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Surname:  MATTHEWS
Submitted on 15Jun2015 by: Glenn Reasoner
Looking for any information regarding my ancestor, Asbury Hilliard Matthews who died in Pauls Valley, OK on July 27 1890. He and his family must have been residents, because his son was born in Marlow, OK in 1891.
He may be buried in the Old Cemetery at Pauls Valley. Is there someone I can direct my inquiry to see if there any obituaries, or land  or probate records?

Submitted on 8Feb2015 by Joyce Bertilson
Looking for a death certificate, obituary, marriage certificate and/or any other information for my grandmother, Ada Dillingham. She was the daughter of Charles Warren Dillingham and Mattie Lee Moore. I have contacted the OK Dept of Vital Records on several occasions but they have not found any documents. She died in Paoli, Garvin CO, OK in March 1934 and was married to Daniel Harrison Layton in Paoli in Nov. 1917.
Surnames: WINN, BLACK
Submitted on 29Oct2014 by: Wesley Willis Winn
Looking fathers side heritage. From what I've been told I am Cherokee blackfoot. My fathers name was Robert Lee Winn. His fathers name Willis Winn. Beyond that I've heard the name Black. I went to a family reunion when I was a child in maysville. Also went to a family cemetery but don't remember any names. My parents have called me Woosel by name since birth. I would love to learn about that side of the tree. My grandfather had a sister named mary and a brother born prematurely and put to rest under the tree in the front. What little I know I have no idea what is true. You know how (his) story goes. Thank you kindly

Surname:  PARKER
Submitted on 6Oct2014 by: Larry Hardesty
Researching Charles Parker.  He robbed an army paymaster in March 1887 at the Antelope Springs Stage Station in Wyoming.  He was captured August 1887 in Gandy, Nebraska.  He served almost five years in the Wyoming prison.  When released he was taken to Texas and convicted of an 1885 murder.  He claimed was a case of misidentifying him.  He appealed and lost.  However, in 1903 he was pardoned by the Texas governor.  The last newspaper account I have of him is that he was going to Wynnewood to visit his widowed mother.  I lost track of him after that time.  I assume his mother’s last name was Parker.  Anyone have any further information on Charles Parker of Garvin County.

Submitted on 19Sep2014 by Sandy Burch
Looking for information on Rosa Giddings married George Boyd. Son Frank Lee Boyd
Submitted on 10Aug2014 by Sandy McCaskill

Surname: BELL
Submitted on 21Aug 2014 by Frances Bell Edwards
I am the great grandaughter of Albert William Bell Sr. I am looking for information on him . Do you have anything else besides what was published here. I think it was called the Wynnewood something.
Surname:  POWELL
Submitted by Jerry Powell on 4Jul2014
Trying to find out more on the Powell Family. I know George Washington Powell was married to Emma Renthy Powell. They had sons and daughters that remained in Garvin county, but I would like to more about them

Surname:  BOWLES
Submitted by Jami Lott on 26Jun2014
My great grandmother Johnie Gertrude Bowles (Asbury) was born in McGee Oklahome 18 June 1879.. Her death certificate list father as William Bowles and mother as Vardaman? She first shows in 1910 Census married to Daniel Turner Asbury. Any help or info on where to search for Indian lineage would be greatly appreciated

Submitted on 21Mar2014 by: Stephanie Anderson
I came across a photo in my great Aunt Ruby B. (Walker) Hancock’s photos that were recently loaned to me by her daughter to identify and archive. There were a lot of photos labeled unknown but enclosed is one that at the bottom has “Martin Bro.’s” and then towards the right hand bottom corner in smaller font is “Wynnewood, I.T.”. I think those letters are I.T. at least. The enclosed photo has been cropped out of a larger scan with other pictures, thus the edited at the end of the file name. Was there a Martin Bro’s photography in Wynnewood?
Other than that, just wanted to share the…we don’t know who is in the photo. I’ve also posted the photo on (link to photo)

Surname: ROADY
Submitted on 19Feb2014 by: John Roady
I was looking for more info on the Roady Family influence in Garvin county. I think that Leander Roady was the first to come there. He is buried in the Katie cemetary. I know there was once o town and school district by the name. Any info would be appreciated.

Surname:  REAVES
Submitted on 13Sep 2013 by
Would like any info on Jesse Reaves, his brother the Methodist minister, and their families. I found out I am related to them and would like to know more and maybe meet descendants still living in the Garvin County area .
Surname: PALMER
Submitted on 2Jan2013 by Nina Peterson
Looking for an obituary on my great grandfather who died on August 24, 1968 in Lindsay, Garvin Co. Oklahoma. We do not have much information on him or his death. I have found out in my search that I don’t believe he was a very nice person, so I would like to see if his obituary would shed some light on this. I am not sure what newspaper was around at that time or where to look. I did look at your web site which was full of great information but I didn’t find anything on my great grandfather. His name was Athel Monroe Palmer married to Lessie Leona Palmer. She died in 1993. If you can point me in the right direction or refer me to someone who might be able to help me that would be wonderful.
Surname: WHEELER
Submitted by Sharon McMilon on 5Oct2012

I am trying to trace our family. John Andrew Wheeler died Stratford, Gavin County, OK 1937

Surnames: DAVIS, WARE
Submitted on 14Aug2012 by: Argerie Campbell
I am researching my family history and I found my Great-great grand father Pinkney Davis who married Idoma Ware on 2/24/1910(Houston-County Texas) on your website Does that mean Pinkney Davis was part of the Chickasaw Nation. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer for me to learn more about my Great-great grandfather Pinkney Davis.

Surname: SAVAGE
Submitted on 10Aug2012 by Dora Savage Albrecht
Othel and Gertrude Savage are buried at McGee Cemetery, Stratford, Garvin, OK, USA. I have been searching to find Gertrude"s maiden name. She died in 1980 in Garvin, Oklahoma. Any help would be appreciated.

Submitted on 28Jul2012 by:
Tanya Wormington
I'm looking for any information you can give me on William Reford SMITH and his wife, Martha SMITH and their niece/adopted dtr, Annie Delois SMITH. Annie's real surname was LEONARD, but on the 1940 census and at times thereafter, she went by SMITH. The 3 of them are shown living in rural Garvin County on the 1940 census. Annie was born 12/18/1930. I don't know if she went to school, or not. She was born in Clinton or Sentinel and later she and the Smith's moved to OKC. I tried to send an e-mail to Sue ? about her "School Days" book, but the address was wrong. Do you have the correct one I can get?

Submitted on 19Jul2012 by:
Amie Stalkup
Trying to find a death certificate for Charles Homer Lowry and where he is buried. He was my maternal grand father.  Oct 25, 1896. To January 1940. Wife. Annie Hayden Garrison

Surname: DAWSON
Submitted on 14Jun2012 by: 
David Dawson
I am trying to find information on William Marion Dawson, who died between 1894 and 1900.

Submitted on 31May2012 by
Darryl Noyer
I need some help Finding any record of my grandfather R. E. Corter He died in 1919 in OK. I tried getting a death cert from OK vital records in OK city .they did not find any record of him in their search. My mother was born in Whitebead, OK Sept 5 1919 A J Robinson MD signed the birth cert .Her father R. E. Corter died before she was born I believe he died from the Flu He also had Turberculois he was 31 at the time of death . My mothers mothers name was Tressie H Corter maiden name was Tressie H Thompson.
Figuring a normal 9 mo pregancy he would have died in 1919 . I'm hoping that maybe there might be some medical records or something . I have checked cemetery records with no luck. The birth cert. shows Tressie was living in Pauls Valley at the time of birth. Any help would be appreciated or if you give me some suggestions. I live in Spokane, Washington and in poor health I can not come to OK to research this

Surname: TAYLOR, NIX
Submitted on 1May2012 by:
Peggy Luckett
Looking for records of my great grandfather, Allison W. Taylor. He lived in the Wynnewood area. His wife died before him and I believe she is buried in the Oaklawn Cemetery in Wynnewood. I found records on their webpage that appears to be hers. I thought her name was Lydah Powell Taylor, but the record I found for her was Elidie W. Powell Taylor, who died on December 2, 1910. The burial plot was paid for by A.W. Taylor, who I assume was my great grandfather. I did not find any listing for him at that cemetery.
We believe that my great grandfather died around 1924 in Garvin County. He lived near or with his daughter (my maternal grandmother), Ola Nix who farmed near or around Katie, Oklahoma. I've checked the lists that I've found online for Oklahoma cemeteries, but have not been successful thus far. Since I do not have an exact date of death or birth for that matter, I do not know where else to look.

Surname: BRISCOE
Submitted on 15Apr2012 by
Dan Owen
Could someone find and email me the obit of
Delores Ann Minor Briscoe who died 12 Sep. 1990 in Paoli, Garvin Co., OK.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Surname: BOYLAN
Submitted on 28Mar2012 by
Robin Rogers
If anyone knows anything.
1) His last name was Boylan, he was Irish, he was a drunk, and worked on the Oklahoma railroad building process.
2) He was married and had at least five kids, one whose name was Josephine Boylan b.1876-d.1946. Josephine was born on an "Oklahoma Indian Reservation" according to family lore, but at that time it would have been "Indian Territory" before the land rush in 1889.
3) That places GGGrandfather Boylan and his wife in Oklahoma at least in 1876.
4) Sometime later, GGGrandmother Boylan got tired of GGGrandfather Boylan's drunkenness and left for Boston, MA with the five kids, so GGGrandfather Boylan was either divorced or separated later on. GGGrandmother Boylan ran a boarding house in Boston.

Surname: KEY
Submitted on 12Mar2012 by
Jan Devenport
I am trying to locate my dad's burial plot. His name was Colin Kelly Key. He was born on 03/02/42 and died 03/14/07. I believe he's buried in Elmore City Cemetery but have never been to his grave. I would like to send flowers on the 5 year anniversary of his death. Is anyone able to help me?

Surname:  HOPKINS
Submitted on 8 Mar2012 by
Charles Freeman
My grandparents were married in 1888, near Wynnewood, Oklahoma Indian Territory. Where are records kept for marriages that early in Garvin county? John David Hopkins, Born June 13, 1853 in Mississippi – married Sevelia or Cevelia Ann Sherfield , born October 24, 1870 in Texas.

Surname:  O'DONLEY
Submitted on 7Mar2012 by
DeAnna Witzkoski
I am trying to get some information on Ella F Edwards O’Donley I believe she could be my great grandmother – Can anyone give me any additional information like her parent’s name – and if she might have divorced my great grandfather – Nathan Ross O’Donley, Sr.
Surname:  McCALLON
Submitted on 29Feb2012 by
Kapri Snyder
I've been looking for my father Carl James McCallon, I found out where he is laid to rest at Oak lawn Cemetery # 13, March 29, 1933- October 16, 1999. In Garvin County OK. I have been trying to find out anything regarding his life,& or his death, If there is anything you can do to help me, or to point me in the right direction would be thankful.

Surname:  LEWIS
Submitted on 2Mar2012 by Sandy Vance

I am trying to locate an ancestor that I believe was buried in Pauls Valley Cemetery. Oscar Llewellyn Lewis died 12/22/1913. I plan on visiting the area the weekend of March 10, 2012 so any information would be greatly appreciated.
Submitted on 22Feb2012 by:
Dewayne Colwell

I have been looking for evidence of a school district/town called Katie View. My mother told me that she attended Katie View in the 8th grade. This would of been about 1931. I asked my cousin where my aunt was born and she said Katie View. This would of been about 1921. My mother and aunt are deceased. I recall my mother saying that Katie View was south of Katie.
I have seen an Averit View south of Katie on the Garvin County township map.
I would appreciate anything that you can tell me about Katie View and/or Averit View

Surname:  QUEEN
Submitted on 22Dec2011 by Clyde H. Queen, Sr.
Trying to locate the plot, and grave number of my father, Clyde E. Queen, DOB 06-14-1899, who was buried at the Mt. Olive cemetery in Pauls Valley in March, 1938.
He died in the University Hospital in Oklahoma City on 3-13-1938. The Capitol Hill Funeral Home in Oklahoma City handled his funeral. My grandfather, Thomas J. Queen purchased five lots at the Mt. Olive cemetery, and to my knowledge, only two graves are occupied. One is my father, Clyde E. Queen, and the other is my grandfather, T. J. Queen. I remember attending my father's burial very clearly, and I remember the cemetery, but I cannot remember the location of their graves.
Surname: SANSING
Submitted on 16Nov2011 by:
Emily Abernathy
Seeking information on Missouri Sansing. Born 1835 in Alabama. Died 1915 in Garvin Co.

Surname: WRIGHT

Submitted on 3Nov2011 by:
Kelly Hanson
Looking for information on my father's cousin he never met.  She was
born (approx 1926 -28) to Theresa Flynn and adopted by a neighboring
family with the last name Wright in the Wynnewood area

Trying to Locate: RANDOLPH SCHOOL
Submitted on 31Aug2011 by:
Raymond Ivey
I am seeking information on Randolph School specifically the year of 1922.
I am assuming this school was located in or near Paoli as it listed teachers with Paoli addresses. My mother went to school there in 1922. I have a picture with writing on back that says it was taken at Randolph School in the spring of 1922. Does anyone have any idea where I could look for more information. Also could you tell me where the school was located?

Surname:  BISHOP
Submitted on 19Aug2011 by
Gladys Was there ever a sexton or someone that kept records for Antioch Cemetery? My grandfather Hiram Bishop d 1923 and his father Richard/Dick Bishop d 1936  are both buried there but do have not headstones - I have added both< to the Antioch Cemetery site.  They are  buried in the "Bishop Family Plot" and most other graves have some sort of headstone. There is a headstone however that I found on find-a-grave that is of unknown dates and am wondering if there is anyway I can identify it.   It could be Susan Ella Bishop wife of Richard who died 1934, but her death certificate only stated she was to be buried in Paul's Valley. Just before my grandmother died in 1995 - wife of Hiram Bishop, she started mentioning and making reference to baby "Helen or Ellen" that was buried in Antioch Cemetery.   Our family has never heard of this baby, so it is possible she was still born.  It is also possible this little angel is a twin to my mother. Any information would help.

Submitted on 31Jul2011 by: 
Bev Hamel
See Text Information
Surname:  BARR
Submitted by Robin Mitchner on 22Jul2011
Looking for Luther Barr and family. I found them on the 1910 and 1920 Garvin Co, Ok Census and would like to know if there are other people looking for them.
Surnames: LILLY, PAUL
Submitted  by Gretchen Lilly Muller on 21Jul2011
Smith Paul's second wife, Sarah Ann Lilly was my great aunt.  She was born Aug 1861 in Missouri to a Benjamin Franklin Lilly and America Arnold.  I found a marriage record for Smith Paul and Sarah Ann Lilley in the Bride's List for Marriages in the Chickasaw Nation.  They were married by W. G. Davis, P. E in Pickens County the source is Pickens County Records.  Sarah was only 13 at the time and I have been told there may be a permission to marry from her father included in the actual marriage records.
 I have been trying to locate records of  my great grandparents and my grandfather and two of his younger siblings that were all born in Oklahoma.  My grandfather's death certificate says he was born in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma 26 Mar 1876.  Lemuel Cornelius Lilly was born in 1878 and Nora May Lilly was born in 1883 I'm not sure where but in Oklahoma.  The Lilly family moved on to Santa Barbara, California from Oklahoma.
 Who would I contact to see if there is any written history on the Lilly family while they were in Oklahoma?  I would appreciate any information that is out there.

Surnames: Harman, Crabb
Submitted 4Jun2011 by Cheri Mudryk

My mother (
last name was Harman) was born in Foster in 1921 and I'm also interested in locating family info on Pernell, OK, as my great grandfather (Albert Layfette Crabb). He had a store there. I believe my  great grandmother Arabella Caraway Crabb is buried in the Foster Cemetery also. 

Submitted 24May2011 by Michael Montana

Can anyone provide any additional information of my relatives in the area?   My Mom Sippia Mae Kimberlin, her dad William Henry Kimberlin, his wife Jessie Spain, his father W. G. Kimberlin of White Bead/Pauls Valley.  Is the Kimberlin home still occupied by Kimberlin family?


Surnames: SCOTT, RODKE
Submitted 15May2011 by Robert Becker
I am looking for the date and location of a distant relative of mine. His name is John H Scott. He was born about 1852-3 and for the majority of his life lived in Illinois. He was a traveling Methodist Minister from 1880 - 1905-6 . They lived in Onagra, Ill. 
In 1930 he was 77 years old and living with his Daughter Anne or Ann F. Rodke 31 and his son-in law David L. Rodke age 33  in Whitebead or Paoli OK. I have been researching for quite some time and a local reference librarian suggested that I start with the last know location and reach out for additional information. 
Any help would be appreciated. On there is no official evidence of his passing and the 1940 census will not be released until some time next year. And another living relative does not remember him in 1940 when she was 6

Surnames:  Schools
Submitted 26Jan2008 by Marsha Coles

I was going through my great grandmother's old pictures and I found two school pictures that has to be around the Garvin County area because that is where she was born and raised but I can't find any mentions of these schools. I was wondering if someone could help me.  The schools names are Louise School and Old Midland Public School.

Submitted by Tina Collins on 22Nov2007

Looking for info on my great grandfather and several other family members and I know that they are buried at White Bead.  The names are not listed on the website, so I am assuming they may be some unmarked grave.  
Donald Gene Stillborn 9-24-45 born to Nolia & Herchel Condit
Jim Davis (my great grandfather) died in 1920s  father of Nolia Condit
Myrtal May Davis b. 1914 died as a child due to heart leakage sister of Nolia Condit

Surnames: STORY
Submitted on 3Mar2011 by:
Carolyn Lamb
I'm looking for Dollon/Dolan Story, Audrey Story & Haskell Story in the 1930 Census for Garvin County.
Dollon was my mother's first husband, Audrey was my mother and Haskell my brother.  Haskell would have been 5 months old at the end of Dec. 1929.   I didn't find them listed under  Hopping dist. in McClain Co. Census. At one point, when Haskell was born, they were living in that area around the school district of Scoby.
But I also found a letter from my mother's  mother in law and she had mailed the letter to Paoli, OK.
Have all the townships and districts been posted or wasn't all areas enumerated?
Submitted on 13Feb2011 by: Stacey Martin
There's a reference to a general store owned by Mr. Martin &
Mr. Wimbray.  It states that Mr. Martin died of blood poisoning. Does anyone know Mr. Martin's first name or any more particulars? My great-grandfather, S. T. Martin, died in Wynnewood in Feb. 1891, so I'm wondering if this is he. At the time he would have been 37 years old.

Submitted on 6Feb2011 by: Janet Green Ariciu
DYKEMAN, GARNER 22 - GREEN, STELLA 18 - Married on 10 JAN 1924. Looking for more information for Garner Dykeman and/or his wife Stella Belvins Green. (wife of Coy Jewel Green). Stella is daughter of Charles William Belvins & Ada.  Charles is Indian.  Charles was Killed by Coy and Charles Killed Coy  I was told Stella and Coy had child but not sure if it was male or female
Surnames: SMITH
Submitted on 5Feb2011 by J
anie Lantz
I am from Francis Elwood Smith.  My grandfather was Francis Allen Smith, born 1845 in KY.  Francis E. wife name was Susannah, have no maiden name, and Francis A was married at least twice that we know of. First to Elizabeth Brown, and second to Eliza Jeter, my grandmother With the millions of Smith's I haven't gotten very with the Smith research. 

Surnames:  SPEAR, MURPHY
Submitted on 5Feb2011 by
Karen Spear
I am trying to find information about my Great-Grandmother, whom I never met before she passed away. Her name was Emma Mae Murphy, from Maysville, OK. I was told that she was half Native American. I would like to find out more info regarding her Native American heritage. I was also informed that she did not sign up for the Dawes Rolls. If you can come up with any pertinent information, I would greatly appreciate it!
Submitted on 26Jan2011 by: Lucy Ogden
I am researching the Hammond Family, which was merged with the Allen family who lived at one time in Stratford Oklahoma. David E.
Allen, a resident of Stratford, I think, was descended from the marriage of Myrtle Ora Hammond and Wirt Allen several generations back.  I am
writing you to see if perhaps you know Nadine Allen, the wife of David, and could forward her an email for me.  I have run across her name a
time or two on the internet while researching the Hammonds and think she might have some info that would be helpful to me.  I emailed an address
I found on your McGee Cemetery reference but it was returned to me.  I thought perhaps Stratford is small enough that you would know her.  Here
is the email I would like to get to her:  Dear Nadine, I hope I have the right Nadine Allen.  I saw this name on an online reference regarding the Hammond family and just now thought to search it in Stratford, Oklahoma, which is where one of my Hammond ancestor's descendants is listed as living.  This gave me your email address. I am wondering if you are the person that can confirm that the wife of Alford Bracey Hammond (born about 1819 in Marion County, MS) was named Louisa Cagle.  If so, do you have access to any further info on her?  I have been looking long and hard for clues to trace her ancestry.  It would be such a boost if you can confirm this. Please pardon me if I have addressed the wrong person and this does not make any sense to you.  Also, fyi, where I first saw the reference was at this link:  It was on the Alford Bracey link, but the link seems be not working at the moment.  Thanks

Submitted on 10Jan2011 by:  Shelly Trim
My Grandmother is looking for several copies of a cookbook printed in 1980 Gavin County Extension Homemakers Cookbook. Do you have any idea where I might be able to purchase the cookbooks? Thank you....Shelly Trim,
Registrar,Lee Elementary  833-9400

Surname: BREWER
Submitted on 3Jan2011 by: Larry Holmes 
I am trying to find a copy of a  news paper obituary, for John M Brewer. My research shows he was in Stratford, Garvin County OK. in the 1920 census. I found a record of a John M. Brewer, buried
in the McGee Cemetery, Section 2,  Row 2 – J. M. Brewer b: 11-11-1873—d: 3-25-1925.   I believe he was born in Arkansas, and died in Oklahoma. Maybe in Stratford.  I’m hoping the obit may verify
my thoughts. His spouse was Minnie F.  (Weaver) Brewer. Thanks and best wishes, Larry N. Holmes 8169 FM 749 Pampa, TX 79065
Submitted on 4Dec2010 by: Judy Bradburn
I am looking for information on Verl White who married Charlie (Charles Bradburn) probably about 1920- 1923 and had one son.Not sure what his name was possibly Joe or Charles or Jesse.  Charles Sr. was born 1904 in Oklahoma and Verl was born about 1905-1908. CharlesAnd his family lived in Whitebread.

Submitted on 3Dec2010 by: Alexis Boban
While searching on Google for information related to a private who was killed during WW2, I found the OKGenWeb gathering WW2 dead of Garvin County, Oklahoma. I'm searching information about Buster Buckelew. I have him listed as Missing In Action on August 1944 in Normandy. In my archives, he is listed with "Joseph" as 1st name. I can't read if he has been reported as missing on August 13th or 16th 1944. I'd like to know if anyone has any information pertaining him (Date of his death, contact with family, photo,...). Sgt Buster (Joseph?) Buckelew , service number 38566269, was a heavy machine gunner in Company E / 2nd Battalion / 36th Armored Infantry Regiment / 3rd Armored Division.

Submitted on 3Nov2010 by: Patsy Christian
My husband has a Garvin County History book bated 1957 that belonged to his parents or grandparents. He would like to donate it to a historian
society. Don't know anyone to send it?
Submitted on 12Sep2010 by Martha Miller
The 1910 census of Garvin County (ED82, Stratford Twp) listed Norman H. Anderson (age 21 TN) with wife Lizzie (age 29 OK) and stepson Thomas Hart (age 4 OK).  The 1920 census of Garvin County (ED42, Whitebead) listed Herman Anderson (age 31 TN) with the following family:
    Lize, wife, 38 OK
    Thomas, son, 12 OK
     Luela, daughter, 9 OK
    Annie M., daughter, 7 OK
    Madalin, daughter, 5 OK
    Lennie E., daughter, 3 OK
    T. B., son, 8/12 OK
    Penn, George, nephew, 18 OK 
I was unable to locate this family in 1930.  Does anyone have any information about this family? Or what happened to them?

Surnames: BAILEY
Submitted on 18Aug2010 by Jeff Gibson
Does anyone know of an Indian Constable in Wynnewood named William Bailey?  He served in the Spanish American War as a Rough Rider with Teddy Roosevelt.  He was appointed in 1905.
Does Wynnewood have any old pictures of the lawmen there?  Perhaps a museum or something like that? 
Surname: ROSS
Submitted on 16Aug2010 by Doug Bell

I am looking for any information on my Grandfather - Richard Ross - dob around 1905 who lived in the Bailey and later in life in Lindsay, Ok.  Brother Ira and sister in Law Margaret Bible Ross are both buried in Greenhill Cemetery.  Perhaps Richard is buried there as well?  Not sure of the date of death...I believe there may still be relatives living in the area, other brother was Clarence.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Surname:  WRIGHT
Submitted on 6Aug2010 by John Wright

My great grandparents were John T. and Viola listed in the Gavin county census and I am trying to get info on Indian (Choctaw and Chickasaw) heritage. John's parents where Harden Wright and Mary Nail , her father I believe was Andrew Nail , any info or help would be appreciated.

Submitted on 3Aug2010 by: 
Linda Pitcher

Tried numerous times to contact Jesse about Ed Kemp.  Buried in the Abney family cemetery.  He is in charge of all records pertaining to the cemetery.  I believe Ed might have been my great grandfather.  He was from the area and I have not been able to locate any records concerning him.  Most of the Kemp family is now deceased, including my father lost 2005 to lung cancer. 
Please would you send  his e-mail address or an address or phone number where I might reach him. 
Also the County Coordinator for Garvin County needs to change the e-mail address on the Cemetery Page.  Thanks

Surnames: ROGERS, RODGERS, raney, ramey
Submitted on 31Jul2010 by Richard L. Brown

Plot 60 This area has no Gravestones, but there are several of the Rogers/Rodgers family buried here, including Jenette Genethy Raney/Ramey, who is listed as Mrs. Jannie Rogers. Also there is Bonnie Rogers, Finis(Tins) Rogers, This is Plot 60 at Oaklawn Cem. in Wynnewood OK.

Can someone tell me more about this family?  

Surnames: McGEE, TAYLOR
Submitted on 6Jul2010 by:
Melba L. Niemuth.  
My grandparents were married in 1904 in the Chickasaw Indian Nation.  Grandma was 14 or 15 and grandpa was 25.. I input data for the Mormon Church and am doing OK 1905 marriage licenses at this time.. Since my grandmother was only 14 or 16, wouldn't she have had her father (mother dead) or a guardian sign for her to get married?  Where would I write to find their marriage license?  Their names were Robert L. McGee and Myrtle L. Taylor
My G. grandparents and grandparents lived outside Pauls Valley, near 7 Shooter and Oakdale school.  They are buried in the Lewis Cemetery.

Surname:  WALKER
Submitted on 25Jun2010 by:  Stan Brown
I have a book "Fighting Men of Oklahoma", Vol. 1.  It is inscribed "Sylvanus Caves Walker, Presented to him by his Mother and Father."  I would be glad to send this to Mr. Walker or his family if they are interested.  If anyone knows how I may contact them, please let me know.  I am not selling the book, just trying to get it back to the family.
Surnames: BRINLEE
Submitted on 18Apr2010 by:
Looking for the grave of my great great grandfather who was James Edward Brinlee born: 3 Apr 1864. died: 11 Feb 1908 in Pauls Valley, Garvin, Oklahoma.  We will be making a trip to Oklahoma in a few weeks and would like to visit the grave however I am having trouble finding any records of where it is located.  I would appreciate any help you may be able to give in this matter.

Surnames: MINK
Submitted by: Jimmy Caves on 21Oct2009
I'm looking for the site or plot location of my cousin Gary Doyle Mink. He was buried at the Lewis cemetery in Garvin  County in May of 2009 but not sure on the date.

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