
W.E. Kinnebrew, Pauls Valley
O.B. Lawrence, Pauls Valley
A.A. McConnell, Elmore City
E.J. Mitchell, Wynnewood
John Nowlin, Pauls Valley
C.M. Potts, Elmore City
J.F. Pruitt, Pauls Valley
F.L. Purcell, Pauls Valley
H.H. Quinn, Wynnewood
B.F. Rowland, Stratford
Tom Chamley, Pauls Valley
F.E. Sliger, Stratford
H.H. Teeters, Wynnewood
J.L. Thrasher, Iona
W.L. Tomlinson, Foster
H.M. Vaughn, Wynnewood
P.W. Walker, Wynnewood
J.D. Ward, Pauls Valley
C.A. Watts, Stratford
Dock Welch, Wynnewood
Earl Witten, Pauls Valley

Jail Prisoners To McAlester

Sheriff Blanton left early Wednesday morning for McAlester accompained by Carroll Moody, John Law, Earl Witten and Frank Mathies, as special guards for the prisoners transportation.  The prisoners removed included the three Wynnewood robbers, W.R. Calloway, L.L. Calloway, Raymond Wilson, and J.D. Myers, convicted of robbing Wynnewood Filling Station.  It will be quite a relief to the officers to be rid of these parties who have been considered dangerous since their incarceration in November.  It has been deemed necesary to employ two special night guards to prevent possible jail deliveries.  The greatest precautions have been used to prevent any chance to make excape.  These robbers are supposed to have connection with several dangerous and notorious criminals who are known to be at liberty.  These prisoners would have been taken to McAlester sooner but for an order of the warden to vaccinate them against small pox and hold them fourteen days.  The time expired yesterday.   This leaves a large number in the county jail but none of them confined on serious charges and the guard and extra precautions will probably not be observed with the same degree of vigilience as has been used for the past four months.

Fair Store Opening with Style Show

The new Fiar Department Store successors tot he Van Hoozer Store, announce the opening of this new department store with a style show on Friday evening, March 2nd, at which time the new spring apparel will be displayed on live models at the store during the evening.  an elaborate program has been arranged for the entertainment of the crowds who will attend the opening of this new store.  The general public is invited to visit the store on Driday evening, see the newest spring styles and hundreds of other items of interest to the buying public.  Permission has been given by the management to the high school boys and girls who will arrange a number of reserved seats in the store for which they will charge 10 cents each, the proceeds going to the school.  But you do not have to pay admission and are invited to attend and be present regardless of taking a reserve seat for the evenings program.  An orchestra has been engaged for the evenings entertainment which will furnish music.  A style show with live models, and other entertainment features will be had.  A beauty contest will be one of the features of the evening.  The successful young lady will be given an opportunity at the expense of the Fair Department Store to try at the state beauty contest.

Russell's Return From Eastern Markets

Mr. and Mrs. Hardee Russell returned Sunday from the eastern markets where they spent then days completing the purchases of spring and summer merchandise for this popular department store.  Mr. Russell states that he selected some of the most beautiful spring styles he has ever shown, most of which is now here and on display for the approval of the public.  Plans are now being made to rebuilt the front of the Russell building adding up-to-date show windows which when completed will be a long needed want filled.  This is one of the best locations in the city but has been sorely handicapped by the lack of a modern front.

W.R. Wren Receives Watchmakers Diploma

W.R. Wren of the local firm of M.B. Smith, Pauls Valley's leading jewelry store, has recently passed the Horological test and received his diploma as a certified watchmaker.  Mr. Wren has made a record to be proud of.  After serving as a soldier in the world war he was placed in government training school at San Antonio, Texas where he took up watch making, serving two and a half years, after which he was transferred to M.B. Smith's in Pauls Valley to complete his course.  Mr. Wren has worked faithfully with Mr. Smith for three years, completing his course wiht flying colors and has succeeded in passing all the requirement tests of the Horological Institute of America, Washington, D.C. and received his diploma.  The Horological Institute of America was organized to promote the science of timekeeping, under the auspices of the National Research Council of Washington, D.C..  The examination given by the Institute are of three grades, varying in difficulty but very practical and consisting of first class watch repairing and a written examination on theory and technique.  After the applicant has completed the repair work, the watch is tested by the National Bureau of Standards at Washington to ascertain its efficiency in timekeeping and the work is further closely examined and graded by the Certificate Committee of the Horolgical Institute.

Cox Abstract Co. To New Quarters

The M.G. Cox Abstract Co., will move about the first of the month to the building recently vacated by the Morehead Music Co., in the 100 block on West Paul Avenue and with the Home Mutual Life Association will occupy the entire building.  The entire floor will be fitted with offices to house the abstract company and the home office of the life assurance society.   The phenominal growth of the abstract company headed by Mr. Cox and the Home Mutual headed by Mr. Clark makes it necessary to have more room to take care of the expanded businesses.  They have been in temporary quarters in the Kimbrelin building since the explosion some weeks ago and recently secured a lease on the new quarters which are being fitted for their occupancy.

Presbyterian Services

Rev. E.N. Comfort, Presbyterian Student Pastor at University of Oklahoma will preach at the morning hour only on Sunday March 4, 1928.  He plans to have Communion services also and it is especially urged that all members attend this particular service.  You will enjoy Rev. Comfort's sermon.

The First Sin

Sunday evening at 7:30 the Methodist Church will present the story of THE FIRST SIN in beautiful pictures, the sermon to be delivered by the pastor Rev. Walter Douglass.  Illustrated songs to be sung from the screen.  Arrangements are being made to seat the entire balcony so that the great crowd which is expected may be seated.

Misses Ester Martin and Attelia Jordan spent last week in Stillwater


Pauls Valley Democrat, Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma, Thursday, March 8, 1928

Sentences In The District Court

Several sentences were passed by the District Court Tuesday during a short non-jury term.  G.O. Lynn of Shawnee, Oklahoma, entered a plea of guilty to the charge of forgery and received a sentence of two years in the penitentiary at McAlester.   He was charged with passing a forged check to the Williamson Grocery Company and receiving some groceries and cash in excahnge.  Thurmond Baker was given a suspended sentence of two years on a charge of burglary.  It was charged that he broke into the store of J.A. Roy of Pauls Valley and took some clothes he had previously left there.   The statements of witnesses showed that he was intoxicated at the time he did this.   Raymond Henry, a young Indian boy was given a suspended sentence of two years in the Granite Reformatory on a charge of forgery, it being charged that he passed a forged check of $5.00 to Shumate & Sons for some goods and money.  Henry had served about ninety days int he county jail, previous to entering his plea.

District Court Monday

Another jury term of the District Court will begin Monday, opening with some criminal cases.  The first three days of the court will be devoted to criminal cases, and the rest of the term to civil business.  The case of State vs Buster Cape and W.H. Finley will probably be the first called.  Several other criminal cases will probably be disposed of during the three days.  Cape will be tried for the killing of Henry Martin on November 3rd, on the streets of Pauls Valley.  At a previous trial the jury was unable to reach a verdict, and a mistrial was had.

Hurt Candidate For County Attorney

Homer L. Hurt, assistant County Attorney for the past four years, will be a candidate for the office of County Attorney to succeed Mr. Moody who will not be a candidate for re-election, subject to the Democratic primaries next August.  Mr. Jurt will make his announcement as soon as he gets time.  The county attorneys office has been busy this week preparing for the March term of court which opens next Monday and for a week or more will be busy with cases before district court after which he will have time to give attention to his announcement.  Mr. Hurt has been a splendid assistant and is well qualified for the office of county attorney and his experience the past four years will be invaluable to him as the county prosecutor.  We have heard of no opposition to his candidacy and it is possible that he may be the only applicant upon the democratic ticket.  His announcement and his views upon law enforcement will appear shortly.

Dies At Hosptial

Charles E. Turner, age 37 years, died at the Pauls Valley Sanitarium on Sunday.  Deceased who was a resident of Maysville and opertor of a garage and service station in that city, was brought to the hospital a week before for treatment and operation for absess of the lungs.  Funeral services were conducted at the Methodist church in Maysville Monday afternoon followed by interment in the Maysville cemetery.   Deceased is survived by a wife and five children.  James Stufflebean of the local undertaking firm of Stufflebean and Meyers had cahrge of the funeral arrangements.


Fair Department Store Stages Opening

The opening night of the new Fair Department Store successors to the Van Hoozer Store, held on last Friday evening was a most brilliant affair drawing crowds and making new history for Pauls Valley and Garvin County.  Brilliantly lighted and artistically decorated the stock were displayed in a most befitting manner.  Dozens of baskets of flowers sent by local business and professional people with many coming from out of city wholesale firms added to the decoratings and gave a touch of gayety that was in tune with the gala occasion.  Mrs. Joe Loftin rendered two vocal solos as a part of the program, and Mr. Slader of of Carnegie also gave two vocal numbers.  An orchestra interspersed the evening's program with music in keeping with the occasion.   A style show in the newest in ladies, misses and gentlemen and little men'a apparel was shown on live models.  Those modeling for the occasion were:  Miss Marie Monroe as Miss Fair, Mrs. Floyd Raybon, Misses Mary Neil Edwards, Nena B. Bentley, Vera Kennedy, Wanda Grimmett, Harriett Houghlin, Katherine Camp, Christine Bennett, Marie Stokes, Irene Wilson, Virginia Ross, Katherine Goad, Paul Laverne Goad, Rebecca Lou Cox, Mercedes Frier, Marion Glasco, Mrs. Pauline Glasco, and Ivanett Childress of Duncan.    Those modeling men's and boys clothing were: Herman Longshore, Hobart, Clyde   Sherrill, Richard Blanton, Meyer Winkleman and John Hugh Taylor, Jr.  Opening for business Saturday morning the Fair Department Store has been enjoying a splendid business and the manager, Mr. Hugh Taylor, is highly pleased with the opening reception and response to the efforts of this firm to give the citizens of this county a first class store.  W. Winkeman, one of the proprietors, was present for the opening Friday and Saturday and was highly elated at the prospects of business in this city.

Dr. H.C. Laird Visits in City

Dr. H.C. Laird, one time resident of htis city and who yet nominally claims Pauls Valley as home, was a visitor in the city this week looking after business matters and visiting friends.  Dr. Laird who is a specialist has spent considerable time in New York City taking special post graduate work the past two years and while there met many eminent men of his profession among them a Lieut. Proctor Fields of the U.S. Marines, who is now in Nicaragua and from Whom Dr. Laird had a letter recently giving an account of Lieut. Fields work in South America.

Improvement at Mt. Olivet Cemetery

The ladies of the Cemetery Association who have charge of the work as well as city officials who provide most of the funds for the work are to be congratulated upon the splendid work and improvements of the grounds at Mt. Olivet Cemetery south of the city.  The ladies early in December arranged for the employment of a full time sexton who has been busy for the past three months cleaning the grounds, making fills in the low places and grading the streets until a wonderful appearance has been wrought.  It is the hope of those in charge to get work up to where, with the cooperation of lot owners, the grounds may be kept clean during the summer months as well as glowers and new shrubbery grown.  The association do not have sufficient funds at their command to have all the work done including cleaning of the individual lots and graves but if they can get the cooperation of the owners of lots to keep them cleaned they will have sufficient funds to keep the grounds clean and attractive.  Individuals who will assist in the work by cleaning their lots will greatly help the work.  If you do not have time to look after your lots or live out of the city you can arrange with the sexton to have the work done at a nominal fee.  He will arrange to look after cleaning your grave or lot regular throughout the year if you desire.  The Cemeery is lcoated on the highway No. 77 and thousands of tourists will pass by the grounds during the spring and summer and it would be a splendid advertisement for the community to have a clean and well kept cemetery.  It shows pride.  We have it.  Let's show it.


I, W.R. Bell, Mayor of the city of Pauls Valley, Okla., by virture of the power vested in met as Mayor, and at the request of the Civic Committee do hereby proclaim Wednesday, March 21st, 1928, a day set aside as "CLEAN UP DAY" and insist that every resident within the city limits of Pauls Valley to place all garbage and refuse of every kind in a receptacle in the alley so that same can be collected and hauled off by the city wagons.  W.R. Bell, Mayor, Attest: W.J. Harris, City Secretary

Local Teacher Receives Recognition

Mrs. A.S. Spangler has recently met the tests and requirements of the State Board of Education and received a "Certificate" to grant credits in High School music and Theory.

First Christian Church

Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Preaching by the pastor at both the morning and evening hour.  The public is invited to any or all our services.  R.A. Brigam, Pastor

Mr. and Mrs. Goul W. Frier were Oklahoma City visitors this week.   Mr. Frier attended a creamery meeting.

Pauls Valley Democrat, Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma, Thursday, June 7, 1928

Allstott Takes Washing Machine Agency

Wish a few lines in your valuable paper.  Pleased to state I have taken the agency on the Torrent Automatic Washing Machine for Garvin County.  It is the last work in washing machine invention.  It parallels so close to my feed mixing invention in economical ways that I can't refuse the offer in helping them to get it out.   So I have Garvin County.  Mr. Abbot will try and show you its doo-dad stunts.   If I get to stringing molasses out over Garvin county, it puts me guessin ghow to get by the wash woman.  So with hopes that the automatic washer will do its part.   If its what they say it is, its near a blessing to humanity (cleanliness next to godliness) and like my own outfit, in reach of all who need it as to price.  $9.75 puts it in working order for your home.  Will have one in at once for Mr. Abbott to show.  Respectfully, J.O. Allstott

Card of Thanks

We wish to take this method of thanking our friends for their words and deeds of kindness rendered us during the prolonged illness and death of our darling mother.  Especially do we thank Dr. Johnson for his honest and untiring efforts to save the life of the one we love so well.  we also thank those who presented the lovely boquest to cheer her in her few remaining hours.  We thank you for the beautiful floral offerings which, in its meek way, helped us to bear our burden in one of the darkest hours of our life.  May the lives of the dear little children of the Whitebead school who sent the pretty box of flowers be spared to do many more deeds of kindness for their broken-hearted schoolmates.  Mr. and  Mrs. M Holland, Mr. and   Mrs. Lee Holland, Robert Mitchell, Lois Mitchell, Roland Mitchell.

O'Dell's fresh Eggs, stamped and guaranteed.  Phone 475.

Oak Grove News

Sunday school was very well sttended Sunday afternoon.  Singing was not well attended Sunday night on account of the cloud which came up.  Miss Mable Roady entertained her many friends with a party Saturday night.  Everyone reported a delightful time.  Personals:  Mr. and Mrs. Dal Buzbee spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. I.C.  Coker.  Mr. and Mrs. James Jones had as their guest  Sunday, Mrs. Jones brother, Mr. Van Loftin.  Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Gaches of Elmore City visited Mr. and Mrs. John Russell Sunday,  Misses Maud Jones, Cora  Dean and Beulah Russell took dinner with Miss Nina McCarty of Fair Oak Sunday.  Mrs. Enzy spent Sunday with her son, Mr. and Mrs. Ezekel Enzy.  Miss Nancy Jones was the Sunday guest of Miss Velam Head.  Miss OMa Romine was the Saturday night guest of Miss Ruby Terrell.  Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Russell spent Sunday in the McCarty home.  Miss FRancis Shipley, who is attending school at Ada spent the weekend with home folks.   Mrs. Lizzie Romine spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Myrtle Terrell.  Rev. Lea of Pauls Valley will preach here Sunday afternoon.  Everybody is invited to attend.   Messrs  Roy  Roady and Bennie Nicholson of Katie attended the party at Mr.  Roady's Saturday.  Everybody remember the singing Sunday if the weather is favorable.  Everybody is cordially invited to come.  Miss Ruby Terrell was the tuest of Miss Omo Romine Sunday.  Mr. Calvin Beeson spent a while Sunday with Mr. Ben Dean.  Misses Beulah Russell and Cora Dean were Elmore City callers Saturday afternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sol of Wynnewood spent Saturday night with the latter's mother, Mrs. Shanks. Miss Cora Dean took supper with Misses Nancy and Maud Jones Sunday night.  Messrs Delbert Romine and Alvin Jolly spent a while Sunday with Royce and Wesley Dean.  Miss Ina Belle Bobo was a shipper in Elmore City Saturday afternoon.   Miss Neoma Lee Dean spent Saturday afternoon with Miss Brunette Russell.   Misses Oma Romine and Evlma Head were Elmore City callers Monday.  Several of the farmers of this community ahve began chopping cotton.  A nice rain fell here Sunday night, which will be a great help.  Mr. I.c. C oler was transacting business in Pauls Valley Monday.

Christian Endeavor Delegates to Muskogee

Rev. and Mrs. R.A. Brigham, Miss Dorothy Eastin, Miss Mary Stone and Lloyd Roach left Monday for Muskogee, where they go as delegates from the First Christian Church to the Christian Endeavor state convention, which will be in session from June 4 to 7, inclusive.  Miss Mary Stone will compete in the parable contest at the convention.   She won in the district convention, which was held in Pauls Valley last fall.   The winner in the state convention will be sent to the international convention, which meets in Kansas City.

First Christian Church

Sunday school 9:45 a.m., preaching at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.  The public is invited to attend all our services.  R.A. Brigham, Pastor

Former Citizen Looks for Location Here

T.L. Harris of the Rio Grande Valley was in the city Wednesday, renewing old acquaintances and incidentally looking for a good Washita Valley farm he might buy.   Mr. Harris, who formerly lived here, was a son of W.T. Harris, who lived on the old Cole farm east of the city and will be remembered by older residents here.  Mr. Harris left here in 1908, and after living several places moved to the Rio Grande Valley where he has lived several years but wished to get back to Garvin County.

Love News

Rev. George Lea of Pauls Valley delivered an interesting sermon at this place Sunday and Sunday night.  There will be Bible Class Sunday at ten o'clock.   Everydoby come.  Also singing Sunday night.  Personals:  Mr. and Mrs. Walter Martin and daughter, Lorene, took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Murray and children Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Thomas took dinner with his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thomas Sunday.  Rev. George Lea took dinner with Mr. Louis Murray Sunday.  Mr. Jesse Murray spent Saturday night with Mr. Herman Murray.  Miss Ovalee Martin spent Saturday night with Irene and Lillian Croy.  Misses Ovalee Martin, Irene Croy and  Daphine Bishop took dinner with Misses Bertha and Ethel Bishop Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Claud Martin and Mr. and Mrs. Zelve Elam spent the day Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Baxter.  Mr. and Mrs. O.E. Bishop were visiting in Elmore City Sunday.  Miss Bertha Bishop took supper with Daphine Bishop Sunday.   Mr. Herman Murray took dinner with Jesse Murray Sunday.  Misses Effie Murray and Myrtle Foster were Sunday guests of Miss????.

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